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With the online dating website called Lavalife it is possible to meet lots of new people, opening up windows of opportunity. There are many features of the program that allow its members to connect with others all over the world; however, most of them are located within the U.S. There are now approximately two million members active on the site since its introduction.

Three different communities within Lavalife will help you find compatible dating partners looking for the experience as yourself. One of the communities is casual adult dating; this segment is comparable to many other dating websites. There is also a relationship community for those who are interested in developing a serious romance. The intimate encounter community is for people who are only interested in “hooking-up”.

When you set up your initial profile you have the option to make it as basic or as detailed as you want. The most important part of the profile is the array of pictures you decide to use which have to be approved before they can be posted.

Even though setting up a profile is free, there is a charge for sending and receiving emails as well as using any of their communication platforms unless you buy a membership. For a one month subscription it costs $34.99, for 3 months it costs $19.99/month, and for six months it cost $16.99/month. You can pay with credit card, PayPal or money order. . If you cancel, you don’t get a refund for the remaining portion of your subscription that you didn’t use.

With a membership you have access to unlimited emails, unlimited messaging, customized searches and the availability to view member’s videos. In addition, paying members can also take part in their online activities such as online speed dating; virtual parties and can join chat rooms. Lavalife’s magazine, “Click” is their own online magazine with tons of relationship articles only available to paying members.

While logged in to this site, you can use different search criteria to find someone; it may entail searching local profiles, profiles with pictures and videos or newly added profiles. Two features that Lavalife has which many other dating sites don’t have is a phone chat platform and live video chat platform. By simply sending a request to another member of the community, to participate in a phone or video chat, Lavalife will connect you through their system if they decide to accept your request.

Some users thought that the instant messaging feature should be able to be turned off because these messages constantly interrupt your other activity on the site. Additional interruptions from ad pop-ups are another common complaint of Lavalife’s members. There have also been cases of members who were unable to accessing their account, some for even up to a week at time.

Lavalife does not monitor their user’s communication to make sure it is safe and they don’t conduct background checks. They also don’t check to make sure fake profiles are not being used. It is always wise to be cautious of the people you meet through online dating websites. Use common sense; don’t offer information to others unless you have formed a fundamentally sound relationship. Meet each other in public places to avoid putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

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