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JTV Jewelry Customer Reviews

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So corrupt and unprofessional
March 12, 2024

His company is so unprofessional. I called the number on the phone, my order was placed and was told my card went thru. Here I waited one week to find out that my order was canceled, never seen a business so unprofessional and I've seen other bad reviews. In my opinion it's probably going to go out of business.

They get on there and lie and if it was real Gold they would go out of business giving it away like they claim.

This business is hurting ppl and God forbid they stay in business lying to people. They canceled my order told me they called the bank, so do they call the bank on every person? No and they record your bank info so they can review it later to use. They tell you they do away with the number on your card but since it's recorded they can steal your money later.

So unprofessional and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They will be put out of business soon. Said my address didn't match with the address they called on my bank...

Good jewelry at a fair price.
January 21, 2023
I have been buying jewelry from JTV for the last 3 or 4 years and I am pleased with all my purchases. I think they sell good jewelry at reasonable prices. I have several rings and some necklaces I have bought from JTV and they are beautiful. I enjoy watching JTV and I think the hosts are very professional and sincere in their job. And I hope to buy more jewelry from them in the future.

Basically talking to yourself
April 13, 2022

JTV is not customer friendly or honest.

They just repeat same scripts and refuse to do anything beyond that ( which includes several " supervisors") very obvious that they don't care and are just there for the pay check. A lot of hang ups and disconnects ( chat on site) same scripts.

I sent in a ring for the jewelry exchange program they have, cant accept (or deny even I tried that also ) get an error message. Ok, so call and use chat they can careless. They will also claim ( doesn't pass the smell test) that they don't have your information, yet they sent me a email with offer etc.. after the item was sent with box and label they sent to me (including tracking) and a letter to my address (not sure the point) to claim " they don't have my contact information".

Magically they lost my email address, and could mail me a letter? with "information" they claim to not have?

Maybe they can tell me winning lotto numbers while they are at it if they have such great luck randomly sending a letter to someone they claim to not know lol...

You're basically talking to yourself if you have anything beyond an order or purchase inquiry.

Don’t purchase anything from this company
June 1, 2021
Horrible quality. I ordered a ring and the first time I wore it a diamond fell out. I must pay shipping from Canada to USA. Buyer beware don’t order this cheap garbage!

September 10, 2020
Pearls are processed and are all smooth. Will not pass the "tooth test".

February 19, 2020
I have been a JTV customer for 20 years and never had any issues with their fine quality jewelry and/or returns. The only issue that I have ever had is the sizing inconsistencies. I have had to return more than one ring because they have easily been a whole size bigger than the size they are sold. Customer Service is very good. They've always been helpful and polite. I have had my local jeweler verify that everything that I purchased is/was genuine. I really do not understand the complaints. I guess that I must be the only one who has had 20 years of happy purchases and returns when need be.

these guys are SCAMMERS
March 19, 2019

I bought a ring that I didn't end up liking. The hosts are always touting the "full refund with no questions asked", but when I returned the $38.98 purchase, they only refunded me $25.


SusanVarner April 23, 2020

Jtv. People r rude and the company steels your money doesn't fix missing diamonds and keeps your jelwery

Black spinel
September 11, 2018
I ordered this ring on line payed with PayPal for easier checkout. They waited 10 days to contact me via e-mail to say "your order has been canceled" I did NOT cancel my order. I contacted customer service they just said"sorry we oversold the product." But they still had the ring in smaller sizes!! If they're so good at sizing and making their own jewelry why cant't they up size the ring 1 size and send it? I used to order ALOT from them. Bella Luche is the worst poor quality item that I bought. Material flaked off and they will not replace the items. They used to carry sterling silver. NOT plated or dipped in other products. Quality has dwindled and they think the products are wonderful. They're NOT. Cheap and poor quality. I'm NOT a satisfied customer!!! But JTV really does NOT care! Buyer beware!!