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As people age the skin’s natural elasticity decreases and leads to the formation of deep wrinkles and droopy skin. The loss of elasticity is more so exacerbated by harmful UV rays, pollution and harsh detergents and soaps. The pressures placed upon us to maintain a youthful appearance has increased the popularity of facelifts and skin rejuvenation procedures.

The LifeStyle Lift is a revolutionary facelift procedure widely publicized and advertised through infomercials. Many individuals may associate this procedure or recognize the company by its spokesperson, Debbie Boone, a well-renowned singer, actress and author.

LifeStyle Lift offers a less invasive surgical alternative to the more traditional facelift. They also perform neck lifts, brow lifts, chin augmentations and eyelid lifts. Not only is it more affordable, clients have a shorter recovery period.

Regardless of the procedure you choose there are many payment options and the costs will vary accordingly. In order to accommodate your financial situation, they accept all major credit cards and offer different financing options.

Online reviews, primarily posted by women, showed some discontent with the end results of their procedure. They complained that the lift was only noticeable for a year or two after the surgery and some mentioned having issues with scarring.

Interested clients who went to the free initial consultation wrote reviews stating that they felt pressured into the surgery even though they may not have been an eligible candidate. Customers also felt that they were not given the attention they had expected after the initial consultation, continuing throughout the day of the surgery, and post-op.

While conducting research, it is important to weigh in and consider their past lawsuits, how they were handled, and the outcomes of each one. The basis of these lawsuits involved the employees of their company posting fake reviews of the surgery.

If you continue forward with the LifeStyle Lift, set up a meeting for a free consultation, order their free informational materials from their website and don’t make any rash decisions until you have looked over all the facts and feel like you are capable of making an informed decision.

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