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Website: offers a womenswear line that’s focused on providing accessible, stylish and comfortable intimates for women of all sizes and shapes. The line is inspired by the body positivity movement and is dedicated to inspiring all women to feel comfortable in their skin by providing functional underwear that makes them feel comfortable all throughout the day.  

The brand was born as a response to the need to cater to the different body types women have, using quality fabrics and construction to allow women to move and live freely. Not only do the intimates feel comfortable to wear, but they’re manufactured using ethical practices. Moreover, over 2% of the company’s revenue goes towards supplying women’s shelters with quality underwear from 

Products: offers a range of great underwear that’s made from comfortable, high-quality fabrics, which is not only moisture-wicking, but odor neutralizing and quick drying, as well. The design of the products is characterized by a seamless finish which serves to amplify the comfortability of the underwear, while enabling women to wear them in any situation and under any item of clothing with confidence. 

Their comfortable bra is fully-reversible, offering a versatile range of wearing styles. It’s anti-odor too, so you are able to wear it all day without feeling insecure. Thus, it’s perfect for hard working women athletes who need to focus on their training without worrying about sweat and odors. also has a special range of underwear that’s designed especially for teen girls called Knixteen and it’s available in different designs and cuts - from a bikini to boy shorts. These knickers are not only comfortable and durable, but they’re designed with the developing body of a young girl in mind. Furthermore, they’re able to hold menstrual blood while preventing embarrassing leaks, with additional features like germ-fighting, anti-microbial and odor-fighting technology. 

How Does it Work? is created for all kinds of women who go through real situations in life, like the accidental leak or ‘oops’ moment with Aunt Flo. Thanks to features like the FreshFix technology, Knix intimates allow women to live life to the fullest by putting their needs first. In addition, the bras have no underwire support, so they provide comfortable support all day long. 

The moisture-wicking fabrics eliminate sweat from the body within 4 hours, while eliminating any odors that might occur. Lastly, the bras come with two sets of straps that provide 8 wearable options.

Cost and Price Plans:

The Knix brand offers a variety of products for women to enjoy - from an intimates’ line, loungewear and high-performance items for active women. While the products are available as individual items, also offers them in ‘gift kits,’ which are available at an accessible price range. 

The ‘Athletic’ gift kit starts at $95 and includes the Longevity bra, athletic underwear and socks, as well as a gym bag. The ‘Super Chill’ gift kit comes with lounge pants, an Evolution tank and a pair of comfortable athletic socks. Lastly, the ‘Everywoman’ kit starts at $105 and contains three pairs of Athletic underwear, the innovative Evolution bra, a pair of athletic socks and cute hair ties. However, while there are ready-made sets available for purchase, you are also able to create your own custom set through their website’s ‘Build a Set’ feature. 

Individual products are also very well-priced, with the bras starting at a price of $50. This is a very reasonable price, considering its innovative design, durable quality, comfortable fit and moisture-wicking fabric construction with seamless design.

Customer Service:

The Knix brand offers great, straightforward and attentive customer service. Apart from checking out the FAQ page on their website, you are able to leave them a message on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the same website, or email them at [email protected] for all queries related to the Knixteen division of the brand. 

Knix is pretty confident about their product too, as evidenced by their 30-day wash guarantee on their bras, which allows you to return the item for a full refund or another fit if the item doesn't fit right. If you still can’t find the right fit, you are able to get a customized bra made to your specification through the brand’s personal fit consultation.

Online Reviews/Complaints: has received generally good reviews overall, with customers saying that the bras fit really well and provide optimal support for all types of bust sizes. In fact, customers love Knix intimates so much that most are now loyal customers that continue to collect the products in different colors for every day of the week.

Active athletes have found the Evolution bra to be really beneficial in wicking sweat and preventing the build-up of moisture, making it a little easier to go through those long practice sessions.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Other companies and brands that offer similar products to the Knix intimates range include Leonisa, Figleaves and HerRoom. All these three brands offer form-fitting and comfortable quality intimate wear, including shapewear, breast augmentation and posture correcting bras, as well as sexy lingerie sets for fuller-figured women.

Where to Buy?

You are able to purchase Knixwear directly from their website at, or through other online retailers that carry the brand, such as the ShopGirls website, TheBay website and even on Amazon.

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Worth investment for bouncy workouts
July 27, 2021

I purchased the Catalyst zip front sports bra about 4 wks ago; after maaaaaaaannny other sports bra purchases, or resorting to 2-3 bras at once.. all squashed & pushed.. & after really sweating the price tag.

It was worth the gamble! Joy! Fully supported without pinch, squash, or having cleavage to your chin.

I am 34D & ordered the size 4, as recommended. Minor adjustment to straps & hooks, & rock n roll! Boobs are not a concern in this bra while doing cardio. Something's are an investment, & if something is important for self care & health it should be considered, & that's how I feel about the bra. I workout regularly & I need good support, & this investment works well for me. No more purchase & after purchase of sports bras! I can't believe how difficult it's been before this bra. Do designers even *think* about women when creating these things?

I am interested to try their braless tank.. I tend to run hot so a tank sans bra sounds pretty sweet!

February 16, 2018

Would never purchase from them again. They won't even read my emails, they just keep sending predefined responses. They are not excepting my return.

I received the product, tried it on, it did not fit, no where near what their size chart says that's for sure. And, there is absolutely NO SUPPORT what so ever.