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The Group was founded in 2004 and was first known as, before they acquired “” and turned it into their company’s name. Their group is dedicated to improving and enriching the experience of travelers all over the world.

Moreover, their company upholds the values of uniqueness, reliability and stability. They also seek to emphasize each individual traveler’s own style that inspires them to be bold and daring, which will also reflect in the way they travel.


The range of products that offers are all related to traveling - to aid travelers from the beginning up to the end of their trips. Their primary service is airline ticketing, with options for both low-cost flights and traditional pricing.

The group has websites with different kinds of specialization for airline booking, from searching flights as well as comparing prices across airlines.

Accommodations are also a vital part of traveling, so offers similar services for booking hotels as well. One of the best parts of their offerings is that customers can get up to a 35% discount, a special feature that the company has established long ago.

Because most travels happen during the holidays, the company also offers packages for holiday travels, which are dynamic and customizable to fit your needs. There are also pre-arranged tours available for choosing within their nearly 40 million packages.

Apart from those mentioned, they also provide services to arrange for cruises, lifestyle-oriented trips like spas, theaters and other entertainment venues as well as car rentals and ancillary services to make your traveling experience more convenient and relaxing.

How Does It Work?

Booking with can happen two different ways: online or over the phone. Browsing their package offers is available over the website, but you’ll have to choose how to book after that.

Additional surcharges are made when bookings are done over the phone, but only for select packages. After confirming your desired package and booking it, you will receive a confirmation email.

After that, payment options will be presented to you upon confirmation of your chosen package. Furthermore, card payments are accepted and will be debited from your card upon your own confirmation.

This can be done through the “Buy” button on the website, or your verbal confirmation to the sales representative you are talking to.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost and pricing of each packaging depends on the services that you decide to purchase. Pre-set packages have fixed prices, but more dynamic customized plans have varied costs. All packages will be subjected to a VAT and other fees too.

Any pre-listed prices will not include traveling costs to Eurostar stations and/or the meals consumed during the travel period. On top of that, Belgium destination pricings include tickets to Brussels and to your final destination.

Customer Service

For inquiries, go to’s customer service page on their website. You are also able to contact them through their app, or by phone. For UK customers, they can call 0800 083 4000, while worldwide customers can call +44(0)2034998517.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Online reviews consider’s greatest strength, as compared to its competitors, is that it offers packages that caters to travelers’ lifestyle options.

While most of their other services are similar to other travel booking companies, this is one feature that really sets them apart. They also provide good deals for travelers who use their services.

On the other hand, one of the group’s weaknesses is that there’s so much happening and so much that they’re trying to do that their services are not at peak.

While other companies are more focused on specific kinds of services and are thus, efficient at them, struggles to keep up with all their services. In fact, their offerings can be too overwhelming for people who view their site’s homepage.

On top of that, many people also complain that their customer service is not very good and charge money too early.

Competitors and Alternatives

Flight Network offers similar flight booking services for people who want to travel. They also offer good deals that will help you save up, as compared to regular bookings. Not only that, last minute deals to several destinations are also available.

Last Minute Travel also offers bookings for flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacation homes, lifestyle activities and other travel packages that may be of interest to you. Save up with their promo offers in different locations in the world.

Lastly, Holiday Pirates also has flight and accommodation bookings available. However, they’re more specific deals than customizable packages.

Where to Buy?

Bookings and offerings can be viewed on their website as well as on their app. As mentioned, subsequent transactions can be done online or over the phone.

Conclusion is a company that specializes in making convenient traveling bookings for any kind of trip that you may want to take. They offer a wide range of travel-related services that will allow you to book for whatever you want to do for your next vacation.

From flights, hotels, car rentals and even packages that will cater to your lifestyle interests like cultural tours and theatrical visits, they’ve got you covered.

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