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Absolutely horrible/ avoid at all costs

April6, 2018

I registered for their Diploma in Citizenship and Immigration Case Processing program which costs $5733 which runs for about 6 months, 441 hours of teaching. I paid an instalment of around $1200 prior to beginning of class. I decided to withdraw within the first week due to issues with my work schedule and the fact that the quality of teaching is not what I'd expect for a $6k course. To my surprise, I was only eligible for $400 of refund, they withheld close to $800 of my tuition 3 days into the course. When I asked their accounts dept for a full explanation, I was put on hold for days only to receive a vague and hideous reply. Their accounts department was an absolute nightmare to deal with, throws a whole lot bureaucracy crap without providing legitimate answers.

In comparison to other private colleges' policies which usually offer full refund on tuition within first week, Lape's refund policy is absolutely shady and unclear, reading materials were free web links, the video lectures are pre-recorded from previous semesters.

In terms of quality of the lectures, while I believe the instructors maybe knowledgeable, the course however is poorly structured, the 3-4hr video lectures are lengthy, hard to follow and repetitive. The instructors basically talk about their work experiences without offering practical examples and exercises at the end of each lecture. My advice to anyone who plans on enrolling at LAPE, be sure to look into their refund policy. This is one of my worst experiences ever.

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