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Better Than Ever!
November 17, 2021

I’ve come and gone over the years, never had a problem, just seemed difficult to earn points without selling. Recently came back and in the last two months have had well over 100 seamless transactions.

Also, able to earn an actual substantial amount of points from surveys. Items seem a little artificially inflated when you analyze the points to dollar ratio, but there are tons of deals out there! More and more daily. Support responds to me within hours - something less than one.

Seems they have really grown as a company and are positioned to make another big move in the market. Dates on most of the bad reviews are years old. Give it a shot again. Everyone is nice and friendly. You won’t be disappointed if you follow the rules.

Listia in fact does actually suck
June 18, 2020

For one thing, there are almost no listings anymore that do not come directly from China. The site is completely saturated by new junk from China. (that are much cheaper on ebay) The so called "moderators" are so completely obtuse in their responses as to be almost cartoon like.

My bank even refunded my payment(and took the funds directly from listia) yet, listia gave the xnk to the seller anyway. They actually paid for their own error rather than do the right thing. I paid for xnk to purchase something on this site. The xnk amounted to 7.48 but listia charged me 15.78. They charged me 115% conversion rate. Ludicrous.

I don't get the hate. Listia really works!
January 15, 2017

I honestly don't understand all the hate on Listia. In fact, I have won so many amazing things on it, and have not sold a single one of my items on it at all! I have never listed an auction on my account, and have never paid money for credits, and I have won plenty of manga, DVDs, video games, stickers, phone chargers, etc.

I follow the rules, and obviously I haven't gotten in trouble in any way at all. Just read the rules before registering... You are probably asking now, "How do you get credits, then, without selling anything or buying?" Well, it's simple. The way I get credits is from filling out offers and surveys from trusted sponsors of Listia (I recommend using PeanutLabs, it pays the most).

Sure, it takes some time, but the points really add up and if you are truly devoted to winning stuff, in less than a week you will have plenty enough to win some cool stuff. Sometimes, you can get lucky with high-paying easy offers. I am not 'staff' on this website, and do not own or influence the website in any way at all. I just love using it and have won so much stuff from it!

April 20, 2016
Please message me if you are ready to ban together to file a lawsuit against .. They have technically stolen from me.. I just opened a account paid for credits to use and they banned it saying I had a previous account which I did not and I just shipped out $200 worth of items to people and they are refusing to do anything about it.. Will be posting this every where

Banned for multiple accounts. Acceptable. But no ban appeal?
January 11, 2016

I first started out selling Magic The Gathering cards for a few thousand credits and then I decided to leave back in 2013. I rejoined Listia with a new account and was forced to make a new account due to "an exhausted amount of phone numbers" when posting ads.

When I made the new account, I made a different email and switched everything onto that account. Email, facebook, twitter, ect. It all worked out fine. But a few hours later, as I was selling more Magic The Gathering cards, my account was suspended for multiple accounts. I understand why they would do that but when I tried to make a new account, it completely blocked my access to make a new account.

The thing I hate about this website is that they do not add ban appeals or any customer reasoning at all. I still have my old account but I don't see any point of using anymore considering this website is a complete waste of my time. Be cautious of this website.

ELAINE WALKER March 18, 2016

You could have submitted a ticket and explained. They would have helped you.

Maggie April 27, 2016

I personally feel Listia is a great site. The only complaint I have is that the sellers are asking unreasonable prices for many of the items, but Listia if you follow the rules, is very great. I have spoken to customer support on many occasions, got responds from friendly people, ready to help, and did help me every time. Most of the Listian Members are wonderful people. I feel like I am making friends on Listia. I like Listia better than Ebay and I am a seller on Ebay too. I think if you follow the rules, and do what is right, you won't have any problems on Listia. I have been a member, I think for one year, and I plan to continue being a member because Listia is GREAT!

Grand Market Place
November 28, 2015

Anything goes on listia. If you are looking for antiques or brand new never use, it is the place to be. It is free as long as you keep it free. If you do not buy credits it is free. You can sell to earn credits, fill out surveys, refer friends, earn points by buying special offers.

For instance sometimes gives credits if you order flowers from them or gives credits if you use them to do your taxes. I have bought antiques and brand new items. I enjoy the other users. As soon as I turn on my computer I am looking to see what is new and up for bidding or if I won an auction. I thoroughly enjoy the sight and I am not staff nor in any way affiliated with the owner or owners of this site.

Maggie January 22, 2016

Is it free? I question this. When you list your items on Listia, you earn points in exchange for giving your items away. You pay money out of your own pocket to ship these items to the people, and this adds up eventually to hundreds of dollars out of your own pocket. When it is all said and done, you get nothing in exchange. Because most of the sellers on this site has unreasonable point amounts for their items. For example, I have used points to buy silver bars, costing me over $40 if you translate the points into money, and I had to sell my items for points to get those points, which equals me paying well over $60 for a silver bar that you can buy online for $15.20, Silver Morgan dollars sold on this site is around $21 average to buy straight out, yet some people are marking up the points to well over hundreds of dollars. Is it really free!

They Have The Saddest Customer Support Ever 6 days to reply Sad I Say
October 5, 2015
I would say do not use this site all they care about is themselves and taking your credits when do not need them and as long as they get what they want they are happy I listed a auction on there site and it got deleted for there know it all moderators that do not know nothing about shipping they only favor certain people on there site too which is not right they also can not ever take responsibility for there f ups moderators working for them

ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

Listia does not favor anyone. They need more moderators. The moderators are everyday people who use the website. They receive your help request and must read it. Then they must refer to rules and follow them to the best of their ability. If you do not agree with their findings you can appeal. I have always had positive response from the moderators. The usual response time is three days. There are many reasons an auction gets deleted. I have flagged a few auctions for different reasons. Copyright violations is the most frequent. I am sorry you had a negative experience. It is a fun site if used properly. I just fill out surveys for points and get things that way. Some things are brand new and never used.

Janet Houghaboom January 06, 2016

I'm afraid that what you've said is not true. I used to believe it...i've loved it, but the moderators are not good. I had a buyer file a ridiculous dispute against me this morning and by this afternoon they decided that i was in the wrong! There is no way a moderator could have investigated the dispute that quickly; if they did investigate they would have quickly seen how ridiculous this claim was!! I had no idea that you could appeal their "findings". I would love for you to tell me how to do this. I'm truly serious, i have not found any information about appeals on the site. None of my friends or folks I speak with know anything about appeals. If this is true i will eat my words! Honestly, the moderators will not even explain to me what led to their findings. They simply Will NOT! I have tried and tried, if only to understand what the problem was. I'm off to find out about these appeals! Janet Houghaboom

listia staff, stop condemn suspended listia members and write fake untrue reviews.
May 31, 2015

listia staff, stop condemn suspended listia members and write fake untrue reviews.

even I am able to find out which reviews are from a real member and which reviews are staff writing. those who blame suspended people "you are bad and evil and misuse listia so got banned" are staff.

those they love that site are also staff writing.

I just don't get it why listia keeps doing such cheap thing when so many ppl condemn them. they even make fake people answering others who write listia reviews.

if you look clearly, that representative and those good reviews writers are working together to bully people who write bad review to listia.

real people are people who write listia is ripoff. they got suspended. they are unfairly banned.



don't know why listia staff not improve their rude remarks but just keep staying on all scam sites and give rude and impolite and unfriendly replies to people who write bad reviews to listia

why people write bad reviews must have their own reasons.

listia never learn, they only condemn people who bad review listia. this is not being wanted. this act from listia staff is highly unwanted.

listia staff, be a man, stop condemn suspended listia members and write fake untrue reviews.

ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

I must completely disagree. I am not a staff member or a moderator. I have truly enjoyed listia. They have no need to concoct fake reviews. I find your statements concerning fake reviews to be ludicrous. You are writing things that make you sound paranoid. Sorry if the truth hurts. Be factual and not a cry baby.

Listia is a scam company and steals your hard earned money
April 17, 2015

Listia closed our account and took 532000+ points stating we were rude but all the rude comments in which our comments were towards the rude comments are still members, we were a huge seller of items and new items, not used crap.

Then tae of listia trying shutting us up with a nsa(non disclosure agreement) in order to let us back into our account to spend the points, nsa's are used by many businesses as I worked as a purchasing manager in construction but it shouldn't be used in this instance, to spend what I earned and spent thousands in shipping to earn them.

Listia is garbage and I would stay away, if you want the entire conversation with tae showing how they try to shut you up or trap you for a law suit, contact us. They are unprofessional and a trashy site filled with scammers, cheaters, non shippers and just an overall pathetic company

Listia sucks
October 22, 2014
This site used to be a good site with honorable people where you rarely got cheated but they've changed their policies in a way that benefits "new" users who want to scam you and since you can't leave negative feedback, they can bully and harass and then leave "neutral" feedback that leaves a permanent stain on your record. And support is a joke. They just give you canned answers and don't do anything for their loyal users that helped them grow to who they are now.

Kinda crappy
October 12, 2014

I have belonged for. 4 months now, liking the no fees for listing and shipping like eBay charges....I have sold 80 auctions and won about the same and ship for free...occasionally I pay for shipping for what I win if it's only a few dollars...been scammed a few times where I didn't get my item and had my credits returned.. now it looks like I'm facing a scammer where I will lose my shipping payment....there is no getting that back as you will on eBay...

The customer service here is a joke...generic responses which skip the issue you have asked about doubt the use a list they hope is close the an answer...the feed back process is unfair too.. you can get a neg or neutral without having to justify as to why...

eBay makes you explain why you will be leaving that feedback...and people get to insult your item or your asking price right to you face...I mean really....a bit too much interaction I feel is unnecessary when so many jerks are out there....

whats with the shipping
October 2, 2014
Why is it that if your an american you can get free shipping but if from Canada you have to pay shipping costs. I don't mind paying the extra but every time I mention it I get rude comments and ignorant people Canadians don't use this site as everyone is trying to get more from shipping and not being fair. I take it as a insult and really get fed up with yanks

ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

I am sorry the shipping issue caused you grief. There are now some Listians who offer free shipping to Canada. Shipping cost makes it difficult on sellers and buyers. Many people just do not have money for shipping. It is hard. If you private message the sellers they may be willing to split the difference. I enjoy interacting with everyone on listia. I only sold 15 items. After that I worked the surveys for credits. If you quit, give it another try. You can find me under ELAINEFWALKER on there. I have no affiliation with them except as a user.

Larkin Piper December 07, 2015

Rick if you find any thing you want under the profile charmer I can give you a deal on shipping. On listia I usually ship to US only for free but I will ship start shipping to Canada for a small fee if you contact me on listia.

Maggie April 27, 2016

People complain. They are getting items free, and expect members to pay for their shipping. I spoke with the postal workers, and they say Listia and Ebay is wrong. We should never pay for someone' else's item to be shipped, so when we do offer free shipping along with a free item, I would think more people would show appreciation as you are actually paying them to buy your stuff. Canada shipping is outrageous. Who wants to pay excessive fees to give someone an item?

September 12, 2014
this site withholds rules and terms until you join then looks for ways to defraud your account and steal your credits to up bid there products or products they can make the money on!! Read the opening page then you too will see no rules posted at easily to find spot (BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES)

Listia rocks
August 24, 2014
I have received tons of free stuff from this site. I only bid on things that come with free shipping and I make sure the auction's owner has a high rating so I don't have any problems with people playing games. It's always free to list an auction and you earn 'bidding money' by either completing offers or by having your own auction. It's all very easy and fun. I enjoy it a lot :)

ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

I agree completely. Glad to see a positive review and a positive attitude. I also am a listia user. I love it.

LilyLadys December 08, 2015

I am also a Listia user and have been for Five years. I love it. Just as Terry stated I have been scammed a few times but have always received my credits back, You really need to watch what your bidding on. Check there feedback before bidding. I have never had any issues with the moderators and have always had my questions answered within 48 hours. I have gotten all of the past 3 years Christmas presents on here and have not paid a thing. I trade my soaps I make for credits as well as other items. Keep up the good work Listia

August 8, 2014
I thought this would be great it may be, but my 1st and only experience was with a very hateful mean person who did not ever plan to ship the items, she just wanted to get my credits and keep them and the items

Not bad
August 5, 2014
Overall, it's not much different than ebay. Selling items is easy but requires extra cash for shipping expenses. Most people do not bid very high, if you list items with a shipping cost. You can refer other members and receive extra credits for signing up with a referral link.

Dee Hanshaw August 08, 2014

listia is a ripoff i signed up "won" and never got anything the seller said i did not verify my address-i verified it every day for 2 [email protected]!!


August 2, 2014

I signed up 2 days ago. I've won 2 auctions & earned free 'credits'.

Most of the 'Bargains' look like stuff you find rifling through junk drawers at your dead aunt Martha's[actual listings] partially used note pads with 2 used pencils, condoms from planned parenthood, digital recipes from Google, used underwear, ONE Coke point....The nicer stuff is mostly overpriced.

I was looking to sell without fees. There is VERY little infrastructure & virtually no safeguards for sellers OR FOR BUYERS. I had to leave the site & Google my way to any help in understanding how it operates--literally where to click next for what. There is no visible 'Help' available & NO 'Contact Us'.

WORST of all, in the last 2 days I have received 23 Listia emails & 11 'severe' malware tracking events!!! I surf a LOT, but have not had even ONE in the last 8 months--until now. My anti-virus software has isolated them, but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I'm removing my membership to Listia, but have no way of knowing what information of mine will still be out there.

I'm an EBAYer & I hate the tangle of fees & restrictions--but this has made me appreciate it more. We know what Ebay gets out of their site-- TONS of $$. You can see that motivation in every new change they make....But here's the big question for Listia users: what do the Listia owners get out of their site??? The number of people 'buying credits' has to be pretty limited. The only possible answer is that they are selling access to user's information. Check out other people's experiences online before you sign up & have good anti-virus software in place.

Dee Hanshaw August 08, 2014


ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

There are good and bad aspects everywhere on the internet. I have had a few malware threats while on listia. I finally figured out what surveys are safe and those that are not. There are tracking cookies everywhere. Still, when all is said and done I have a lot of fun using the site.

Listia is OK
July 24, 2014
I have been a listia member for about 2 months. So far so good I have listed a few things and won a few. For me it is just for fun. I enjoy the competition in the bidding. I give them two thumbs up.

Dee Hanshaw August 08, 2014


ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

I also enjoy the site and have won tons of great stuff. I watch people's feedback ratings before bidding.

I really enjoy Listia and I'm not 'staff'
July 15, 2014

I'm an author and sometimes I give away my free books. I pick up new fans and get points to buy gift cards, etc. I often use those for contest prizes. Win-win.

Sometimes I give away other stuff I just don't want. It's a great place to recycle decent stuff. I get other things besides gift cards, and haven't been disappointed with anything yet. Wish I could say the same about ebay.

Plus it's fun! I got my hand slapped once, but I understood why. (Lesson learned. Read the rules.) And they're good about resolving the occasional issue with other members. Most of the time, the 'buyers' are really happy and grateful for whatever I list. That's one of the things I like most.

ELAINE WALKER November 28, 2015

Right on. I feel the same way.

Ask For Leaving the site completely
July 1, 2014
after being on Listia for like almost a year and decided to retire the site, but when i did they kept giving me the same excuse over and over until you get the point they'll never want to completely want a user to deactivate their account other than suspend them for unknown reasons, bottom line: The site is good, but there's a few exceptions that has to be permanent for a reason, otherwise it's not much like website who allow users to deactivate their account completely

Dee Hanshaw August 08, 2014