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Buyer beware.
January 9, 2024

Ed S

January 09, 2024

I just found out that if I need to have the gutters cleaned because Every fall the valleys clog up with leaves that there is a $95 service fee. He even quoted me the section and paragraph of the contract. So I’m guessing this is something that they deal with a lot.

Something the salesman forgot to mention. He just said that I wouldn't need to ever get on a ladder again. I told “cj “ on the phone I would just take off the splash guards but he said that would void the warranty so I need to pay the $95 for them to come out and take them off. So if you’re thinking of getting this product. Do your research and be ready for a high pressure sales pitch and expensive price.

October 15, 2023

I hired Leaf filter to for a simple gutter works after paying them $ 4850, our Mercedes Benz SUV was damaged $4000, the windshield was cracked and the hood & fender were all scratched up since the throw all the yard debris and garbage. They are refusing to pay for the damages. The complete repair work was supposed to be 2 days job, 2 worker showed up whom could not speak English at all, they only worked for 3.5 hrs all the garbage & yard debris were left in the yard.

When we asked them to clean up after themselves they had to go for the next job.2 weeks later the garage gutters came a part from roof and Now the gutters around the house are coming apart from the roof. Upon investigation we found out they never changed the flashings nor secured the gutters to roof.

Leaf filter has had multiple class action lawsuits against them they just paid a large settlement on feb16-2023.

This people are very dishonest and do a horrible job. Now we have to hire a competent company to do the job properly. If you have had semi kind if experiences with them pls contact me at the email below. Thx

[email protected]

LeafFilter November 01, 2023

We understand the importance of having a positive experience as a homeowner, and we’d like to help. Please contact our dedicated support team at 800-749-4566. They are committed to working with you and finding a solution that meets your needs.

Will not resolve problem without more money
August 29, 2023

14 months after LEAF FILTER install - noticed WATER RUNNING BEHIND MY GUTTERS. Climbed up and saw the guards were not clogged. Caller Leaf filter and they will not come out unless I pay $100 service charge. I already paid them too much.

Terrible warranty. Terrible product.

I will remove the Leaf Filter and put in the foam guards. I will sell the Leaf Filters on EBAY.

LeafFilter August 30, 2023

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Please feel free to contact us at 800-749-4566, so we can ensure a 5-star experience.

Buyer beware.
August 25, 2023

System works but only after a few years repair was needed, and they charge you to fix a poor installation. Lifetime warranty they give you and tell you about is not true you have no warranty they are charging me to fix something that should not have happen. Know what to look out for after spending over 2,000.00 to have this installed...

LeafFilter August 30, 2023

We hope to learn more about your experience, John. Please do not hesitate to call 800-749-4566, so we can work together to find a solution.

Horrible Experience with Papillion, NE LeafFilter
June 29, 2023

This was absolutely the worst experience I've ever had with a home improvement company.

• The salesman, Dan Rosenthal, embodied every negative stereotype that has ever been attached to someone in his profession: aggressive, over the top presentation of how miraculous the product is, insincere/phony. Regardless, I had already done my research and determined that the quality of the LeafFilter product is good.

• The installation team was a no show/no contact on the day they were scheduled to do the install. Frustrating when you've re-worked your schedule to be there. We were told that their previous job took longer than expected and that they had no cell signal (which I doubt).

• The installation team did show up on the re-scheduled date, and supposedly completed the work.

• I was out of the country. Just a few days after the installation, my wife texted me videos of water freely flowing OVER every gutter that had been covered by LeafFilter. See attached photos. Message me on Facebook if you'd like to see the videos.

• I immediately texted the salesman, Dan Rosenthal, and asked him to address this immediately.

• Dan's response: "Call the customer service number." SERIOUSLY: CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE??!!

• I texted him a few more times, asking him to help me out. No response.

• Needless to say, I was angry. I checked the bank and found that the check I had written had not yet been cashed, so I stopped payment on the check. That got their attention.

• I was then contacted by Brach Marker, the operations manager. He assured me that "we will 100% fix those issues."

• The day after I came home I spoke to Brach via phone. He said he had a service tech named Bill who would be driving through my hometown on his way back to Omaha, and asked if it was ok if he stopped by to assess the situation.

• Bill was WONDERFUL! We walked around the house and he was able to identify all of the problems that existing, which included:

1. The upper gutters were never connected into the lower gutters, so the water was free-flowing over the top of the lower gutters.

2. The gutters were not properly cleaned prior to the installation. Bill was grabbing handfuls of leaves/dirt/grime and dropping it to the ground.

3. There was one downspout that was completely blocked.

4. One new downspout they installed was never secured with screws, so it came right off with the rain.

5. There were a couple gaps between the gutter and the home that were not addressed.

• Bill took me to his truck and showed me how he would connect the upper gutters into the lower gutters. I thanked him for his honesty and said I hope I see him soon to complete this work.

• The next day Bill's younger supervisor (Colby?) arrived at my house to complete the work, which confused me since I had already gone over everything with Bill. I didn't get a good vibe from him, and I told him I would feel more comfortable if Bill did the work. He really tried to persuade me otherwise, but I insisted that Bill do the work. At that point Colby called Brach Marker on speaker phone and told him what I had said, and Brach seemed shocked that I would make such a request. I was following my instinct on this one, though: Bill was the only employee I've encountered that I trust, and if they wanted me to re-write the check, they would send him out to do the work.

• Brach said "well I'm sorry you've had such a bad day." He then proceeded to tell me that Bill is "not qualified" to do the work I needed, which I knew right away was a bold-faced lie. I asked him later in a text why he would lie to me like that. No response to the question.

• Brach finally gave in and said that he would send Bill, but that he would also send Colby along with him. I refused to accept that, and insisted that the only scenario I would accept was Bill coming by himself. Bill's in his 60's and very experienced, and doesn't need anyone looking over his shoulder.

• When all was said and done, Bill was sent out by himself and completed the needed repairs. Bill was honest, a hard worker, and did the work right with a great attitude. I handed Bill another check to hand over when he got back to the office . . . minus the $20 it cost me to stop payment.

CONCLUSION: The LeafFilter product is good. The Papillion, Nebraska staff and installers I encountered, though, with the exception of Bill, were god-awful. Insincere, dishonest, not customer-centered, and poor workmanship. The check I wrote should have gotten me much better service than that.

LeafFilter August 30, 2023

Thank you for your feedback. If you haven't received assistance yet, we request that you give us a call at 800-749-4566. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and look forward to the opportunity to resolve this matter for you.

DO NOT BUY – Makes your gutters useless – not good for snow
March 29, 2023

I had Leaf Filter installed in August 2022 on top of my currently existing gutters. Starting in January 2023 when it snowed, I noticed that the snow would accumulate over the filter on top of the gutter and water would drip over the gutter’s edge all around the building as the snow melted. The water didn’t go into the gutter but over it. The water dripped over the gutter all around the house and onto my steps causing the water to freeze and form ice on the steps which created a hazardous condition. This happens every time it snows. Leaf Filter should keep leaves out not snow!!

Since I have only had the Leaf Filter for eight months I have not experienced all the seasons yet, I do know that Leaf Filter does not work in areas that get snow.

I have filed a complaint with Leaf Filter and asked that the Leaf Filter be removed and my money refunded.

Leaf Filter sent out various technicians to inspect the Leaf Filter gutter installation. They came up with the same reason for the issue which I was having.

1. The reason the gutter was leaking over the gutter edge was that the pitch of the roof was making this happen.

2. The overflow problem that you are experiencing is due to the way the ice and snow defrosts and refreezes on your roof.

The reasons above confirm that the Leaf Filters do not work on my type of roof and they should have removed them and given me a refund. The installation of the Leaf Filter gutter protection made my gutters useless since the water flows over the Leaf Filter and over the gutters. Gutters are there to provide protection for my home, they protect my roof, they protect my foundation, they keep my basement dry, they protect my landscaping and most importantly they prevent me from slipping on ice.

Last week the regional manager contacted me and said they will not refund my money or remove the leaf filter guards because the installation is correct and that I already had the leaf filter guards since August 2022.

Do not buy Leaf Filter, they are not good when it snows, the salesmen are pushy and the price is ridiculously high. You could get a better deal elsewhere, shop around and read the reviews.

Run - don't walk away from purchasing this system!
December 31, 2022
People - BEWARE! Don't fall for this scam! The system costs a fortune and DOES NOT Work! We have a newly installed system (11/3) and are now looking to have it removed as water pours over the gutters - totally failing! Service technician noted that all you need to do is keep the filter clean - - that requires a LADDER! Have called for service once again (12/29/22 - not even 2 weeks after first service call) can't believe we fell for the promises - buyers beware - the system does NOT work!

Buyer Beware
December 10, 2022
I purchased leaf filter for my house and within the next day e-mailed pictures to the founder of the company. Poor installation, placed a claim with Wells Fargo financing. The next day I received a call from the vice president asking, "What is it I want?" I told him I want the entire system taken off and a complete refund. He said 'OK'. Leaf filter does not refund money, however, when I sent pictures of how the system was installed, they had to. I purchased another gutter system and installed it myself for a fraction of the price. Leaf filter is over priced and is not useful in all climates. My advice is do your own research. There are cheaper alternatives that do the same thing.

You still have to get up on a ladder and clean the gutters
October 26, 2022
Totally misled by sales agent and advertisements. Pine needles and leaves still on top of the mesh screen especially in the roof valleys. Heavy rain runs over the gutters edge. I still have to clean all the debris off the mesh screens. So much for the misleading ad that says "no more getting on a ladder"

poor workmanship
October 14, 2022

The installers went to the wrong project and missed our first appointment. They came on a Saturday and rushed through the installation and did not do a very thorough cleanup when finished.

The guard that was installed at the bottom of the valleys catches leaves and seed pods. When I had a serviceman clean a different place, he told me that it was my responsibility to clean that area.

I was checking the gutters after a rainstorm because I noticed water coming from behind the gutter and soffit. I had been told that if the facia board were damaged that the installers would give me a price to repair the damage. They did not notify me that there was severe damage to two areas and that there was not a drip edge on the roof. There was also a nest of carpenter bees living there.

I will fix the problem myself since I do not want them back here.

Manitowoc area seniors beware of these people
October 10, 2022

My gutters were new, they were replaced last year, but the guy they sent to do the estimate convinced my mother-in-law that the new gutters would have to be replace before they could install the Leaffilter. Since she was going to pay for it, I said fine but then they quoted $11,500 for the work and materials and I laughed my butt off! We live in NE Wisconsin and just a gutter replacement in a house like ours goes for about $1500-2000.

There is no way this isn’t a scam on seniors.

Great product and service
August 22, 2022
My entire experience with Leaf Filter has been fantastic, from the sales persons to the installer. They were knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating. I would recommend Leaf Filter to anyone in need of this kind of protection.

Buyer Beware!
August 1, 2022

This product does NOT work and LeafFilter North Den is not a reputable company!!

We had the system installed on 2/7/22. A few days later when it snowed, the system caused icicles to form from our gutters above doors/entryways which we never had prior to LeafFilter. The icicles melt and refreeze on our porch and sidewalks and create a VERY DANGEROUS situation for anyone coming to our door!

When it rains, the rain does NOT flow into the gutter, it pours over the edges. LeafFilter has attempted to fix and/or reinstall this product on multiple occasions – every installer and inspector has a different explanation about what is wrong and the system still does not work.

We have asked LeafFilter to take their system down and refund our money and they have refused to do so. DO NOT GET THIS SYSTEM FROM THIS COMPANY!!

Not a lifetime warranty!
July 9, 2022
Leaffilter's contract isn't worth the paper it's written on. We had their gutter system in stalled in 2016 at a cost of over $3,500.00 and every year since then they've had to come out and unclog our gutters per their warranty but it's seem the lifetime warranty is no longer a lifetime warranty because now they want $95.00 to unclog my gutters. Beware my friend, They won't stand up to their word or contract.

They don't stand behind their warranty!
June 17, 2022


I've had Leaf filter gutters since 2016 and they have had to do a service call every year after the Maple Tree helicopters stop falling. Last year we battled over a $95 service call to CLEAN MY GUTTERS of which I paid over $3,500.00 so I wouldn't have to ever worry about cleaning them again!

Well this year their standing pat on the $95 bucks for a service call. So now they leave no other option than to warn my neighbors and friends about Leaf Filter not standing up to their end of the contract! Why would anyone pay over $3,500.00 for gutter protection and then pay to have them cleaned every year!

Damaged my property then would not return calls
May 23, 2022

I contacted LeafFilter and scheduled an estimate on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. I scheduled to meet with the estimator on Thursday, May 19th at 11AM. The estimator arrived on time and was very courteous and did not engage in any pressure sales techniques. Once we agreed on work to be done I signed the paperwork and he scheduled the work to begin the following day Friday, May 20th.

On Friday I received a call from the installer advising me he was at my residence. I informed him I was on my way home and he could begin work. At that time he told me he had hit one of the brick walls on either side of the driveway. When I asked how badly it was damaged he indicated it was destroyed. When I arrived home I observed the wall had been completely destroyed and he indicated he had hit it with the rear tire of his vehicle. He stated he could repair the wall himself but would have to come back at a later date after he found similar brick. He began removing the old gutters and putting up the new gutters. Approximately 3 hours later I looked outside and he had left leaving a crumpled pile of old gutters in the middle of my front lawn. While i had no issue with the new gutter installation he left without providing a business card or contact information.

When I discovered this I began calling LeafFilter Customer Service. I called them no less than 6 times and each time I was told by the call taker how sorry they were to hear about my problem and this was being "elevated" to a Manger who would contact me by the end of the day. I called Friday, Saturday and Monday and have yet to hear from anyone associated with LeafFilter.

When I was given my estimate I was told one of the benefits of LeafFilter was that all aspects from manufacturing to installation was done by LeafFilter. What I learned is the installers are simply subcontracted by LeafFilter.

At this point I have mangled gutters laying my front lawn and a brick wall in pieces in my driveway. If this is the level of service and respect one can expect from LeafFilter I would not recommend them to anyone. The fact that I contacted them no less than 6 times over a 4 day period regarding damage their employee did to my property and not even a courteous phone call in return should tell you all you need to know.


Stay tuned the sub-contractor (seemingly is here now).

Leaf Filter was a BIG mistake!!
March 31, 2022
Whatever you do don't buy Leaf Filter, they don't stand by what they say. Jonathan Hull told me they would take care of the gutter repair if ice built up in the filter because ice just does not do that. Well I assure you it does. I paid the company $2600 for just the back of my house and 14 months later they wanted another $500 to repair ice damage that Jonathan Promised me would not happen. I have Leaf Guard on the front of my house it's been there longer and it's still perfect.

Not all promises delivered
August 20, 2021

Hate to say this to all you unsatisfied customers, but common sense would tell you this product cannot do what it proposes. Heavy rains MAY wash some of the leaf debris across the guard, but eventually lighter rains will not. And when some leaves or debris build up (which they eventually will) , the entire filter will be rendered useless.

All it will accomplish is, instead of mucking out your gutters you will have to clean debris and leaves off of the gutter. No Brainer, this is a scam like so many others. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Question how it is said to work, then ask why are there leaves in my gutter, and what is to preventing them to plug up my screen.

False claims and poor follow up
May 21, 2021

Originally offered at $5287 on 8/24/2018 in Ohio. Many promises made, especially if I would buy right now. Tried to delay, but just kept getting lower offers. Last one was a "call" to an installer who just happened to be in the area if I could do it tomorrow. Finally said Yes at $2740. Installer who came late next day had not been in the area, did not know what I was talking about, did not clean gutters before installation.

Next spring (2019), leaves were clogged on top of filter. I got up on ladder and cleaned filters. Next spring, 2020, water running over gutters again, so called, got no answer, found that the area dealer was no longer with them.

Called again, got answering machine promise to call back tomorrow. Next week called again, same promise, no call back, next week pretended to want to buy and got a live person. Would have a service tech call. Took a week. Someone came out, cleaned the tops of some filters (I already had once that spring) acknowledged filters were not installed right, but not their problem since they just started working with Leaf Filter.

Now (2021) I called again, on 2nd try, after a hang up on the first try, an operator in Las Vegas says she will contact closest local company and have them call me. We'll see! Screens were not attached at proper slope so leaves, etc. could be washed off.

Crud washes in under lip of roof, stays, hardens, and builds up until who screen is clogged (But gutter itself is not clogged, as they claim). In fact it is dry. I found out later you can buy the screens at Lowes, etc., and have them put on yourself at much less cost. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM LEAF FILTER.

Leaf Home June 29, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this valuable record of your situation, John. Your experience is not our standard and we will share this information with our team to minimize issues like this in the future. If we can help in any way, please call us at 800-749-4566 or visit https://gutte.rs/3aLsVDi.

Do not buy.
May 18, 2021

We had leaf filter installed on two problem gutters. To be blunt they don't work. In moderate rain the water just poured over the edge. We called and asked to have them removed and our money back to no avail so far. We have been trying to get this remedied for over two months.

Leaf Home June 29, 2021

We understand your frustration, Lloyd. It’s important to us that customers are more than satisfied and we would like the opportunity to discuss this issue immediately. Please reach out to us at 800-749-4566 to speak to a team member directly. If you prefer, you can also visit https://gutte.rs/3aLsVDi, where you can submit a service request at the bottom of the page, and someone will contact you shortly.