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Finding success in the business world isn’t always simple. There’s a lot that goes in to building your business, your image and your products - enough to make your head spin.

If you’re having trouble getting started or are simply looking for a few tips to help you do even better, Like A Shark has some of the best events. Attend an event that will teach you how to succeed by learning from businesswoman, Barbara Corcoran.

Like A Shark seeks to provide you with seminars that will help you succeed. Their events are meant to give you the skills and the thought processes to help you gain and preserve your wealth.

Learn about how to use your funds to their fullest while gaining the tools you need. As a successful entrepreneur herself and a self-made millionaire, Barbara knows how business works and all the skills you need to thrive.


The seminars offered by Like A Shark are free, introductory events that are meant to provide you with the skills you need to achieve your objective.

Nothing is sold to you, but by attending some of their events, you will gain the ability to learn everything you may need to grow your business from the masters.

Presented by Breakthrough Events, this Like A Shark seminar with Barbara Corcoran is entitled “How to Profit from the Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires.”

This event will teach you how to attract money, handle your monthly cash flow and how to protect your money from inflation. You are even able to learn how to use your retirement funds to build up your wealth in real estate.

How Does It Work?

In order to attend one of these events, all you have to do is go to From there, you reserve your seat to any of the many possible event venues. Look for one in your area or on the dates that work best for you.

You don’t pay anything and are not expected to buy anything, but you may run into third-party vendors at the actual event.

Cost and Price Plans

Call to reserve your place or click around online. As mentioned, you are able to attend these events completely free of charge, according to Like A Shark. However, remember that any lodging or travel costs are up to you to pay for.

Customer Service

Wealth Retreats, the company that runs Like A Shark, is very clear that they aren’t selling you a business, but that your success really depends on your effort and personal drive. They are not licensed brokers and do not guarantee earnings or returns on investments.

That said, you are able to contact the company once you pick an event. Although since these events are free and reviews are done using surveys, you shouldn’t have any problems with regards to refunds.

Online Reviews/Complaints

People who attend love the event and they especially love seeing Barbara. They say that her success stories have inspired them to do even better with their businesses and are overjoyed with the opportunity to meet her.

People love how dynamic these events are and how easy they are to get information from. Of course, it should be made very clear that any results are individual and may not be the same for everyone.

It’s all about how you spend your time to succeed in the best way possible. People don’t often have complaints though and are pleased with the skills they have gained just by attending these types of events.

Competitors and Alternatives

If Like A Shark with Barbara Corcoran isn’t for you, or you just want to see what other events are in the area, there are a few other options you might try.

Take a look at to build your business like a shark with Kevin O’Leary, another well-known member of the Shark Tank. Just search for events based on your location. 

There’s also the Wealth Acceleration Workshop to unleash your full financial potential with newly imagined financial lectures. They’re completely customized to you, so that you get the intimate and personal experience you need to grow your business.

Finally, check out the seminars by Tony Robbins and spend a full eight days to regain your body’s vitality and empower your mind with the skills you need to succeed.

Rather than growing your wealth right away, heal your body and mind first to prepare yourself to succeed later.

Where to Buy?

You will not find the seminars from Like A Shark at anywhere other than If you’d like to join in on one of these events, head to their online website and reserve your seat.

Just give them a call to get everything set up properly and prepare your travel plans so that everything is ready for your business trip.


It’s not easy to grow your wealth or to learn what to do with your business. There’s a lot that goes in to any business and if you’d like some tips to figure out how to handle yours even better, attend some amazing events such as Like A Shark.

If you have the funds to get your travel plans set, reserve your seat for all the information you need to succeed.

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