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Jingling and bulky keys are some of the most annoying daily problems we face. Even though it does not cause any serious consequence, the noise itself can be a tad frustrating. KeySmart fully understands that this can be a nasty pain in the neck, so they have set out to create the smartest keys in the world which do not annoy you or your pockets.

Made of ultra-light aluminum materials, the key can withstand massive shock, and, at the same time, fits very neatly into your pockets, taking away all the troubles you have with traditional keys.

The brand’s story begins with the founder, Mr. Mike. Dissatisfied with the bulky design of most traditional keys, he set out to crowdfund a Kickstarter project for his innovative and smart key design.

After a few trials and errors, the project became a huge success, earning him flocks after flocks of emails and customers interested in this product. Soon after, he decided to quit his job and start catering to KeySmart on a full-time basis, and he has had many satisfied customers ever since.

Products introduces you to the world of keys with streamlined designs. All KeySmart products can fit in from 2 to as many as 14 keys in just one set of frame, making sure that you will easily find the key you need in just a jiffy.

Made of aircraft aluminum, the frame of each product can last ages before they need to be replaced, and you will not have to worry about heavy pockets anymore, because these frames weigh much less than the traditional metal ones. The hardware is fashioned from stainless steel, ensuring that your keys will not be rusted easily. keys have got a lot of choices for you to choose from, depending on your purpose. For the ones looking for a bit of luxury, then KeySmart Leather, with premium faux leather finishing on the frame. If you want something more practical, KeySmart Rugged, along with its extra bottle opener and loop piece to attach it to your cars, will be a perfect choice.

Finally, if you just plain hate it when you cannot find your keys even though you have just turned the house upside down, then KeySmart Pro, with Tile smart tracking system, will eliminate all the hassles. Simply log in to your phone app and you will be able to easily find the product even in total darkness.

What is a key without a good key holder? You can find a wide assortment of key-related accessories here in KeySmart, including a special key holder which uses magnetic to hold your keys. It is also very compact and easy to install, being able to fit in most light switches.

Aside from its famous keys, the brand also produces convenient commuter backpacks called Urban21. Thanks to materials such as memory foam, this backpack does not hurt your shoulder, and its balanced weight distribution allows for a much more comfortable wear than others on the market.

It is also fitted with water-resistant materials, and if you really want to keep something out of the rain, then the backpack comes with two compartments that are completely waterproof for your most valuable items.

How Does It Work?

The keys share many design elements of a Swiss knife. There will be several hatches to keep your keys in. When you need a certain key for a certain door, all you have to do is just flipping the key, and it is ready for use.

If you bought the KeySmart Pro version, you can locate your key through an accompanying app on your phone. The keys and keychain can be comfortably hung on the KeyCatch keyholder.

Cost and Price Plans

For key products, there are different price points for your consideration. Customers who would like to try out the product without additional features can try SmartKey, which is priced at $19.99. For those who would like some flashy finishing, SmartKey Leather would be a better choice, priced at $29.99.

If you like something that is more convenient and comes with more feature, then SmartKey Rugged, with a price tag of $34.98, will be great. Finally, if you tend to lose your keys often, and if you want to have every feature in one product, then opt for SmartKey Pro at $59.99.

Urban21 backpacks come with three price plans. The cheapest comes with only the backpack and a chest strap, priced at $239.99. Most people actually opt for the Ultimate Bundle, including a chest strap, Tile slim, portable charger, water bottle, rain cover, and pocket organizer, all for just $199.99. 

If you want to buy a backpack for yourself and another one as a gift, the Bogo Ultimate Bundle is the best choice, with everything the Ultimate Bundle has to offer, doubled! The Bogo Ultimate Bundle is priced at $350.

Customer Service

If you have any inquiry about SmartKey, shoot them a message through the online form on their website. If you need to contact them right away, email them directly at [email protected], or call them on Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. There is also a comprehensive FAQ page, so chances are that you might find what you need over there.

SmartKey offers to all customers an extended return service. To refund your order, simply email [email protected] and you will be provided with a refund address. Buyers can choose whether to receive reimbursements through a gift card or through the original payment method, but the gift recipient can only receive refunds through a gift card.

For orders over $25, you will not have to pay any shipping fee. However, if you ship internationally, the fee will be $4.99.

Online Reviews/Complaints

KeySmart products are lauded by many around the world, particularly gadgeteers. People praise their streamlined designs and their compactness, being able to fit many keys in one place. KeySmart Extended is an especial favorite to some because it eliminates altogether the cacophonous noisy keys make when they jingle.

However, the installation does not come easily, and the first-time gadgeteer might have a difficult time assembling the products.

Furthermore, if you buy SmartKey Pro with its integrated Tile technology, you might have to charge the gadget from time to time to keep the tech running, which is quite a minor inconvenience. Tile’s battery life might also be an issue, so do not forget to bring along a spare charger.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you feel like KeySmart is not for you, then how about trying other alternatives? OrbitKey shares the same concept with KeySmart, being keychains that do not let keys rattle, but vs KeySmart, their products are rather elegant and refined, a perfect choice for a lady.

Keyninja is an online key platform, so vs Keysmart, it is even more compact and more specific. Finally, BladeKey stays true to minimalism, with its designs much more simple vs KeySmart. In return, its products lack several features that KeySmart patented.

Where to Buy? products can easily be bought online on their website. Just simply place an order on the web, and let the brand’s customer service executives take care of the rest. If you would like to get these products in brick-and-mortar stores, check for nearby retailers through the store locator on the website.


Rattling keys have been an annoying issue that you do not even know you have. With its innovative key design and revolutionary materials, KeySmart might just be the right solution to end this problem once and for all. Thanks to KeySmart, you will never have to worry about vexing your friends and family with that huge keychain of yours.

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Buyer Beware!!!

August 27, 2020

Buyer Beware! Falls apart... comes unscrewed from simple vibrations of everyday walking!

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Scammers don’t be fooled like I was

December 6, 2018

These are scammers. Don’t refund money and threaten taking more from customers.

This company posts fake reviews all over that are then advertised on credible news sites. So, like me, you may think that they are trustworthy. They are not. And, when you return 1) they will not refund, 2) they threaten to take extra funds from your bank account should a chargeback denied.
Hateful individuals, run by the Chinese and located in Chicago and LA, which explains much right there!
Hopefully this will stop you from being taken advantage like some of us already have. Look for reviews other than those on their YouTube channels and pages!

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Avoid this company and their products

November 2, 2017

The products are OK but the level of customer service is appalling. they have no empathy for the customer just happy to fleece them and forget them.

Their website is unclear and they are unwilling to change it to make it relevant for customers.

I feel mocked as a customer and no company should do that.

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Mediocre product and HORRIBLE customer service. DO NOT BUY

April 16, 2016

Mediocre product and HORRIBLE customer service. I bought a keysmart and a thumb drive. The thumb drive I received DID NOT WORK. I contacted keysmart immediately. Within a few days they responded back and told me that the thumb drive was not their problem and that I should contact kingston to take advantage of the manufacturer warrenty. This is not cool. They sold me a dud and then tried to pass the buck to another company when they simply should have just mailed me another $10 hard drive. I will never buy keysmart again.

As far as the key holder goes... its only ok. It looks kind of ugly, it is a PAIN in the BUTT to add or remove keys. If you need to add a new key it will take you a while to disassemble and reassemble the unit. I would NOT BUY ON A KEYSMART and spend your money at another company who cares about their relationship with their customers.

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Terrible product, Bad Customer Service

March 1, 2015

I purchased two of these KeySmart keychains at a hefty price of 23.00 each from Amazon for My Hubby for Christmas so he could organize his keys. They advertise this keychain to hold your keys like a jackknife. What they do not tell you is that if you hace keys with a large top they will not fit into the keychain, rather on a ring at the end. No different than any other 1 dollar keychain.

I emailed Customer Service and he said to send them back. I sent them back to the IL makers with a note that asked for a refund. weeks later I was sent an email that I did not buy from then rather from Amazon so they would not honor their product. By this time, it was too late for sending back to amazon.

I asked them politely to honor their product but they just sent them back to me. I am out 42 plus dollars and have a piece of junk. Buyer beware do not purchase this product. I gave them every chance to be a good seller and honor their product.

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