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Looking for a better way to get your morning caffeine fix? If all of the other dark roasts you’re interested in are just falling short, you might want to consider Kimera Coffee.

How Does Kimera Koffee Work?

Kimera Koffee is sourced from single-estate coffee plantations in the Dominican Republic. That’s not unusual - but what is unusual about the blend is that it harnesses the power of nootropics to deliver an expertly formulated dose of nutrition in your morning mug of coffee.

This coffee contains powerful amino acids and cognitive enhancers to “turbocharge your brain” and boost your focus. Nootropics, which are unique brain supplements that can help improve your mental energy and prevent cognitive decline, are found in every cup of Kimera Koffee.

Kimera Koffee contains 725 milligrams of ingredients like L-Theanine, DMAE, Taurine, and Alpha-GPC. There is significant scientific research to suggest that Alpha-GPC, in particular, can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, reduce cognitive decay, and provide other meaningful benefits. Taurine, on the other hand, can improve blood flow.

Therefore, these studies suggest that nootropics can be helpful at addressing brain-related issues as well as to lower blood sugar, reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular problems, and more. Plus, there’s caffeine - an ingredient that we all know and love.

Drinking Kimera Koffee can have some side effects, but none of these are exclusive to the brand. Because of the high caffeine content, you may find that you become nervous or jittery or have some digestive troubles. It’s important to consult your doctor before taking any products that contain nootropics, too, as some ingredients (like taurine) can interact with certain medications.

In addition to your typical ground and focus blend options, you can also purchase Kimera Koffee K-Cups. These contain the same caffeine content as other Kimera Koffee products, but the convenient pods make it easier to load your Keurig or other single-serve coffee maker. If you want to purchase ground Kimera Koffee, you could always do that, too, and simply load it into your compostable pod or kup.

You can also use Kimera Koffee in your bulletproof coffee recipe if you are doing the Bulletproof or Keto diet.

Cost and Price Plans

Kimera Koffee offers two different blends. The Dark Roast Brew and the Standard Kimera Koffee both come in 12 oz packages. You can purchase them as ground or whole beans. Both cost $21.95.

Kimera Koffee also offers unique custom products like peaberry whole beans, Kacao Booster Powder, and Seed Stack. These are made out of natural ingredients and vary in price from $9.95 to $14.95.

If you want to save money on your blends, you can purchase a monthly subscription plan. You’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite coffee! A regular subscription, in which you will receive one bag per month, is $17.55, while the Kimera subscription includes five bags per month for a total of $82.30 per month. There are several plans in between, too, including the Enhanced, Beast, and Legend plans.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are several other nootropics-blend coffee manufactures coming on the market. Two popular options include Beluga Coffee and Hackers Brew.

Hackers Brew is a liquid formula coffee that allegedly contains good fats, adaptogens, xanthines, and amino acids. The manufacturer does not list what nootropics are contained in the coffee on the packaging, so it’s tough to say what benefits this specific coffee brand will provide you. It is also more expensive than Kimera Koffee.

Beluga Coffee, on the other hand, is somewhat less expensive than Kimera. It contains the same ingredients you’ll find in Kimera, including choline and alpha-gpc.

Alternatively, you could also purchase the coffee beans of your choosing and then add supplements to blend in the L-theanine, choline, alpha gpc, and other nootropics you choose.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

For the most part, Kimera Koffee has received positive reviews. Customers have complimented the rich flavor of the coffee as well as its ability to improve focus, energy, and mental alertness. Many customers note that the standard post-caffeine energy crash from drinking coffee is uniquely absent with Kimera Koffee.

The main complaint about the coffee has to do with the fact that there are sometimes powdered white chunks found in the grounds. This is nothing to be concerned about - when the nootropics are added to the coffee, they sometimes clump up. You can easily mix them back into the bag.

The company was founded in 2013 but there is limited information regarding the business with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service

Kimera Koffee offers customers some pretty good reasons to spend their money on this brand. If you aren’t satisfied with your brew of choice, you can receive a refund or choose another bag (or product) free of charge.

Need to contact someone at Kimera Koffee about an order, question, comment, or other inquiry? You can easily get ahold of customer service by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] The company has a business address in Coral Gables, Florida as well as active social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Where to Buy?

Not only can you purchase Kimera Koffee directly from the manufacturer's website, but you can also find Kimera Koffee product on Amazon and at brick-and-mortar retailers like WalMart and Whole Foods.

Is Kimera Koffee Worth It?

Kimera Koffee isn’t cheap - but it’s worth giving a try if you are curious about its many health benefits. You’ll pay a minimum of $1.64 per cup of coffee - which is still cheaper than buying it at the coffee shop, though. Are the nootropics worth the price? You can be the judge of that. However, with minimal side effects and excellent flavor - along with a generous return policy - Kimera Koffee could be worth a try.

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