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Watch doesn’t work and very poor customer service
August 1, 2022
My wife gave me a LIV GX1 Chrono for my birthday. I love the watch however it doesn’t work! Presumably the battery is dead. She has reached out to customer services (someone called ‘James W’) and has been told that she now has to find a way to ship it back to LIV (to the US from the UK) at her own expense for them to inspect. Seriously?! Not exactly a 'luxury' experience. Disappointing firstly that they shipped a product that doesn’t work but even more disappointing that they don’t seem to care.

Reviews and comments are screened (surprise suprise). Poor experiences.
February 23, 2022

It's true, the LIV watches are a desirable price considering the retail cost of a 7750 movement, sapphire glass, titanium strap, ceramic bezel all bundled together for less than £1500.

BUT, if you are in the UK and receive a faulty/damaged/unfit for purpose watch, LIV fully expect the UK buyer to pay for return shipping and insurance (£130) if you request a refund as opposed to an exchange/replacement.

My first watch from them would stop every night after wearing all day, and not run for the claimed 40hours it's marketed at. This means every morning I would have to wind the £900+ watch and reset the time.

I had to pay for a return to the US in order request a refund. I am out of pocket now by a couple of hundred quid for the initial VAT and import taxes paid to receive the watch, in addition to paying for the return because it was faulty.

Following the return of this I ordered a different model (the highest priced flagship on LIV's website), and it arrived with something stuck to the glass on the inner side of the watch!

I've requested a refund but they won't accept liability and pay for the return fees. They have offered me an exchange with an offer of shipping (percentage of) offset against a replacement, but I want my money back, and I'll be avoiding the brand unless they launch a local UK stockist I can walk into and be served face to face.

To summarize: It's cost me money to have two faulty watches sent out to me and return them to LIV. One was faulty through no fault of anyone, but the second was sent out with a manufacturer defect that should have been picked up by LIV prior to despatch. LIV refuse to pay for return shipping regardless.

I'm out of pocket, and will have no watches to show for this and a sour experience as a result.

I will never risk buying from LIV again, they assume no accountability and believe it is fair for the buyer to suffer costs to receive unfit for purpose goods. It is not their company policy to reimburse international postage even if they've sent out a watch that's sub-standard.

I'm happy to evidence my experience with anyone that requires reassurance. The watches are nice, the purchase is a gamble. UK consumer rights offer greater protection, buy British (or at least buy goods that have already landed here where you have only the price on the tag to pay)!

I love them!!!
February 4, 2022
Not a scam. I've bought several watches and the quality is top notch. They're beautiful and I wear them more than others costing more than twice as much. Had them for almost three years now and they perform perfectly.

4th campaign just problems as on kickstarter campaign 2 and 3
April 20, 2019

I made the big mistake in backing up the 4th campaign project with the naive believe that "well LIV Watches did already 3 campaign, so they are successful". Well that is plain simple wrong.

in the 4th campaign they are offering 4 different times of watches with all kinds of accessories. after I made my pledge for the P-51 Titanium I received a special link to (which everybody can actually open and login with an account.

I selected my model, straps, tools and watchwinders and paid. received the SMS with the purchase order on August 29th 2018. Shipment should have be done in the beginning of December 2018. Till today no merchandise has been sent to me, neither I have a confirmation date when I will receive my paid goods.

I wanted to cancel my order, but the money was used for the production, so I can get me refund after I received my goods. Well if I do not receive them I cannot get the refund of USD 1266.00

to make things more complicated. Because I purchased and paid throught the website, I cancelled my pledge, so I can neither read the updates nor post comments.

More and more backers are complaining and its incredibile that nothing is being done. I have filed complains with the General Attorney in Florida and Kickstarter, but Kickstarter just refers to Term of use website.


AnjanChowdhury October 04, 2020

This is a scam!!!

MichaelSchiller April 10, 2021

thank you