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February 4, 2013

February4, 2013

I ordered this product 13 days ago and have yet to receive it. There is no phone number on the website for customer service, however there was an e-mail address. I have e-mailed 3 times and have received the delivery status back of "delay" first then 24 hours later "failure". THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THIS COMPANY!!

When I placed my order I understood that it would be a free trial and $4.95 would be charged to my credit card for s/h. Which did happen.

If I do not contact Ketokut by tomorrow (within 15 days of purchase) I will be charged another $59.95 + s/h...but the e-mail address provided by the website does not work...vicious cycle!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!

I have contacted card company about this.

First time being scammed and doesn't feel good!


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February 21, 2013

TOTAL SCAM!!! Several hours on the phone with my credit card company and I was able to finally get the charge taken off...only to see that the same day another charge from KETOKUT.COM was on there...AND the phone # that was on my credit card charge from last month was "no longer in service"...



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Donna L. F

KetoKut containing the 7-Keto ingredient featured on Dr. Oz TV show...

June18, 2012

I am a serious Dr. Oz follower & believer. I watch his television show 3X every single week. Recently he has been raving about this new weight loss ingredient called 7-Keto for rapid weight loss. He claimed it will "burn belly fat" "increase metabolism" "regulate the thyroid" " and "cause rapid clinically proven weight loss and it's totally safe". If Dr. Oz is making all these claims, how could anyone who needs to lose weight ignore it??

On his website I saw a link to KetoKut ( which contains that "Miracle Weight Loss Supplement". I loved the website, it was beautiful, full of excellent information... so I purchased the product.

The KetoKut arrived within 2 days of ordering and I immediately started taking it. The capsules were easy to swallow, and each contained 100mg of 7-keto, green tea and chromium. Within the first week, I amazingly dropped 4.5 pounds without changing my eating habits.

The second week, I decided to see what this stuff really could do. I didnt change my eating habits, but I switched from regular soda to diet, and used low fat dressing and sauces. BANG!!! I lost a whopping 7.5 pounds. After that, the weight simply came off. I started to feel good and had more energy, so that motivated me to be more active, take long walks. Well to the day today, I have lost almost 44 pounds in just a few months. I am a totally new person.

I love Dr Oz, I love KetoKut and I love my new body. Thank you Dr. Oz and KetoKut. If you want to try KetoKut, just search google and you will see it on amazon and on Ebay and and on Doctor Oz's site. Good Luck!

-Donna L. F

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August 16, 2013

I believe 7 keto works but ketokut is bs and this girl is writing this same great review all over the web " I gave up diet soda". Ketokut sounds like a scam trying to use dr oz's name

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