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stupid site
October 24, 2013
too many scams, fake accounts, threatening users and the customer service sucks.

listia is a terrible site
September 29, 2013

this site is really not worth signing up for and it's not as great as they advertise it to be. there are too many people who scam others and now there's those who are even selling themselves for credits. it's just a virtual currency but yet people are posting auctions where they are selling themselves which i find plain disgusting!

my opinion is that this site is just getting worse day by day so sign up at your own risk but if you don't want to land in drama it's better to stay away from this site. i'm deleting my account because it's become a whore house in listia now literally.

best to stay off this site
September 24, 2013

full of scammers and sellers who are very rude!! I won ten auctions and two of which I actually received the items stated in the actual auction, the other three items were empty envelopes and because the seller provided tracking, the mods just took their side.

even when i provided the pics of the envelopes, the seller was awarded the credits. this is why there's so many scam auctions on listia.

Listia Recently SUCKING!
August 7, 2013
So you do have scammers i and my husband had to deal with it and have lost out on shipping money. The MODS sit here and go after ppl who are honest about the things we are trying to give away for credits, And delete your postings for a lame reason. I have honestly seen a lot of scams posted people putting things up for digital delivery like IPHONES so you end up giving a lot of credits to a douche that is only going to give you a picture of an iphone. But instead of MODS deleting posts like this they have deleted my post for things like pepsi summer code, monopoly codes, coke codes, etc. and they have tons f these posted but for some reason they have been deleting all my things and bugging the crap out of me and i am a trusted seller. To top it off they have places where you can take surveys and get credits or download a game or watch a short video and theres tons of these links that are viruses so they allow this on their site but will not take credit for it and will not issue you the credits not even for the hassle they don't care! I'm soo sick of the mods they don't even know whats going on half the time they don't even keep that great in touch so one says this another says that and now i cant't stand listia after my last shipment is out and done with i will delete this account soo over this bs sooo not worth it!

John Vogel April 28, 2014

gets me that when people can't comprehend the rules and haven't the common sense to understand what they are doing wrong, they go on a site like this and blame the mods or the company for their own lack of intelligence.

Really like Listia
August 5, 2013
I have been a member of the Listia site since February 2010. I have made and used THOUSANDS of credits. I have always loved the site! I have had a couple of issues with scammers, but they saw in my favor for most. One time I lost my credits when I was sent junk rather than what was promised because I wouldn't pay the $11 shipping to send it all back. The other issue was when I mailed an item out with tracking, tracking showed that it left my town completely, then just "vanished". Listia sided with the buyer and took all of the credits from me, even though I had proof that I mailed it out. Other than those two things in the last 3 years, I have been very happy and gotten some really awesome things!

the truth about listia
June 25, 2013

this site is full of scammers, and as many people here have written there are some good sellers but with listia taking the sides of the scammers, you will end up seeing more bad people on here than good. some sellers are so rude, if they have a start bid such as 40 for their auctions then why expect for 67,000 credits? it seems like listia is all about getting credits for sellers, than actually answering the questions of the bidders. well that's how most sellers there are because if you want to know anything about the stuff they are auctioning they give you a rude reply.

there are people who are selling marijuana cookies and other recipes involving illegal drugs. listia states there's a rule against this but they really don't do much about it. for those who don't believe it, check these links and see for yourself:

John Vogel April 28, 2014

Those are recipes, not actual illegal substances or paraphenalia. good grief

used to be a good site
June 25, 2013

Listia used to be a good site for trading things with others but now there's a lot of issues with scammers, underage bidders and sellers, and even people who bid, then don't even come back or write for months. However there are still some good people on listia but with all the scammers ruining the site, it makes it impossible for people to recognize even good sellers.

Yeah I know you can check feedback but there was a woman who had 100% feedback yet she still scammed others on 30 of her auctions so how can you really tell if someone is a scammer? My opinion is that Listia is just not a good site to sign up for, you're taking more risks than anything because you'll have people who don't send out your items even after you pay shipping, then what? you only get refunded back the credits but what about the money that you had sent?

With free shipping, if you aren't sent the item and you're a new user, the seller most likely will harass you by sending viruses and stuff through your email, facebook and other places like some of the reviews here wrote. After that, you're forced into giving positive feedback for that seller by listia, and that's why you can't even trust the feedback that sellers have there either.

You're much better of using ebay and amazon
May 31, 2013

To start off, this site has it's ups and downs just like others do. When I had first started listia, it was an okay site but now with all the scam artists there, it's become difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust. The problems that there are with this site includes support tickets lasting for months with no response whatsoever, users threatening others and all the mods have to say is that block them, yet they allow them to stay on that site. There's also great sellers too as well who actually send out the items and are very honest but with the bad ones, there isn't much listia does about them.

The listia rules which listia mod's themselves don't even follow sometimes makes a person wonder why have those rules there in the first place? Sign up for listia if you want but trust me, you're much better off using ebay, amazon and other trusted sites because this one lacks the support which is offered in other sites. Tracking or anything else does nothing to help you out in this site because sometimes the tracking number doesn't even work or doesn't update whether the item was delivered or not.

Anonymous June 25, 2013

Thank you, this is exactly what I had wanted to tell others on here. Listia isn't worth signing up for when you are encountering all these problems with scammers

John Vogel April 28, 2014

Problem with Ebay and Amzazon is that it COSTS MONEY! Listian is about trading items for credits. You have something you don't want, you list it, you get credits, you find something you do want you spend credits and get it. That's how it works in a nutshell. I love the site. I think thousands of users are very very happy with the site. Some people have a problem with the site, sure, but most of those posting negative reviews have had their accounts banned FOR LEGITIMATE REASONS!!!

Lorraine April 28, 2014


Love it.....
May 17, 2013
For smart people only.

John Vogel April 28, 2014

... or at least people with some common sense.

Some good, mostly bad.
April 26, 2013
Having been a buyer and seller on Listia for a number of years now I have to say that there really are some shady things that go on within this site. The people who moderate the site also buy and sell there and they have little packs together with other sellers so they can sell fraudulent purses, jewelry, makeup, and electronics. If you make a mistake of pointing this out you will find yourself to be the target of having your legitimate auctions being taken down, harassing messages and even buyers who will state they did not get their items and will take your credits and file a negative feedback on you. There are some really mentally ill people on this site. They will appear all friendly at first and if something goes wrong on a transaction (their fault) they will harass you and try to cause you much grief. Viruses sent through email if they can get your email address. Viruses on ads on the sites. Some will follow you onto facebook and try to harass you there or twitter. Its really unfortunate, because this could be one of the best sites out there if it was managed properly. The owners/creators of the site sell items on there themselves. Children post auctions and now they allow knives, large bladed ones even though it states it is not allowed. People sell drug supplies like bongs and pipes. Pictures are posted of feces and sexual connotations along with photos of scant'tily clad men and women. It didn't used to be this way. If you want to be a part of this site you have to put up with this kind of crap and tread the waters very carefully. You can earn good credits and get some nice things but you have to be ever vigilant against scammers and psychos. I am serious and not joking, I believe another poster on here was using sarcasm relating experiences they had in relation to people on this site. If the powers that be on Listia would pull their head out of their behind they could achieve something and probably make more money than they do now, but no one is holding their breath for that to happen any longer.

Dtellstarr May 01, 2013

I totally agree with this review. There is a mean-spirited cheap attitude that is super prevalent on the site and the users and the owners are becoming more and more dishonest. Disputes were completely unfounded but Listia agents would award the cases to the highest volume Listian without reviewing the merits. This has lead to some very dishonest people being "ringleaders" that bully others on the site. It didn't take long to realize that selling on eBay was a much less risky and pleasant experience. My advice: Stay away from Listia!

Gwen May 28, 2013 is not a scam if you follow their rules you will not have any problems. for those of you that don't follow the rules and get kicked out of the auction site well you have had to be doing something you shouldn't have been doing!!!!!!!!!! I have been a member for over a year and I give listia 100000000000000o/o positive it is a great auction. I have auctioned off over 100 items and won over 100 auctions and I have 100o/o feedback. if you are pissed off at listia it's because you tried a scam of your own!!!!!!!!!! and they caught you

No o August 06, 2013

you must work for listia

Simon Mak (Olivie's spouse) May 24, 2014

Gwen is staff.

Joe Napieracz September 12, 2014

Several staff members have auction pages as this makes this a fraudulent site and then the honest Lister's are (PUNISHED) for infractions they make up as they are going and if you verify with Pay Pal they already made a dollar on your dime!!

Good reviews might be Listia reps. Here's the truth.
April 26, 2013

First I will start with. I 'have' won auctions on this site and had the items successfully arrive at my home, all in tact and in good time. Lots of these items were worth more than the small credits I paid to win.

I've bid on digital items and received the info I won in somewhat good time and usually with feedback given. In the beginning you have a 80% chance of completely enjoying yourself on this site.

I have watched auctions by other Lisitians suspiciously go up in points like mad. Days before the auction is even close to ending, they will be in the thousands of credits. These range from decent items to absolute junk.

Confused? These people have up to three or more sub accounts/friends and are bidding themselves up to make sure the ending bid is a good one or to give themselves some great feedback.

Can you do this from the same computer as your selling account? No...Listia has IP tracking enabled. People are doing this via smart phones and other wireless connections that will give separate IP addresses.

Someone might try to respond with.. "They must be a trusted seller, so people flock to their auctions and actually bid"

My answer. No.. I have watched this happen on accounts with 1 to 3 positive feedback and seller claims of being a new account. Note: The items were not fantastic by any means of the imagination. In no way were they worth 30-100 dollars worth of credits. Plastic beads from Wal-mart, anyone? Only 30.00 dollars of your credits for this small handful.

How Fair Auctions Proceed. You list an item that is actually in good condition, might be a rare find. People click watch and they proceed to watch until the end of your auction. the last minute they bid and win your expensive item for a chintzy amount of credits that is not worth the amount of shipping you have to pay to send the thing to them, across country.

Remember: You have to buy or reuse shipping material, plus pay the post office + for tracking. If you do not pay for tracking, someone 'will' eventually claim you never sent it.

Can you list your Item for a set amount of credits? Yes, but not until you have earned your "seller wings" They make you have at least 5 successful sells/feedback before you can do this and people usually wait till the end to bid, rather than do "Get it Now".

End result:: The people who play fair and have good items, Leave Listia. I will no longer be listing my items there. Especially, not for fake money that is only good for one site.

If you are looking to sell your items and consider yourself a fair person. Please go somewhere else.

Buyers on Listia will whine if you want shipping. Beg you to do free, then proceed to rip you off by bidding a few credits.

You are then out a good item and the money it cost you to ship.

Go to Etsy and buy from the people there for unique items. They have to provide you with the item or LOSE their income making business.

Listia can not stop these scammers, they lose nothing, but you sure do.

Listia was a great idea, but they do not have the means to back up the rules and they absolutely have favorite "Sellers" that can do no wrong. They will even post in these special peoples listing of how fantastic their auction is. *coughs*

Listia encourages buyers to go for the free shipping auctions. "Read their rules" They will tell you how much you can fairly charge to ship an item. The shipping fees are unrealistic. Plus, people will not make fair bids on your item, if shipping is listed. Most of the time, they will not bother to open your link and look at the item.

The fact of the world is, that people want something for nothing. Even if it costs someone else to get it.

DEE May 29, 2013


ty for the info on the multiple accounts as well

Janie24 June 01, 2013

my opinion is its a trash site!!!!!!!!!!

Mary November 16, 2013

one mans trash is another's treasure

Joe Napieracz September 12, 2014

VERY, VERY TRUE!! Another person that has realized the truth about this site

Listia seller October 19, 2014

I agree and IF you balk, the moderators will get even with you by kicking listings without any reason, claiming it is in the rules. I've been there since 2010 and have had one battle after another with moderators who enforce policies THAT ARE NOT in Listia policies what-so-ever. Because they did NOT AGREE with the amount of negatives I HAD left or how they were worded I was kicked for being a minor when I'm fifty -six years of age. FREE is a four letter word and sadly all the bad stuff that follows it. And Listia seems to get only get worse with each new group of moderators that they hire. It's a sad state of events that only seem to worsen.

Listia Is a scammers dream.
April 10, 2013
I have been a member for only a few months and have seen so many scam auctions and Listia does nothing about them. Even when mamy people report then. I'm really starting to see how shady Listia is. They really do not care who is scamming and who is following the rules. Don't be fooled. I know it seems great for awhile until you notice all the shady crap Listia allows or does nothing about. They make their money they don't care about anything else. It's amazing what people get away with.

Magee April 21, 2013

You can't get scammed unless you don't have any common sense. Pay attention, check feedback, only use Paypal for shipping fees, etc...I joined in December 2012 and I've seen a lot of auctions that seem too good to be true. I ignore those. I also only bid on auctions that offer free shipping, and I never bid on an item when the seller has less than 100% positive feedback.

Christine April 26, 2013

I agree with Magee!!! I did have one lady that had 100% feedback and she did not send my item, but when I told Listia & proved it, they gave me my credits back.

DEE May 29, 2013

same with me, i got mine back

Kathy July 01, 2013

basically there's just too many scammers on this site and no, looking at feedback doesn't do anything. Lots of scammers have 100% feedback but they still scam others :/ You can't trust anyone on this to anymore and i bet these are all listia mods writing this.

April 6, 2013

Listia is a great site and for those of you complaining, i don't know why you don't just make another account. I have more than one account on listia and i have threatened users into giving me positive feedback for all stuff i have listed. Including stuff that they have never received and i usually blame this on the post office. If you really want to have a lot of credits on listia, then just make another account. I would like to mention that if any of you report this to listia, the result will not be a good one!!

I spam my buyers with email's forcing them to end a dispute or i just flirt with the listia moderators because that helps. Anyways, i just wanted to say that if you can't earn enough credits on listia then you shouldn't be complaining losers!! Just make another account or hack like i have done with my account on listia... Don't try to report this or else i will stalk down your facebook, yahoo or any other accounts.

Everyone t April 09, 2013 are crazy. Determined, yes, Crazy all the way.

Thomas April 09, 2013

most definitely, now they have tracking on IP so this is much more complicated then ever before.

Scammers April 18, 2013

This is why there's scammers on listia :/

A p April 18, 2013

I suppose this is your listia account right? considering the name here and the one on your account are the same. It's good I saw this post before bidding on any of your auctions.

I f April 26, 2013

The town/state listed for this person is the same as the actual account. I think its odd that they would post this themselves though. Probably scammed someone who posted it for revenge. lol

Yes, they do have tracking on the IP now, but all the person has to do is use a wireless connection via their smartphones, etc. I have watched too many auctions get mysteriously bid up high and they were selling junk, while my auctions have been for legitimately good stuff and people have a hard time clicking the bid button until the last minute, to get it cheap and cost me shipping that was more than the credits I won, was worth.

Insane i April 26, 2013


Insane i April 26, 2013

I guess what I'm most confused about is what do you threaten them with? Especially since you admit that you don't give them their stuff.

Christine April 26, 2013

Well, You don't scare me! I blocked you from my Listia account because I don't want to ever deal with you.

SMMFH April 26, 2013

Could you really be so stupid to post this as yourself or are you actually setting up this Listian for a fall?

Seriously? April 29, 2013

you are just one insane person and another scammer to add to my block list.

Scam! April 29, 2013

I hardly doubt this was posted by someone else but the person themselves because this listian has another account which was blocked recently. Strange enough, they were using the same name but with a 1 at the end to sell an xbox 360 and with the same town listed as the area. When they were asked to put up a picture of the console with their name on a piece of paper, they refused to do so even when the moderators asked.

Honestly I would stay away from this scammer, who charges $100 shipping for an xbox? it's just outrageous!! You need to be banned off listia because it's people like you who destroy this site by doing these type of crazy things :/

Scam! April 29, 2013

Also you might want to re think sending a threat to people who actually ask questions on your auctions because a threatening email is only going to end up in the other person's spam folder. Get off from listia if you're just going to do horrible things like this.

As for the person who asked what do they threaten with, this person sends viruses in an listia message/ facebook message/ or an email to the other person just to scare others who try to ask questions such as asking the seller to put up their listia name on a piece of paper so that they could be more confident when bidding on their auction. Then they start flooding your listia inbox with messages and no matter how much you try to block them, they still send messages from other accounts. It's impossible to get those messages to go away unless you delete your listia account and email so i advise others be careful of this seller's auctions.This seller is crazy in what they do just to scare others.

... April 30, 2013

This is the biggest scammer out there in listia, stay away from this seller.

Crazy s May 04, 2013

As if it wasn't enough that you put this in the message you sent on Facebook. You really need to see a psychiatrist and stop making fake accounts because eventually you are going to get suspended from listia.

Worst p May 31, 2013

buyer cheats others out of amazon gift cards, beware of this fraud!!

What i June 02, 2013

The second account of this seller where it states that they live in Arizona, and buyer never pays shipping on any of her items. I don't know why listia allows sellers and buyers like this to even be on their site

Be careful of this scammer because she doesn't pay shipping for the items she won. This is her other account and look at the buyer feedback:

This p June 02, 2013

Changing the location of where she lives is how she still manages to get away with this and who knows how many she's scammed out of shipping and credits all due to this?

Another s July 04, 2013

this is another one who scams others by claiming she lives in the US when she's actually from Hong Kong:

Marlene September 22, 2013

Go ahead and track me down for reporting you, I dare you.

Nattie October 13, 2013

wow what a rude b**ch

Mandy October 28, 2013


Mary November 16, 2013

I have to agree with you on most of what you say . if Listia were that bad they wouldn't flourish as they do

This is my experience with listia
April 5, 2013
The sellers are childish when it comes to refunding the buyer for the item they never sent out. I would be cautious when using this site because a lot of the sellers try to scam you and they try to claim that they sent out an item when they haven't. In the end, listia takes their side and doesn't even refund you the credits for this either.

A p April 09, 2013

I disagree. If you have sent out an item, you have to make it clear. If you speak in a profession matter, report details of you send out the items, dates, times whatever you will win.

Listia u April 18, 2013

I agree, some people don't even send out the item and then end up keeping your credits. Listia moderators don't really care much about these issues either because a dispute could be pending for a month without any result as to who wins

Mom April 21, 2013

I've had disputes over items not being sent out, and never had a bad experience getting my credits back. I never bid on an item when the seller has less than 100% positive feedback, either.

Christine April 26, 2013

Tracking numbers are now free! So, if the seller does not have a tracking number to prove that they sent it, the buyer will get the credits back :)

Krystal April 28, 2013

Tracking numbers are NOT ALL FREE! Where do you get that from? I'm in Canada and I pay an additional $15 for a tracking number when shipping to the US. Tell me that crap!!

DEE May 29, 2013

no, tracking is not usually free. i print my labels via paypal, or the site which i am a member of. i ship everything with a tracking number, which costs 20 cents when u are a member (this is a FREE MEMBERSHIP BY THE WAY}, as opposed to the extra 90 cents at the actual post office, certain ways to ship such as flat rate offer free tracking. i've only been a member for a bit over a month now,and have gotten ALOT of stuff that i actuallly needed, yes they are scammers, an idiots and dishonest people. u have to be careful same as you do dealing with any other site similiar to so far, out of the 3 auctions that i've won an requested a refund of credits on {all of these offered free shipping, so there was literally no money spent on my part, only credits i'd earned from my auctions {i don't offer free shipping} and watching videos an signing up for stuff} i got all my credits back. i've been lucky so far, knock on wood. i had previous experience selling on ebay, so i had a basic idea of how to be careful. being sure to check out the seller and their fans an such has helped me out greatly to avoid morons, liars an other dishonest ppl

James July 04, 2013

listia mod's took the side of the seller who scammed me out of my credits and even when showing them tracking info, they didn't do anything to refund me my credits.

Lorraine April 28, 2014


scam site!!
April 1, 2013
A site that allows users to auction off steam codes explains it all.

Fareon69 June 12, 2013

yea listia is a scam they screwd me to many times with my credits i,m going to try to get my lawyer on them and sue them and pepole that reads this stay away from judykatz2000 on listia shes a b***h., she trys to get pepole kicked off., yea stay away from listia they screwd me for the last time i been with listia far 2 years i got screwd 3 times now no more i see them in court i will sue for 23,000 until they come to a understanding with me

Anon October 02, 2013


John Vogel April 28, 2014

HAHAHA you going to sue them for credits?

March 31, 2013
One word to describe listia: scam

Lorraine April 28, 2014

very well written

March 31, 2013

First of all, the people on this site have no idea how credits are supposed to be in terms of dollars because 1,500 credits can be bought from listia for $5 so the listings that have high credits, you can tell that they are not even worth as much as the credits they are put up for unless it is a really expensive item. Second, some users don't even provide any information about shipping and this is unfair for the winner of the auction. The customer support sucks because they just give automated responses to everything and it makes you wonder if it's bots running this site, lol :D It's best to stay away from this site because it's full of cheapskates who will rip you off for items that they put up and don't even send later on.

Mom April 21, 2013

I've never bought credits. The small amount I've paid to ship my items is far outweighed by the auctions I've won. I have gotten entire spring and summer wardrobes for my son and daughter and never paid for shipping. Many items were brand new. I always check feedback of the seller before bidding.

Christine April 26, 2013

I agree with mom, I've never bought credits, that's a waste of money. You get way more by doing auctions :)

Kathy July 04, 2013

this person didn't write that they bought credits. they were just stating how much each credit is worth according to listia's buying prices.

Mary November 16, 2013

good point

marlo May 04, 2014

The thing it's, the this all legal by they term it's a Shane the are really getting away with this fraud getting all people money nd they suppose to credits.its ok what goes around always come back at you listia

Simon Mak (Olivie's spouse) May 24, 2014

it's a shame and regret to join LISTIA

Listia Is A Total Scam
March 30, 2013
Do not sign up for this site as it is full of scammers who have various auctions listed for the same item and then when you contact listia support about not having received the item, they just send you an automated response. Honestly, you're better off going to ebay because this site is a total scam!! Some people give away very expensive things only to have to find out that the person who received it claimed that they didn't.

SMMFH April 26, 2013

Tracking on your packages solves all issues.

DEE May 29, 2013

yes it does

Karen July 01, 2013

tracking does not solve everything, sometimes the tracking numbers don't work. Have you thought of that?

Mary November 16, 2013

there is going to be someone whom is not happy.

Listia is Great So Far!
March 22, 2013
I have been with Listia since Dec of 2012 and I have had good and bad deals on here but that's going to be every site you go to! There are scammers everywhere,just have to be careful in everything you do in life! So far I love Listia and the things I got from their site.There has been a few bad apples but I just overlook them and learn from it and go on..I always look forward to checking my mail now just to see what I got!

The p April 09, 2013

I agree.

Christine April 26, 2013

I've been a member since Mar of 2012 & I totally agree with you!!

March 12, 2013
I have got most items i won like phones but i hate the proxy bidder

Lorraine April 28, 2014