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About LifePoints Survey Panel

In today’s world, getting feedback and collecting data is key in the launching of new products that will come to shape our tomorrow. Companies find it to be an integral part of making sure that they’re delivering on what’s advertised or if they’re coming short and need to improve what they’re offering.

With LifePoints Survey panel, that’s where you come in. LifePoints is not only a survey app that rewards you to give your legit opinion on the latest and most innovative products in today’s growing market, but it’s also an online survey community built on shaping the world and connecting you to a community that cares about what you have to say.


LifePoints Survey Panel was created by Lightspeed, the World’s largest provider of custom research and analysis operating globally across 70 countries.  The LifePoints  community has now grown to surpass over 5,000,000 members all over the world and rewards you when you provide the feedback that matters most to developing products, services, companies and more.

This online platform gathers your opinions in a community of interesting people taking engaging surveys just like you and converts them into rewards. In this fast paced and growing world, consumer research is discovering what people like, dislike, want and desire at a rate that’s never been reached before.

By asking people like what your opinions are on service and products, it allows them to collect data that allows them to not only change their products, but change the world. LifePoints brings it all together by culminating a community that brings the opinions of the consumer into the same world as the producers.

You also get rewarded for your opinion. The LifePoints that you collect can be converted into online rewards of your choice. Whether you want to take the online surveys from your laptop or while moving on-the-go with you mobile device, you can start collecting rewards today when you download the LifePoints app.

LifePoints Surveys can consist of covering topics and getting your feedback on surveys covering sports, health, travel and any other aspect of your daily life.

The online community consists of survey goers being able to connect on both a professional and personal level. LifePoints shares multiple blogs that keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the world and kind of products they’ve been checking out lately while making sure that your opinion matters.

Innovations inspired by LifePoints Survey members include air bags, antilock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and baby and toddler safety car seats. LifePoints says that this is only a short list of the different kind of influences you can have on the products that shape our world.

How Does It Work?

Once you sign up, survey invitations are sent out by email to LifePoints members and can be taken anytime within the survey window time period. During this entire time, your personal identity is protected by LifePoints Survey panels database and will never be revealed, sold or traded.

This unique survey app curates surveys focused towards fitting your lifestyle and you’re free to decide whether or not you want to participate in them or not. No matter what you’re doing, your opinion only has to be shared when you decide when you want to collect rewards.

Surveys range in length depending on the product you’re reviewing, so it’s important to set aside some time when you sit down to a survey. Recommended locations can be at home after a long work day or on the bus or train during a long commute. MySurvey gets you up to speed with LifePoints and takes you directly to your next survey.

Cost/Price Plans

Membership is easy and free. Alls it takes is you making a basic profile while agreeing to the terms and services and you can collect your first 10 LifePoints today. It’s as easy as that! Once your membership has been activated, they’ll ask you questions catered towards getting you right on track and you’ll be able to start collecting rewards today.

LifePoints is completely built to be able to help let your share your opinion and collect rewards at no cost to you. When you download the online survey app whether it be on IOS or Android, you can complete surveys wherever and whenever you please.

Customer Service

LifePoints offers a Help Center that’s there to help you get back on track and get the information you need to start taking surveys. Here you can either search for a topic or pick one below whether that be “About Us”, “Registration”, or learning how to “Unsubscribe.”

You can also choose what language you want to choose from with over 30 different choices.  From here, you can send them not or request by email if you’re still having difficulty troubleshooting your problem.

Online Review/Complaints

LifePoints has recently undergone a transition and some online reviews having taken note of this and aren’t too happy with the results. As LifePoints goes through it’s transition phase merging with Global Test Market. Other sites have reviewed LifePoints survey with a 7/10 and rate the signup process as fairly simple and straightforward. You can compare and contrast what you like most about LifePoints and other sites and see what works best for your lifestyle.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other online surveys that give you rewards can consist of apps like Swag Bucks and Panel Apps. These two platforms are similar but have a different way of getting you the rewards you need. If you don’t think the LifePoints Survey Panel service is legit and is not working out for you, then you can always try these other ones and see how things stack up. More than likely, you’ll enjoy the pros and cons to each but LifePoints offers rewards to certain products that the others can’t.

The one special thing that LifePoints Survey Panel has going for it is that it offers a community and conitnuous blog that makes feel like you’re apart of something bigger than yourself. That’s certainly hard to come by in today’s digital age and is something to cherish when working from home or establishing another side hustle for yourself.

Where to Buy?

Go to the LifePoints Panel website now and register today to obtain your first 10 LifePoints. It’s as easy as providing them with your basic information and an email to correspond with said information. If you’re hoping to take surveys on-the-go, download the MySurvey app and become an integral part of the 5,000,000+ person community today while helping establish our services and products that will shape the days of tomorrow. 


LifePoints Survey Panel offers you easy and quick access to surveys that value our opinion and give you the rewards you deserve. Commitment risk is low and there’s not much to worry about as registration is free. If you simply don’t think being apart of a thriving online survey community is working for you, then just unsubscribe at no extra cost to you.

Regardless, LifePoints Survey Panel can be a legit way of making extra money and sharing your valuable opinion on products and services that is needed across the board in the consumerism industry.

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