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About Lens.com

Lens.com is a company established in 1995 that allows anyone with a verifiable contact lens prescription order their brand name lenses directly from the Lens.com warehouse at a discounted price.

Lens.com says that they have the best prices on brand name contact lenses in the industry, often 15% cheaper than their online competitors and generally 50% cheaper than ordering your lenses through your doctor.

They claim they have the largest independently held inventory of contact lenses in their warehouse, which allows them to ship orders within 48 hours of submission, and some even sooner than that.

It is free to register with Lens.com for an account and order your contact lenses. All you need is to fax them a copy of your legit prescription or give them the contact info for your prescribing doctor so they can properly verify your prescription.

If you have any complaints about your product, such as an opened package which no longer seems safe or if anything was damaged during shipping, Lens.com has a very simple return policy. Simply call and speak to a customer service representative, and if they cannot fix it, you will receive a 100% refund.

Lens.com also has a referral program, which allows you to use your Lens.com account to refer friends and family to their website for their own contact lens needs. When they process their first order, both you and they will receive a $10 credit toward your next order.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Lens.com reviews below.

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Almost a month for contacts

August21, 2019

Lens.com does update and communicate in a timely fashion. However, I can't articulate enough how dissatisfied I am with the decision to purchase contacts from lens.com. The processing fee is high and yet I felt the company was still a competitive choice. When the order was delayed the first time, lens.com offered free FEDEX to expedite shipping. It's irrelevant now. The 8/8/19 order to be delivered between 8/30 and 9/4 is unacceptable. If my prescription was difficult to fill, I should have been made aware that it was a special order at the outset of my purchase.

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December23, 2017

Placed my order on 12/16/17. Several days had passed and nothing had even been processed. They had to order my contacts through the manufacturer and then would ship it. Finally got shipped and then someone from Lens cancelled the order. When I asked about it the girl wouldn’t even answer my question. Once I emailed again asking why they would cancel it they answered my question. I could go on and on about my complaints but next time I’ll be going though 1800 contacts where the shipping is quicker. It’s not worth going through Lens and dealing with the problems constantly.

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