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LendingTree.com is a well known website which allows its users the ability to request a loan quote from multiple different lenders at one time, to compare these loan quotes, and then choose the loan which works best for them.

LendingTree.com offers users the ability to compare quotes from lenders on a variety of different loans, including refinancing and home mortgages, to home equity loans, auto loans, and credit cards.

In order to allow lenders to provide you with loan quotes, LendingTree must access a copy of your credit report, however this request will not count toward your credit score. In addition, LendingTree allows users to request a copy of their own credit report through FreeCreditScore.com.

In addition to the ability to request and compare loan rates from multiple different providers, LendingTree also claims to be able to help you with all your financial needs.

Their website offers articles, advice, and financial tools for their users looking to budget their money, get out of debt, or boost their savings.

The services at LendingTree.com are completely free to their users; instead of charging fees to their users, fees are paid by the companies who are competing for your business, though some loans do have fees which you must pay if you accept them.

You are under no obligation to accept a loan that is offered to you on LendingTree.com, if you do not receive an offer that is acceptable to you. You can, however, negotiate with the lenders through LendingTree if you wish.

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