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Michael Mann

Real third party reviews do not exist for this business

March24, 2013

I have yet to participate in Jon Mroz's Infinity Downline product and have tried in vain to find others that have anything other than positive to say.
It seems a logical impossibility for there to be a 100% satisfaction with nothing but positives said. Can anyone out there shed some new light about this company?

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mr D
June 15, 2013

its not as good as it sounds!! trust me! I joined him and infinitydownline and got the run around. his a very good actor as making ppl feel that he is believable. he said that he answers plp when they have a question about something but if u call his phone u get some weird texts telling to join empower network. and never answering ur questions. he game me false info about something in infinity downline and when I told him, he had some assistant or computer give me the runaround

July 24, 2013

Stay the heck away!! These people promise you the world and deliver nothing but the moon in the water. Yes, it’s a wonderful way to make lots of money! They haven’t lied one bit about that. They just failed to tell you for whom. Of course, for themselves only by tricking an infinite number of people online to send them money to “learn how to make money.” What bullocks!! Nothing but a scam! This so called Jon Mroz (doubt that’s his real name) need to be some big burly inmate’s bitch in some federal pen.

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