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Keto 360 is a diet supplementation program invented by Dr. Axe, to help people around the world to achieve the body that they desire. Dr. Josh Axe is a best-selling author and public speaker, who reach millions of readers on his natural health website each month.

Products, Benefits and Features

The product is Keto360, which is a 30-day plan that is supposed to help you kick-start your weight loss journey and put you in the right direction. It helps you achieve the metabolic state of ketosis, which utilizes your bodies fats as an energy source, instead of converting sugars to glucose for fuel.

It comes with the Keto360 digital instruction booklet, KetoFIRE capsules, KetoPROTEIN in both chocolate and vanilla flavor, and a recipe book, detailing multiple recipes you can eat during your 30-day keto plan, a customized meal plan, and a strict food list that offers a variety of foods that you can eat during your 30-day routine.

If you order now, you will also get the Keto360 blueprint book as a hard copy, as well as in digital form. 


How does Keto 360 work?

Keto360 works by giving your body the extra supplementation, as well as the guides on how to achieve ketosis. Ketosis is started by consuming a ketogenic diet, which is high in fats, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein.

When your body has no more glycogen stores to produce sugar into energy, it relies on the breakdown of fats in the liver to use as energy. This produces ketones, which are then used in the body for fuel. Ketosis will help you burn more fat, help change your body composition, give you better mental clarity, and increase your overall energy.

The KetoFIRE core capsules provide your body with an immediate source of exogenous ketones, so your body can achieve ketosis at a faster rate, and the KetoPROTEIN protein powder contains a composition of both high-quality fats and proteins, and herbs to help facilitate ketosis.

The before and after photos speak for themselves, with multiple testimonials about the 30-day plan helping people kick-start their weight loss goals, and having a menu and program that helps them instill lifelong diet goals after the program has been completed.

Cost and Price Plans

The Keto360 full 30-day diet and supplementation guide are at a discount if you order now, at just $199. This plan includes:

  • Keto360 digital blueprint
  • KetoFIRE capsules
  • KetoFIRE caffeine free
  • KetoPROTEIN chocolate
  • KetoPROTEIN vanilla
  • Keto360 recipe ebook
  • Keto360 shopping list

You also get to enjoy free shipping. This is a very nice discount, down from the usual rate of $278, and if you order now, you get a free hardcover copy of the Keto360 blueprint book with your purchase.

Customer Service

Keto360 offers a 60-day satisfaction guaranteed seal from their website. If you don’t enjoy it for any reason, you can return it within the time frame. There is no contact information for Keto360 located on the sales page.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The reviews from consumers around the world are very positive for Dr. Axe and his keto360 diet plan. One review raves about the delicious recipes from the blueprint book, and it’s easy to follow the food list and dietary plan. The workout routines are catered to your fitness level and provide many tips for overcoming stress and getting through the plan.

Another review comes from a blogger who was a serious doubter of the plan and never followed any routine diet plans. She ended up falling in love with the plan and lost a lot more weight than she initially expected. The reviews are all positive about the variety of foods that you can consume during the plan, and how well mapped out the plan is to be able to stick to it.

The negative parts of the plan that are most talked about are mostly to do with willpower on getting through a huge change in your diet. A lot of people weren’t used to cutting carbohydrates out of their meals, which is tough in a world with foods rich in sugars and processed materials, and that you can’t eat any sweets during the 30-day challenge. This can take a toll on someone who is used to eating one way for their whole life.

Competitors and Alternatives: is a 30-day ketogenic diet plan that is strictly based around a detailed meal plan, and no added supplementation. The plan is laid out simply and offers tons of substitutions, an introduction on what the ketogenic diet is, and tons of recipes that are keto friendly. The diet plan is free, which is a huge bonus, and you can donate to the author if you are feeling generous.

Fit mom journey is a ketogenic meal plan that is geared towards women, to help them achieve ketosis. The diet plan is straightforward, and recommends a different meal each night, and provides the recipe for a said meal. It is also free and comes full of resources on how to prepare your food.

There isn’t any accountability on sticking to the diet and isn’t necessarily a weight loss plan. It also recommends that you order all your meats through butcher box, which can add up in price very quickly.

The ketologic challenge is a supplementation plan aimed at helping you lose weight. It comes with a 30-day supply of keto meals in a powder form to help kick-start your diet. It offers no meal plan, just strictly supplements, so it doesn’t teach you about the inner workings of what comprises a ketogenic diet. It can be difficult to maintain, especially after 30-days and you want to go back to eating solid foods again.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Keto 360 diet and supplementation plan directly from the website and find Keto360 amongst a variety of other high-quality supplements for various diet plans.

A ketogenic diet could be a perfect match for you if you have been having trouble losing weight through a conventional diet. Keto360 seems to be the best product on the market that offers you all facets to losing weight, which is proper diet, exercise, supplementation, and accountability/support.

Make sure to talk to your doctor to see if Keto360 is right for you, and look at other options to see how well it stacks up for your price range.

If you have any experience with Keto360, please leave your reviews below.

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