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KeraFiber, found online at, is a hair product which promises that its users can “instantly eliminate the appearance of hair loss” quickly, easily, and more affordably than with other options.

Hair “powders” like KeraFiber and Toppik have been around for awhile, usually seen on late night infomercials and sold online. The claim is that you just need to “shake it on” and you’ll have the appearance of a full head of hair all day and night. shows videos of this very process. The powder is shaken on from about three inches above the head, and a soft pat helps to distribute the powder and let it settle evenly on the hair.

Once the powder is in place, the website promises that the powder will not come off from a normal pat on the head to wind, rain, or sweat, because KeraFiber is formulated from 100% all natural, organic keratin proteins, the same proteins that make up your actual hair.

The keratin protein fibers are charged with static electricity which the company says ensures that they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely. KeraFiber says that those who are concerned about the powder staying in place can purchase their hair bonding spray which provides additional hold for only $9.95.

Finally, says that their product is the most affordable for eliminating the appearance of hair loss. It’s just $29.95 a month and their product will work for everyone, whereas Rogaine costs around $50 per month and isn’t effective for everyone, and hair transplants can cost upwards of $5000.

KeraFiber comes in nine different colors, including white and gray through multiple shades of blonde, red, and brown all the way to black. Customers who order a color and find that it’s wrong, or are otherwise unhappy with their purchase, can return or exchange their order within 30 days of purchase.

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KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers

September29, 2019

Wonderful. I couldn't fix my hair without KeraFiber. I was wearing a wig. But now, It's so easy to use this

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