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Krill Omega 3 10X Super Formula is a fish oil supplement from nutritional company Purity Products, which claims that it can provide their customers with joint comfort in as little as 7 days.

According to their website,, all their supplements are tested by NSF, a non-profit testing organization which offers true product testing of dietary supplements. They go on to say that supplements certified by the NSF have their ingredients regularly checked by one of the most respected certifiers in the world.

Fish oil supplements are well regarded because they contain the Omega-3s, DHA and EPA, which are described as having important roles in brain function, growth and development, and inflammation.

Unlike other fish oil supplements, Purity's Krill Omega 3 10X Super Formula is strongly fortified with ultra pure concentrated fish oils ensuring a generous dose of DHA and EPA.

They also contains astaxanthin, which delivers a rich multitude of benefits for important health needs like cardiovascular function, skin wellness, healthy eyes, muscle endurance, and normal immune function.

However, just because Omega-3s have been shown to have a wide range of positive health benefits, it is important to take supplements as directed. Harvard Health reports on new findings that excessive fish oil intake may have negative effects for some people.

Customers who are interested in trying this product can order a “free” bottle for just a Shipping and Handling Charge of $4.95. This will get you a 15 day trial of the product where you can decide whether this product is for you.

If you dislike this product for any reason, you can cancel your automatic shipment enrollment during this time period and you will never be billed.

Customers who enjoy this product and would like to continue taking it should simply do nothing and they will be automatically be charged $39.95 per bottle for a three bottle, 90 day supply.

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