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About Joy Bauer Food Cures is the online home of The Today Show’s frequently appearing Registered Dietician and Nutritionist Joy Bauer, as well as her Food Cures, Weight Loss Plans, and other nutritional information.

On her website, Joy Bauer claims that “it is never to late to reap the benefits of healthy living.” She promises to provide “reliable, practical, straightforward advice” that will help Americans eat better and live more fulfilling lives.

Joy Bauer says that she believes food is “nature’s medicine” and that it can naturally treat and even cure life-threatening diseases, as well as improve your overall health. These special diets are what she and others call her “Joy Bauer Food Cures.” 

If you have a condition like Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Migraines, and more, the website says they can provide you with a personalized diet that can help alleviate your symptoms or even cure them.

Once you have identified your particular condition, you then take a short quiz to better explain your lifestyle and the ways in your condition affects you specifically. After this information has been submitted, you can then receive a personalized plan.

The website also offers the Joy Bauer Weight Loss Program, which claims it can help you lose 5 lbs this week with a step by step online program that has been created specifically for you.

The weight loss program gives you a weight tracker, hundred of recipes, meal planner, nutritionist support, a calorie counter, a fitness plan, food log, and access to their message boards where you can discuss your weight loss goals and obstacles with others.

Finally, Bauer also has a list of books you can order from her website, including her Food Cures book, and an assortment of cookbooks with recipes specifically for weight loss or other nutritional goals.

If you have any experience with this website or its products, please leave your Joy Bauer Food Cures reviews below.

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