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About Kinsley Armelle Jewelry

Nothing complements a well-matched attire than the right accessories to accompany it. At Kinsley Armelle in Texas, this company has made it their goal to bring out that stylish you by providing you with a range of unique accessories that blend in with any outfit.

Their uniquely crafted designs within the Kinsley Armelle jewelry collection, embellished with bohemian culture, are fashionable, versatile and cost-friendly.


Exclusive Collection - Within their exclusive collection are unique pieces of Quartz bracelets and necklaces. However, you can also purchase multiple bracelets for bracelet stacks compilation.

Bangle Collection - Silver Quartz Bracelet - Featured with a raw quartz stone on either a gold, raven quartz, silver, or rose stainless steel cuff that is smooth to touch, accompanied by rigid rocks, lies one of their best pieces under the bracelets category.

The silver quartz bracelet is among one of their top best-selling pieces, not only from the bangle collection, but from their Kinsley Armelle jewelry collection. It has various ranges and types - from Rose, Quartz and silver materials.

Goddess Collection - Laurel Leaf Bracelet - Just as the name itself suggests, the goddess collection will bring out the goddess in you. Eyes will definitely stare due to its splendid look. With the gold leaf centerpiece and spring opening, you will wear it comfortably and with utmost confidence.

Rings - Spike Silver and Stone Quartz Ring - At Kinsley Armelle, you will find a range of gold, silver and quartz rings. The spike silver ring, as the name says, looks like a spike, with two pointed ends and blended with rhinestone.

The stone quartz ring, on the other hand, contains a circular quartz stone with a rock feel superbly accentuating any outfit you wear. With a design similar to that of the bangle collection bracelets, they also have the Magna and Parvus rings.

These rings have been specially crafted to fit your finger perfectly. The rings can be worn singly or paired up with a matching bracelet, the choice is simply up to you. However, either way, they will still enhance your look.

Earrings - Quartz Earring Set - Their stone and regal collection of stud earrings complement the final outfit, giving an impressive look. The stud earrings are made up of circular quartz stones and the set comes with three pairs of rings, with different color tones.

Necklaces - Silver Quartz Necklace - From their wide range of quartz, rose quartz and silver quartz necklace pieces are uniquely crafted necklaces that you can select, depending on your material preference.

Eternity Collection - Sandy Bracelet - From their Eternity Collection, you can get for yourself a lovely piece, ranging from coal, heath, Maui, Mayan, sandy and silver pepper.

Within this collection, you will find the ballet bracelet, which is simply breathtaking. Its design is simple, with contemporary dazzling charming accents and natural features that can blend with any kind of attire and can be worn for all occasions.

Pixie Collection - Penny Bracelet - Within Kinsley Armelle’s Pixie collection is the penny bracelet made for bead lovers that love a gold touch in their accessories. The penny bracelet has 2 main quartz stones, accompanied by small gold bead pieces and a bit of rhinestone.

Cost and Price Plans

Kinsley Armelle has four types of subscription, ranging from:

Month to month, which includes a KLUB KA Level I monthly subscription, KLUB KA Level II monthly subscription, KLUB KA Level III monthly subscription as well as flat rate shipping.

Prepaid 3 months subscription, which includes the Prepaid KLUB KA Level I 3-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level II 3-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level III 3-month subscription as well as flat rate shipping.

Prepaid 6 months subscription, which includes the Prepaid KLUB KA Level I 6-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level II 6-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level III 6-month subscription as well as flat rate shipping.

Prepaid 12 months subscription, which includes the Prepaid KLUB KA Level I 12-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level II 12-month subscription, Prepaid KLUB KA Level III 12-month subscription as well as flat rate shipping.

Orders above $100 within the USA receive free shipping. As for the prices of their jewelry, it varies greatly per item. In other words, it really depends on what you are purchasing.

For instance, their most affordable item is a Crimson Drop Earrings which cost $19.99 without discount, while their most expensive one is an earring set that comes at $59.99.

Customer Service

Kinsley Armelle’s ambassadors are always on the clock, working seamlessly to ensure that all your queries are addressed. For any queries, complaints, or more information about their products, get in touch with them through their contact page, or Facebook page.

Their return policy guarantees the return of products for a full refund within 10 business days. The product should be the same as the one received, with evidence of purchase. However, items on sale aren’t refunded.

If you submit a refund or return request, you will then be contacted and informed of the approval or rejection.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Pleased customers have always had a wonderful way of sending their regards. They loved the quality, wide array of colors that complement all attires, versatility and the extravagant look of the jewelry.

However, some complained about the bracelet sizes, which the company is working on improving.

Competitors and Alternatives

Similar products can be purchased online from other shops like Novica, Bohemian Salt and Chikahisa studio.

Where to Buy?

You can get Kinsley Armelle products from their website at If you want to pay their physical shop a visit, you can find their nearest location at their store locator.

However, you can also buy their jewelry at Shop Blue Peppermint, Modern Jane Boutique, or Amazon.


Kinsley Armelle jewelry does not just make random accessories - they ensure that the product complements every other piece of item on your body. Whether it is a wedding, party, or any occasion where you would want a sparkling look, check out their numerous products.

If you want to be an ambassador, you can also do so by going to their website.

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