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Joe Crump Real Estate, found online at, is a real estate investment company which says that it has the ability to teach anyone how to make money using their techniques.

Right now they are offering free real estate investor training through their online video series, which they say can teach you how to buy and sell houses even though you may have no cash and no credit.

These videos will teach you a wide range of useful investment strategies, such as how to buy real estate with zero down payment and bad credit, how to make your first $5K in two weeks, and the 7 biggest mistakes new investors make that get them sued.

The free video series will also teach users automating techniques that will reduce your actual work by 80%, how to buy $2 million in houses in 1 year, and much more. All you have to do is give them your full name and email address.

Once you receive your confirmation email and click the link that is provided, you can begin your free real estate investor training program, which the website says is actually a $97 value.

And though Joe Crump Real Estate promises to never sell your information and spam you unnecessarily, they do offer a wide range of paid products, training courses, materials, tools, and resources.

Though the initial video series is free, it is very likely that these videos will prompt you to pay for additional materials so that you can take your real estate investor training to the next level.

The Terms and Conditions they have published online do state that they offer refunds for people who feel dissatisfied or unhappy with what they receive after they have purchased it, but this policy is not written out in any detail so it is unclear what you may have to do to receive a refund should you wish to ask for one.

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