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About calls themselves the “premier destination for career related information, advice, questions, answers and tips,” and is not a traditional job finder site but rather an informational site.

Traditional job finder sites are usually aggregates that collect job openings from around the internet and post them on their site for people who are looking for new jobs to search through and eventually submit applications.

But Job Sense is not a traditional job finder site. Instead, they say they take a different approach to the job market by giving their users information which is meant to “enlighten, inspire, and inform” them.

Users who have questions about anything job related, like the duties or salaries of specific types of positions, how to change careers, employer provided health insurance, or anything else, you can find articles pertaining to those issues on their website.

And if the website hasn’t published an article that addresses the question or information that you are trying to find they also have user forums so that their members can share tips, or ask and answer questions.

The website also soon provide a service they call the “Digital Counselor.” This service is supposed to do work similar to a Career Counselor, which is to take your personal information regarding skills, education, and experience and combine it with your future goals and wants to help you pinpoint the right career for you.

Currently this service is in Beta mode, which means they are testing it and it is not currently available for the use of the open public. When it is available, it will cost $99.99 for Job Sense members to use.

The only thing that Job Sense members should be cautious about is that this website seems to skew most of their information toward independent business opportunities and self employment.

While there is money to be made in certain business opportunities, there is also a lot of money to be made from selling and recommending business opportunities, so you should always seriously investigate any opportunity before you invest money it.

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