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don't waste your time
February 8, 2013

I've been a member for about a year. i truly like the whole concept of it but people on there are scam artists. Listia managers are even ridiculous. i got one nice thing out of the whole thing and that was a paintball gun. i would recommend that if you do join listia be careful and use tracking on everything that you send out. i learnt my mistake and i will never sell anything on there again which sucks because i had some really neat things to sell. your better off just giving whatever it is your trying to sell to someone you know would enjoy it because people on the site are really greedy. i sold a dressy bracelet on there and the lady filed a dispute which gave her both the beautiful bracelet and she got to keep her credits. we all run into scam artist but listia is kinda hard to not run into them. you also have to watch for "fake" auctions.

in other words it isn't all that it's cracked up to be so be super careful if your going to sign up!!! hope i helped

From R June 13, 2013

I was thinking about joining this sites but after reading these comments I do not need any extra problems.

February 8, 2013
of course its a scam.

Listia is Shady
January 16, 2013
I was with Listia since the beginning and really liked it at first. I've referred 52 people, adding to their community, had 100% positive feedback after 395 transactions, and then something I mailed was lost in the mail late last year. It was decided against my favor and now my account is -7900 or so credits. I really can't believe that someone who has been such a great asset to them should be punished like that. They really need a stipulation for people who lose one thing out of 200 in the mail and have an awesome transaction history with you. Someone should not be punished b/c the post office loses something. I can see if the person was a newbie or continually "lost" packages but this.... it's not right. I asked them to delete my account because after they blatantly ignored me 3 times, I really don't want to be a part of their site.

Jorge April 09, 2013

How can you have negative credits?

Mom April 21, 2013

you receive credits for an auction, then the winner claims they never got it. If Listia sides with the winner, the credits are refunded. If you have already used those credits, then you have a negative balance. Once you have received certain badges, you get your credits immediately instead of having to wait a certain number of days.

Christine April 26, 2013

If you used a tracking number, Listia would have sided with you... It proves you sent it and that the Post Office is the one who lost it... Sorry that happened to you hun.

DEE May 29, 2013

I have won three cell phones so far, nothing really expensive, but, haven't gotten any of them. no referred friends so far, but, i've listed almost 80 auctions, have given away alot of things, an gotten some really nice things as well. when i ship things, i ALWAYS ship with tracking. and yes, there are some realllllly shady nasty ppl on listia, but, i've had the same issues with ebay and at least this way i'm not losing out on money.

Listia itself is not a scam people are
January 11, 2013

In regards to people thinking that Listia is a scam is ridiculous. I have been buying & selling for almost 2 years & I've noticed so many new people on the site lately that DO NOT pay attention to feedback from sellers. I give everyone a chance but I have figured out a way to stay as far away from potential scammers & people that list stuff & never return to finish their transactions as possible.

It's really simple to avoid getting scammed, look to see when the last time a seller has logged in, if they are responding to people's comments, ( that's a great sign that they will send the item won if they comment back to your questions) for new sellers that's a great way to show buyers that you are legit & look at the sellers feedback. No one seems to do that anymore. It is always a bummer when you win something & never hear back from a seller but Listia insures all winners bids.

You will get your credits back if you never receive your item. The process takes about a week but its better then being out 1000's of your hard earned credits. All in all I absolutely love Listia, I am able to get all sorts of items for my family & myself that I would never be able to afford otherwise. My advice to everyone is be as honest & nice to fellow Listians as you can & have patience, believe me it pays off.

Mom April 21, 2013

Thank you. Exactly the point I tried to make in another comment. It's really common sense.

I love Listia
April 13, 2012

I have been with listia since October, 2011 and I would live to say I have never had a problem, but I have! the point I would like for people to understand is, just like any auction site where everyone can be Sellers and buyers I.E. E-bay, Q-bids etc.. There will ALWAYS be problems but I feel what is important is how the company handles these problems!!

Listia has some very strict rules, and there are reasons for them. When you bid on an auction, Listia Assurance, guarentee's that you will either get your item OR your credits back!! I have had several people that I have won their auctions, never send their items and all I do is dispute this with the appropiate action and the seller has 5 days to answer to the dispute but in my case I have never had a seller answer to my disputes.

If they don't answer the dispute, Listia will give you back your credits and all is closed. I have talked to a lot of "listians" that are awesome. I have just received my "Trusted Seller" badge and I'm very proud of it, but not anyone can get one, it is earned as with all your badges. This is just like any company, bad apples slip in give them a bad name, get caught, and are forced to leave. This does not make listia a scammer.

I have about 40-50 items that I have won, and they have been mailed to me without any problems, and are in wonderful condition. So I'm on listia's side and will be until I decide its time to end our relationship and it will not be because "Listia scammed me". Thank you

Gameover99 December 23, 2012

listia is non other than *awesome*

Im proud of my account I have been a member for over 1 yr

I have over 800 feedback I have traded several items

I have encountered a few issues with sellers

like they wouldnt send my item

only a few!listia refunded my credits;-)

if people would use their heads,they would see listia is scam free....

some sellers have complained about sending items and buyers saying they did not recieve it or did not recieve what was promised,that could be,sellers need to use tracking confirmation or mail certified and keep all reciepts and take clear pictures and also insure items,if this ever happens,its truely the buyer being dishonest or seller in either case its not listia.

Honest, U January 16, 2013

Actually, that isn't true. Some people cannot afford to use DC (people are using Listia for a reason--b/c they're trying to save money!) and when you have 400 transactions with 100% positive feedback, you shouldn't be punished for 1 item being lost in the mail.