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Shopping is fun, but trying to find the best prices and financing can be a real hassle. This is especially true if you don’t know the right merchants to shop with, the best payment and financing options, or the stores that will offer you the best deals.

The Klarna app makes shopping and financing your purchases easy. You can get fast approval so that you can buy now and pay later - but it’s not the same as a credit card.

Intrigued? You should be. Here’s everything you need to know about the revolutionary Klarna app.

How Does Klarna App Work?

The Klarna app allows you to shop from just about any online retailer and pay for your purchases in four equal - but separate - installments. You can buy now and pay later, shopping to get the items you love today and paying for them gradually over time. 


This revolutionary app allows you to pay no fees and no added interest. You can track your purchase in a single place with the app so that you can mindfully spend and keep an eye on your budget. This single-use card helps you make responsible purchasing decisions at notcost to you, making your life easier and your spending streamlined.

When you shop with the Klarna app, you’ll create a ghost card that can be used while purchasing from online retailers. You connect your ghost card to the debit or credit card of your choice and you will be automatically charged a quarter of the purchase price every two weeks, beginning when your order is confirmed.

With Klarna, you can even create a universal wish list so that you can browse the lists of your favorite influencers and receive price drop alerts when there’s a change in price. You can score the best deals without having to lift a finger.

Is Klarna a Credit Card?

Many people assume that Klarna is the same as a credit card. While there are some similarities - mostly in the buy now, pay later concept - there are some major differences as well. For example, with the Klarna app, you can do all of your shopping in-app. There are thousands of stores compatible with this feature, including popular retailers like Farout Fab and Contagious Curves.

When you make purchases in the app, you will use a ghost card. The ghost card is a single-use, prepaid card that will let you make purchases at any retailer. Each time you create a ghost card, you are given a new single-use card, instead of using the same credit card number like you would with a standard card.

Every new purchase you make will be evaluated by the system. You can spend as long as you repay your payments on time and in agreeance with your payment schedule. As a new shopper, the restrictions will be tighter, and all shoppers must spend at least $35.

However, unlike a credit card, there is no credit check and no impact on your credit score. There’s also no credit limit, although the system will evaluate your payment history when making a financing decision. The system places an authorization on your credit or debit card when you create a ghost card. If you are attempting to make a purchase and your purchase is declined, you should see that the authorization hold is lifted in five to seven days. There is no annual fee associated with using Klarna, and signing up is easy.

Cost and Price Plans

Signing up to pay with Klarna, either in-app or directly at a participating retailer, is easy. It’s also free. There is no interest charged and no usage fees. However, if you do not make a minimum payment by the due date, you could be subjected to late fees of up to $25.

Competitors and Alternatives

Klarna isn’t the only company trying to take some of the stress out of financing major purchases. Other options include Afterpay, Affirm, and Stripe.

When comparing Klarna vs. Affirm, the main thing you need to know is that while Affirm is a more popular financing option in the United States, they do not offer coverage for quite as many retailers. Klarna has a wider retailer base and therefore can be used just about anywhere. However, the two financing options are quite similar in that Affirm allows you to finance your purchase with no hidden fees - however, there are interest fees charged after three to six months.

Afterpay is another leading financing option. As with Klarna, Afterpay allows consumers to split their purchase into four equal installments and to enjoy instant approval decisions. However, the main difference between Klarna vs. Afterpay is that Afterpay requires an application and does not have a one-time ghost card use like Klarna does.

Finally, we recommend that all shoppers compare Klarna vs. Stripe. Stripe is another online payment processing system. This solution is designed for businesses and at this time isn’t terribly helpful for consumers. However, it will likely grow to a primary payment receiving service within the next few years, as it shares quite a few similarities with major payment processors like PayPal.

Stripe is comparable to PayPal in that it charges the same amount for most online transactions - it isn’t free of fees, like the other options we've talked about - but does accept ACH transactions.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers appreciate that Klarna offers a way to finance future purchases without a credit card - even if you have bad credit. Because there are no credit checks, this legit financing system allows you to create an account regardless of your credit history. As long as you make your four equal payments on time, you should have no problem using Klarna. It can link up to your debit card and bank account so that you don’t even need a credit card in order to shop.

Customer Service

Klarna has positive ratings with the BBB - a ranking of a B overall. Unfortunately, while Klarna has a good track record when it comes to addressing customer complaints, it is not the best at dealing with customer returns and refunds. This is due mostly to the fact that they are a third-party purchasing service and these kinds of complaints are best dealt with by contacting the retailer themselves.

Returns are done in accordance with each individual store’s return policy. If you need to make a return, you should contact the store. If you have an outstanding balance with Klarna, you should contact Klarna as well.

However, if you need to get ahold of someone at Klarna, it’s not difficult to do this. There is a customer service phone number listed on the website. You can also use the chat feature or  visit the social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Where Can I Sign Up For Klarna?

To make a Klarna account, simply visit the Klarna website. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to use the service. If you are paying in four interest-free installments, you don’t need to set up an account, but if you wish to use Klarna again - or to create a ghost card - it is wise to set up an account with your personal information saved for quicker use next time.

To apply to use Klarna on a shopping trip, all you need to do is shop at one of the participating online stores. There, you will be presented with various payment options. Klarna will offer you a financing offer and an instantaneous decision.

Is Klarna Worth It?

You should never shop online unless you have the money to pay for it - after all, that’s where so many people get into trouble with credit cards and other high-interest financing options. However, Klarna is a great resource for people who want to make a purchase and simply need to wait a bit before paying the full purchase price. With no interest and no usage fees, it’s the perfect choice for the busy consumer seeking a hassle-free approach to online shopping.

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