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About Jumpcut Viral Academy

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an income-earning YouTube star with millions of subscribers, Jumpcut was set up to share the secrets of how to get there. Founded by Jesse and Kong who have their own channel named ‘Simple Pickup’ with nearly three million subscribers, Jumpcut aims to provide online courses about YouTube marketing that are fun and engaging.

As a result, it motivates students to actually finish them. They do this by using the entertainment techniques they used to launch themselves to stardom.


Jumpcut’s flagship product is Viral Academy, a course that teaches you how to create a highly successful and monetized YouTube channel. It is a step-by-step online course that includes around five hours of instruction on topics such as ‘how to build a social media following,’ ‘how to launch your own channel,’ ‘the art of vlogging,’ ‘how to brainstorm video ideas,’ ‘how to monetize your audience,’ ‘the legalities of YouTube’ and even ‘how to make a living as a gamer.’ 

How Does it Work?

You’ll get personalized instruction from established YouTube stars with hundreds of millions of views, such as the likes of comedian David So, Ariya from SimpleSexyStupid, Joe and Bart from JustKiddingNews and Vitaly from Vitalyzdtv. Each lesson is followed by a structured assignment to retain and apply what you’ve learned. 

If you haven’t got your fill from the foundation course, you are able to upgrade it for extra features. One option is to sign up for the Viral Academy Bootcamp, a five-week intensive program to boost your YouTube career and put you in the running for prizes, including private mentorships.

On the other hand, you are also able to sign up to the Private Community, which connects you with other students for support, advice and motivation. Or, if you’re committed to constant improvement, the Video Review System gives you unlimited feedback on your content.

Cost and Price Plans:

The course requires a one-time payment of US$997. However, you are also able to pay US$197 monthly, if you prefer.

Customer Service:

Jumpcut have a 365-day refund policy, on the condition that you complete all of the course’s assignments. Currently, the program is so popular that you’ll have to join a waitlist if you want to participate. If you have any questions, Jumpcut can be contacted for queries through [email protected] 

Online Reviews/Complaints:

The Viral Academy course has had mixed reviews. Many praise the training’s excellent quality and the community aspect, which has allowed YouTubers to make significant breakthroughs and keep up their motivation and enthusiasm. This student community feature, which is set up in a similar way to Facebook, appears to be highly popular for the sense of inclusion and motivation it provides. The customer support team is also rated as excellent, as they are prompt and create personalized responses. 

However, there are downsides, as well. First of all, the course is expensive, locking out those without initial capital. Some reviewers dislike Jumpcut’s marketing strategy and multiple reviewers called for the price to be given upfront, rather than hidden behind so-called ‘free’ marketing content that makes you feel obliged to buy the product in the end. 

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars, there are other, cheaper courses on the market. For instance, Tube Rank Explosion focuses on getting your YouTube videos to the top of search engine results and gaining free traffic. On the other hand, YouTube Masterclass is even cheaper. However, both of these are similar in a sense that they’re step-by-step courses that you have to work through progressively.

If you want a more wide-ranging educational experience, purchase unlimited access to Lynda.com. This is an extensive library of videos on specific topics, not just YouTube marketing topics, but others such as design, business and web development.

However, these cheaper courses don’t have the backing and proven expertise of YouTube megastars. And they also don’t have the added element of community networking that is so valued by Jumpcut’s customers.

Where to Buy?

To kickstart your YouTube career with Viral Academy, just head on over to their website at www.jumpcut.com.

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