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Website: LetGo.com

LetGo offers a mobile application which promises people a fast, safe, and simple way to buy and sell used items in their local area.  

How Does LetGo Work?

Customers can either download this mobile app to their smart phone or tablet or they can use it through their laptop or home computer.  The format is designed so that customers can either sign in and look through the items currently available by category, or they can use their search feature and local zip code to search for specific items they are interested in purchasing.

The search results you receive will include pictures of the available items, their listed prices, and the locations of the sellers so you can see how close they are to your area of residence or business. Once you select an item or items you are interested in purchasing, you will be brought to the seller’s page.

On the seller’s page, customers are able to choose one of two options. The first is to Ask a Question of the seller to get more details and information about the item they are selling, or the Make an Offer button, which allows customers to make an official offer to purchase the item they have for sale or to further negotiate the price of the item.  


Mobile Options

Currently this application is available on iOS and Android platforms, and they don’t have any information about whether they are planning to expand their offerings to additional platforms in the future.  

Cost/Price Plans

It appears as though this website is completely free to download and use at this time, and the website currently does not provide any information on whether or not they charge their customers fees for buying or selling products on their websites. 

Refund Policy

Because this mobile application facilitates sales done between two independent parties, buyers who use the LetGo App to purchase an item should make sure to fully inspect the item before money changes hands, and if there is any issue after the purchase of an item, buyers should contact the seller to discuss any potential refunds. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


At this point in time it seems as though the best place to find reviews of this application are on Google Play and iTunes, where the app can be downloaded. These reviews all seem incredibly positive, especially since the app went through a recent upgrade and fixed some small technical bugs that some users were having. 

The problem with the LetGo App at this time, however, is simply that their website provides so little information about their full process of buying and selling, and offers no help to their customers if something takes place where one of their customers is taken advantage of.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

In general because the only real service provided by this mobile application is to provide sellers with a place to post items for sale to interested customers, the most well-known competitor to this company would likely be Craigslist.   

If you have experience with LetGo or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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LetGo App Customer Reviews

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May 15, 2020
I don't know the answer, but I have serious doubts about it. I have posted several items and I get a few inquiries and once I respond i never get a follow up. I suspect these are shills paid by the app people to make us think that what we posted is actually posted. Just cannot figure out how there is money to be made by the developers. I have never sold a thing on this, and now I cannot even give something away on it.

I have gotten scammed
September 19, 2018
I got scammed out of two phones.

Pat October 21, 2018

Please explain your experience

sherri eley May 15, 2020

I am suspicious of the whole thing. I have posted a few items on this app I get interest and questions regarding availability and when I respond I never hear from them again. I suspect they are shills for the app. Never sold a thing through this app.

Just got scammed
February 19, 2018
I was pretty good at buying and selling my items on this app until one day when I wanted to buy an item fro this app and then the seller pretended his/her leg was malfunctioning and when I took the item to inspect, he snatched my money and drove off. Guys, if you buy from let go, make sure you fully inspect the item, even when you meet in person, make sure the user come outside of his car otherwise DO NOT allow any sells with them. Horrific experience but since I have gotten good stuff, I am going to gracefully delete the app and concentrate on other legit buying and selling apps e.g. eBay, amazon, etc.

Breeding Ground for Scams & Don't look for the administrators of site to care
December 31, 2017

I collect antique cars, so I am always browsing for ones to rebuild and/or parts! While browsing I came across a user (Lamont Carney) who I had dealings with before who is a fraud and scam artist.

He presents himself as a car dealer when really he just buys junk from the auction and then tries to sell to unsuspecting consumers. In fact, one of his listings actually belongs to another owner because I actually looked at this vehicle a few weeks prior after seeing it listed on another site. When this particular user lists items, I can assure you that it is never in the condition as listed. As I said, I have crossed paths with this user before.

And to add insult to injury, when you pass on this user's items, he is pushy, rude, and beligerent!!! I presented all of this to Letgo, and after several days they finally responded that the user and his items from the pictures listed appear to be legit and that he is following all of the community guidelines! You have got to be kidding me! How can you sell a car that is not yours, and the owner backed up my statement with proof that the car is not that of the user?

Letgo is just an enabler for scams and fraud.

I did my part, and I just hope that other consumers beware of the shenanigans of this horrible app! It is all one big scam and they administrators are not interested in protecting you!

My Annoying letgo Experience in Fall - Winter 2017
December 25, 2017

I started looking at listing a couple of items on letgo, because I thought maybe since it was newer than craigslist, it might be more popular. Many of the general items I seen on letgo, locally was junky garbage items you would likely pass on by at a yard sale. Some things looked as if it was $1.00 items you would pick up from "everything is a dollar" store, and I was underwhelmed by what I saw.

Still, I went ahead and posted a very nice, and brand new table and chairs my husband had insisted on buying impulsively from a local furniture store. It took nearly 7-8 weeks before I received a response from anyone on there, and when I did, it was simply I'm interested, and Is the item still available? After that, I got nothing.

Why would I sell a brand new table and chairs? My husband demanded buying this dining set, it was nothing even close to any furniture I like, or even think is pretty... I'm not a trendy lady who likes furniture styles because they are in fashion, and the sales person convinced him that the super dark wood is the trend these days... SO WHAT? I like golden honey colored natural looking white oak furniture and cabinetry which is very traditional... and the sales person doesn't live in my house, or is in charge of decorating it. My husband was too embarrassed to take the furniture back! So I have to sell the set and lose money in doing so.

What I did, was I deleted my posting, and then I re-posted the ad, reworded the listing before I did, and again... NOTHING... I had posted another listing, except in the car section this time. On both listings, I received an email confirming my listing was active, and when I clicked to view them, they appear to be active... At least they were for a short time. When I look back a few hours (2-4 hours later) my listings have been removed. WHY, and WHERE did they go?

When you go into letgo help section, I see no clear resolution or reasons why my ads are disappearing... I do see other users who by letgo's ethics and guidelines are violating the use of the website! I have legitimate and acceptable ads, yet mine are being removed & there are people trying to post ads luring people to look at their own car lot websites and other services, yet their ads remain untouched.

I tried to find a user friendly way to report this and followed their instructions, only to find the option they said to look for and click isn't even there. Seems to be a waste of time unless you are trying to get rid of garbage.

Letgo: a frustrating waste of time
September 20, 2017

I'm going to include some detail here, because I think that is necessary in order for people reading this review to get a clear sense of the issues that I have experienced with Letgo.

I was selling a number of different pieces, which came in a set but which I did not think I could sell all together. So I posted each piece separately, with photos and descriptions of each, (there was no way these pieces could be mistaken for each other.) In the text of each post I also said that I could also sell the whole set for less than purchasing each item individually.

After putting in a lot of time and effort to include great photos and a complete description of the pieces, I found that someone had almost immediately flagged my posts -- apparently they didn't look closely, and decided that I had posted the same item multiple times.

Okay, so I changed it to one post for the whole set, with an explanation that the items could also be purchased individually.

And then, having learned that lesson, I proceeded to do the same thing for an office set that I also need to sell, (posted it as one set, rather than offering the individual pieces.)

And finally, I posted a couch.

Today, I received a couple of messages from an interested buyer. I replied, but was surprised to see that he was listed as being from New York, so I asked him about that, because I am not able to ship these items.

I mention these specifics, because I don't know what Letgo decided I'd done wrong this time, (as they didn't bother to inform me), but the next thing I know, in the middle of this potential sale and without warning or explanation, Letgo apparently deleted my entire account.

I am left guessing as to the reason for this. Based on the fact that there are *two* warnings retroactively appended after the potential buyer's responses, warning me to "be careful when exchanging phone/email details", (we hadn't done so), and inviting me to block the potential buyer (why??), I am left guessing that either:

Some nasty person must have gone out of their way to flag me, (erroneously, as I never did post any item more than once), or somehow my question about the general location of the potential buyer broke some obscure rule.

My biggest issue is that I wasn't warned, explanations were not given, and after all the time I put into posting in good faith and with honest and careful detail, Letgo decided to terminate my account in the middle of a potential sale. A potential loss for both me and the buyer.

Really bad policies, Letgo. I am a legit and rule-abiding poster, and if I could so easily fall afoul of your policies, then I stand as a warning to others.

I wasted even more time on the Letgo site trying to find out what had happened to my account, after finding that my account had apparently been deleted abruptly. I did this partly because I couldn't believe this had actually happened, and also because I was in the middle of a potential sale at the time.

But in the end, I realized I was just throwing good time after bad -- Letgo is a rotten apple; after Letgo already wasted too much of my time, trying to find an answer to this problem from Letgo just wasted more.

My advice? Don't waste your time with Letgo!

AmberLeshae December 12, 2017

I haven't sold a thing on the app. It appears that you can sell ANYTHING on Letgo....because honestly all I've seen is a lot of junk...suave shampoo, used phone chargers, old dvd's, etc. I have been trying to sell an "only worn twice" snowboard jacket for over 3 weeks now. The jacket is only from last season (2016), and I paid around $200 for it. I have great pics that show the excellent condition it is on, and I'm only asking $60, and that includes shipping! I was actually suprised it didn't sell the first few days I posted it. Especially since the location is Colorado, and anyone who snowboards or skis, knows how expensive these jackets cost. Point is, it seems the market on Letgo, geared toward "things you find around the house and want to get rid of," other than "finding a deal on quality merchandise."

Crys Ellert December 25, 2017

Very true, I've experienced the same in Indiana... Seeing a great deal of junk and nothing of any value. It makes me wonder if the majority of people using letgo are druggies trying to scrape money together for thheir next fix, rather than mostly legitimate people looking to sell quality items at a reasonable price.

placing honest users accounts under review for leaving truthful 1 star reviews is BS
July 10, 2017
When i talk with a user and have a pleasant conversation or transaction i leave a positive 5 star review. On the other hand if i get a rude response such as its in the listing or a flake on meeting time id leave a neg or 1 star review to let others know. Now i buy and sell hundreds of things so when my account gets placed under review as sellers state my 1 star is unfair because they don't like it and want it reviewed this is BS! the review button is there for a reason and so is the block button. so me reviewing you them blocking you as to never waste my time on you again is my right! for the seller to complain and get me put on suspended for 24 hours is a joke! This is how the app works not lets cry to mommy and get our way this app is a huge disaster

poor customer service
May 13, 2017
Enrolled in this site and it said I resided in Romania. Tried all the methods listed to change it to the U. S. none worked. Contacted their customer service and they gave me the same fix answers as the web site. I can not use the site so those selling are losing a customer due to the inability of the company to correct simple issues.

Bump up service is no good, do not waste your money!
May 5, 2017

Paid $1.99 to use their bump up feature. I searched for a long time and did not see my ad got bump up. Email them and they pretty much just said too bad. They want your money and not care about providing service. Do not waste money to use their bump up feature. You might as well delete your ad and re-do it again. Which will bump your post on the top of the list.

Here is the email they sent me:

Thanks for contacting letgo, Molly!

I am sorry if you do not see your ad bumped up. I can reassure you that the ad was bumped for some time and then was pushed down the home feed once other ads started coming through on the site. Bump Ups are final and letgo can’t offer a refund. To receive assistance with in-app payments, you must get in touch with Google or Apple.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any problems or questions, just let us know.

Best regards,


letgo Customer Care

LETGO out my account on revirew
March 8, 2017
Have been selling on let GO for a couple of months now with no issues but lots of people asking to have cheaper prices when I am already selling everything super cheap, wanting to meet and just leave you stranded and don't show up, this morning I wake up my account is block and on review, really,why no explanation or email or anything from them, when I have done nothing wrong, it really sucks. LET H I NEECS TO BETTER THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMUNICATION.

Open Letter to letgo Product Development
December 30, 2016

Dear letgo Product Developers,

I admire what you are trying to do in providing a market place for us, however, I feel the need to give some feedback on the product.

I used to be a web producer, now product manager/sales, and find that a lot of current companies rely too much upon App based programming and product development. This is well and good for some daily-use Mobile Apps, but for letgo , is there really enough individual interaction (on the buying side) to focus the product on Mobile App access? I looked for one thing, and do not expect to use it again for perhaps six months or so.

Here are some suggestions and issues that I have encountered. Some are “Good to Have” and others are “Must Have”.

GOOD TO HAVE -Do I want an App occupying valuable phone resources for that frequency of use? Did your product development team not think of this use-frequency when deciding which interface to use? I think it is very important to make the product function in the Mobile world, but in your case, a well functioning “mobile.letgo .com” web site would be better suited. I use the Next Bus (transit service provider) every day, but I do not hear anyone complaining that it is not a native App but merely a dedicated Home Screen Page.

-The barrier to adoption is that Apps require a permission level on installation that many people resent (but approve anyway to get past the gatekeeper), and they require more dedicated resources and memory allocation than a Home Screen page.

MUST HAVE -IF you insist on making letgo a Mobile App then make the basic Web version as functional as the App. I noticed that my Profile only shows one thread of communication. Although I was trying to send messages to three vendors about similar products, only the first vendor’s messages show. I am not sure if the others exist or not. I may never know.

(ID= [email protected]) By the way, the text entering window on the bottom of the web chat interface obscures the bottom of the screen, so we can not see our last messages. That should be an easy fix, but an absolute must. It just makes you look amateur.

MUST HAVE -Might I suggest that you add functionality to the web site to enable the users to “Flag” items of interest, and keep this list of Flagged items in our profile section? I do not know if this feature is in the App, I refuse to dedicate the phone resources to find out. Frankly I can not believe that this was not an automatic product development consideration.

MUST HAVE - Another necessary function would to enable the addition of Key Words to help vendors sell to the right customers, and narrow the buyers’ search choices. For Example, I was looking for a “USB Microphone”, but I got hundreds of search returns on Hard Drives, USB Extension Cables etc. I know you want the letgo to look populated, but when it interferes with the consumer’s experience it ultimately hurts your brand. It is ok to return other items with USB or Microphone in their titles or Meta, but you must put all the items that meet the search criteria perfectly at the top of the list, regardless of date of posting. Don’t worry; if you have no returns for “USB Microphone” we will try modifying it to “Microphone”, and/or “Mic”.

I apologize for coming off terse. I get hopelessly moved to action by poor Marketing choices.

I evangelize the Marketing philosophy “Delight the Customer”. The customer ought to leave thinking that there was absolutely nothing that could have been done to improve their experience, and if not, that their concerns are being heard and acted upon. Brands that fail to recognize the importance of this are doomed to failure. I hope this is not the case for letgo . You could provide a valuable resource if you get out of your own way.


No problems
November 28, 2016
I did my first buy on this app & it went flawlessly. I have also made inquiries on several other items I was interested in & they went good as well.

November 24, 2016
I tried to sell pies for the holidays it kept taking my post down saying it did not meet standards. Was scrolling through today and some one is selling pornofrphic playing cards and someone else is selling an epipen which if you don't know what that is its a shot for allergic reactions both of these apparently ok to sell but me selling pies for the holiday is not ok. I'm very pissed and I want to talk to someone and have this fixed

Heidi December 15, 2016

It's illegal to sell homemade foods on any social media sites. You can get into more trouble and pay more money in fines than you will ever make selling pies.

Crys Ellert December 25, 2017

Usually you have to get a business license and be licensed in proper safe food handling, before selling baked goods and providing a catering service as well. It's always best to check in your area what the laws are to protect yourself from hefty fines and penalties... Also, it says in the guidelines for terms of use, that there are a list of items not allowed to sold or advertised... Even though, letgo website and app clearly doesn't block ALL users who are violating their code of conduct and rules they have in place... I've seen violators all over the letgo app trying to sell things that are not allowed, and trying to use the app to promote their own private websites.

Help I have app but can't use it!!!!
November 19, 2016
Help I can't get my app to work !!! When I click on the item for the description it goes to the home screen takes me completely out of let go.

Crys Ellert December 25, 2017

If you have a phone that doesn't allow for the app to actively run, it may stop working and close unexpectedly. You need to check your system settings on your phone, look at how much available memory you have and see if you have enough to run the app. I've installed apps, when I had just a squeak of memory left on the phone and they would do that. I freed space on my phone by moving all I could to a small extra memory card I installed on my phone. If that wouldn't help, and you had more than enough memory, uninstall, and re-install... Something could have went wrong during the install and setup. I usually download everything when I am hooked up to my home wifi, verses using data from my provider. Wifi tends to be far more reliable than glitchy data downloads can be some days.

Good Platform For Selling But Be Aware Of Possible Scams
November 15, 2016
I had used the app on several occasions and with good results. I had sold everything I posted locally. But there has also been chances of people trying to scam me so you really need to pay attention and be careful with all the inquiries you receive for your selling items. Use common sense, be safe and make a lot of questions.

What is up with the wishy washy supposed customers?
November 2, 2016
I moved from OfferUp to Letgo. I have received many interested people on Letgo but then they give me weird responses. One person wanted to buy a purse. We discuss it a little more and I offer to set up a meeting time so she could look at it and decided whether or not to go through with it. She responds to me the next day "Oh, I already have one like it. Thanks." What? Ok. This same b.s. has happened with 4 other customers. My friends say to put "serious inquiries only"--is that actually going to help? I have marked "non negotiable" but they still want to do that. I have noted on the description "no trading or shipping please"...but of course someone asks to trade or ship. I'm starting to wonder if this is a masked Tinder.

Heidi December 15, 2016

I've had the same problems with people that are suppose to come and pick things up then never even show. Then they don't respond to further chats.

lesa January 07, 2017

This irresponsible, vague messaging junk has run rampant on Facebook for years now. I see it all of the time on the "items for sale" pages. Someone will list something for sale and a bunch of people will comment "interested" and that's all that happens. It's like they are scrolling through the pages and commenting on whatever catches their eye and then they move on and it's forgotten. The people who do actually set up to meet usually blow it off and don't care to be considerate because they are just talking to a screen. They see it as "whatever" not thinking of others. In this age where no one actually talks anymore people apparently feel less obligated when it's just a screen. Weird!

LetGo App
October 29, 2016
I have sold many items on LetGo. This App is excellent regardless of the other post. It is updated regularly and no issues with the App at all! I 100% recommend! I post in S. FL.

any atlanta business
October 29, 2016

How is business going for LETGO in and around Atlanta?.I wish there was a way to get feedback from a post and to include how many people were interested inwhat I have listed. But so far, no feedback on what I thought was decent items.I am going to keep trying but could use some encouragement from people who have had success in Atlanta with this APP

Calvin December 14, 2016

Was contacted buy a seller name Brandon about an iPhone for sale for 360 I told him I wanted to meet in a public place he told me he works at la fitness in convington highway. I arrived he walked up to my car and had the iPhone box in hand and just as the add said it was sealed in the box i gave him the money he handed me the box and walks away I then open the box only to find out that it in fact was a bag of rocks so then I try to mess him and he blocks me and deletes his account and for some reason the name then turns into peet . I followed all the rules that you have set for letgo and I still got the short end of the stick . I only say this cause one if you register an account and sell things through your site there should be a better way for you to block these kind of scams and I would hate for this to happen to anyone else. I have saved all the messages that he had sent me but you have to have some kind of registration on him as far as an IP address or some thing in that nature and be able to track him down so that some kind of justice may be done. I was left holding a box of rock and out of 360 dollars

Data Mining Crap App
October 1, 2016
Even after getting verified via email address this stupid app tells me to get verified now - Verified users get faster replies. What kind of crap is that?? They are holding up emails & messages until they get your information? Data mining at it's finest. I had to give out my phone number because this pathetic app wouldn't let us have a conversation that didn't last for days on end. HOW IS ANYONE ABLE TO SELL ON THIS APP????? If this doesn't get fixed soon, I'm going to pull my listings and delete this rage inducing crap app. They should have left Wallapop alone, they ruined it & now they are crashing it into the ground. It wasn't broke, it didn't need fixing or reinventing. I have never hated an app so much in my life. You can't blow up the pics around the edges, so if you only want to see the middle of the page up close you're golden. Anything else & it hops from one listing to the next. It is near impossible to just stay on one listing. Wallapop was so good, I can't believe they made is suck so bad, so fast.

No computer insertion
September 26, 2016

I like the site and use the site but their are areas where it could be much better. Most people that post don't include enough details ; some times no details at all on what they are selling. I attribute this to it being hard to write a full description for a good product on a phone or tablet for that matter.

Letgo does not allow at this time for posting via a computer / laptop for some reason and I think this is the main reason for members that are selling items to not describe the item in much detail.

I would grade this product 4 or 5 if it had the ability to not only search for items on the computer but post as well.

There are other minor areas of improvement but I think the main reason for me at least is the non listing via computer.