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Website: www.Kobo.com

Kobo.com is a website that describes themselves as a "global leader in eReading which offers a world class platform for passionate readers" to find and download books for multiple different devices.

According to their website, Kobo.com offers "the best digital reading experience" to millions of customers in 190 different countries, with one of the largest catalogues of titles. 

How Does It Work?

Like any other online retailer, customers can go to their website and search through their inventory based on category, including Biography & Memoir, Business & Finance, Comics & Graphic Novels, Fiction & Literature, Kids & Teens, Mystery & Suspense, Nonfiction, and more.

They also offer sections specifically for eMagazines and Kids' materials, saying that they offer nearly 4 million titles across 68 languages. 


Cost/Price Plans

There is no cost to use Kobo.com, but their digital books range in price depending on a variety of factors. In addition, their website sells the Kobo Reader which ranges in price from $139.99 to $399.99.  

Mobile Options

Currently the Kobo Books inventory can be downloaded for Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows platforms, including EPUB and PDF formats. 

Refund Policy

Kobo.com does not detail a specific policy for their devices or individual eBooks sales, other than saying "We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion." Customers who have purchased subscriptions can cancel them at any time and receive a prorated refund, which will be determined by the number of issues that are left in your subscription period.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Currently customers who wish to contact this company with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so through their Customer Care link, which will direct you either to the appropriate phone number or a section of the website where you can submit your questions directly.


This website has mixed reviews, with a lot of frustrated users complaining about errors and glitches with trying to pay for and download books, and issues dealing with customer service, though there are many customers which report being happy with their eReader devices.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other websites available which help users of eReaders find digital books in different formats at discount prices, including The Fussy Librarian, BookGorilla, BookBub.com, and Kindle users can always utilize the Amazon Marketplace.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Kobo Books reviews below.

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Kobo Books Customer Reviews

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November 14, 2018

I am an author and have been unable to receive any payments from KOBO. I have sold well over the minimum amount. Kobo has NO CONTACT number and do not respond to my e-mails.

I recommend that you DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE as an author or customer.

100% crap Service Failure
January 27, 2018

Total Crap service. Bought 2 books, 1 over $75, they don't honour their licences of their books over time. This was a "how too booK" For black smithing, and ya, I need this book long term. They allowed the licence of this book to run out, and guess what? My book doesn't work anymore, and is corrupted. I need this book. Kobo's response? We'll give you credit!! Well, I don't want credit! I bought this book at Cover prices, and I deserve to "own" my copy, as long as I choose to own it. There was no agreement for me to own if for a limited time, or for licence. It should be their job to maintain the licence, or, to make an agreement that when a person buys the book, they own their copy! Pretty basic stuff!!! as even book on my book shelves I own! 3 more messages deep with them, and its "policy", Who gives a crap about your policy? You have "STOLEN" the ownership of my book copies away from me! You should not be keeping my money, and giving me a credit, for books I have not purchased or wanted! I want the books that I have purchased, and own. Fix your business model!

Sure, I'll take my credit, buy some random books, and then NEVER, EVER, do business with you again. Lost customer ! Idiots. I own over 1000 books. And plan to buy more, and more. Dumb asses. If you credited me, as you should have, for losing my ownership, I would have purchased from you again. You would have gained sales over many years. Now?

Never, ever again, and ya. Lots of reviews, and blog posts, and alters on the 7 Facebook pages I run, and Instagram accounts I have, and comments on influencer pages. Dumb asses. Don't you know how the world works now?

100% failure in service. There should be a No Star rating.