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About LegacyWriter.com

Legacy Writer, at www.LegacyWriter.com, is an online company that gives everyday people the ability to create accurate, affordable legal documents at minimum prices.

The legitimate goal of Legacy Writer is to be able to provide average Americans with the ability to get necessary, common legal documents without retaining the services of an attorney, not unlike similar companies like Legal Zoom. You sign on, explain what legal document you need, give Legacy Writer info based on a simple questionnaire, and the document will be finalized for you in a professional, legal manner.

LegacyWriter.com provides all the common legal documents most in demand, such as: a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, a Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Complete Estate Plans, Bills of Sale, Quitclaim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Rental or Lease Agreements, and Promissory Notes.

The website gives you two different options for creating your legal documents. Either you can pay for each document individually as you need it, or you can choose to subscribe to Legacy Writer.

If you choose to pay for each legal document individually, the average cost of each document is $19.95, with Bills of Sale being cheaper at $9.95, and Complete Estate Plans being more expensive, at $34.95.

If you choose to subscribe to the Legacy Writer services, you can do so in two ways. First, you can choose to pay a monthly subscription of $9.95, or you can pay for an annual subscription at $89.00. When you choose the subscription option, all LegacyWriter.com documents are free to you.

Finally, for those with Legacy Writer complaints, there is also a 30 Day Cash Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the documents you receive.

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