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About KitSplit

KitSplit, found online at, is a website and company who says that their goal is to make it easy to rent all the high quality photography and filming equipment you would need for any project. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, KitSplit is a private marketplace designed for the rental of creative photography and filming tools and has been described as the “AirBnB of cameras” by major publications like Forbes and Fast Company. 

To achieve this, KitSplit encourages professionals to join their community and list their equipment for rent. They ask their equipment providers to offer as much information as possible about the pieces they are interested in renting, including the make, model, specs, age, and condition of the product, as well as a brief explanation of how you like to use it. In addition, they ask that you determine whether or not you will require your renters to carry insurance in order to rent your equipment. 

In turn, renters are asked to fill out a profile of themselves that provides as much information as possible so that equipment owners can feel comfortable renting their equipment to you. They ask that you provide a short bio, as well as links to your LinkedIn and professional websites.  


KitSplit says that they vet everyone who joins their community to ensure that it is made up of trustworthy professionals, and in the small chance that anything goes wrong, the company will reimburse the equipment owners for repair or replacement of all equipment up to $10,000. 

Cost/Price Plans

While the owner of the equipment always gets to set the rental prices, they suggest to their members that they set the rental price for their gear at around 2-5% of what it would cost to replace the item in question, and owners can always look at similar equipment listed on their website to use as a pricing guide.

The KitSplit website is free to join and has no membership fees, however, nor does it charge people to list their equipment. They will charge a 15% service fee to owners and a 5% service fee to renters. These service fees cover the cost of their website operations.   

Refund Policy does offer their customers a Dispute Resolution process if there are any issues between owners and renters, and each case will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine the most appropriate outcome. The website says that there are times when this outcome will include a refund of fees paid, but as mentioned above these cases will all be handled individually.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 254-307-7548, by email at [email protected], or by using their Live Chat whenever it is available. 


It appears as though is new enough at this time that there are not many customer reviews of the company at all, though there are third party reviews which are enthusiastic about their potential as a company.

However, one of the aspects of KitSplit that they like to emphasize is the fact that they encourage their members to rate each other, both owners and renters, so that their community becomes more transparent, more trustworthy, and more inviting for both owners and renters. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Actually, there has been a growth in the popularity of websites that allow you to rent camera equipment, specifically because this equipment can be so cost prohibitive for many people to purchase when they are beginning or expanding their careers.

If you have experience with KitSplit or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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KitSplit is great!
June 22, 2016
I'm a filmmaker, have had really great experiences with KitSplit both renting, and renting out my gear. Great way to meet people + save /make some money.