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JJ's House, found at JJsHouse.com, describes their goal as being an online leader of customized dress ordering, concentrating in dresses for special occasions such as prom dresses, wedding dresses, and other dress types.

How Does it Work?

JJsHouse.com is a subsidiary of JenJenHouse.com, a website and company which were founded in 2007.

The goal of both websites is to offer their customers the ability to make specialty customizable orders of apparel and accessories.

In an attempt to give their customers the best possible shopping experience, they provide something they call a “Weekly Deal.”

This deal includes items from each category they offer.  These are discounted specials which can be up to 55% off of the original affordable price, and can include up to 70% off shipping costs.

When ordering a special occasion dress for an important event such as a wedding or a prom, it is common for people to wonder if JJsHouse.com is safe to order from.

The best way to answer this question is to inspect their returns policy and cancellation policies to see how issues will be addressed if they occur.

Orders will be eligible for refunds when it is defective or there is another mistake made by JJsHouse.com. It is important to make your refund request to customer service within 7 days of receiving your order.

Customers who have issues with order that are not the fault of the website or the manufacturer unfortunately cannot be refunded.

The only exception is when you receive a dress that is incorrectly sized. If your dress is resized by a local tailor, you can seek reimbursement for the cost by submitting a receipt to JJsHouse.

Customers who wish to cancel their order must do so quickly to be eligible for a full refund; most orders will only qualify for a partial refund depending on when the order is canceled.  Only orders cancelled within 24 hours are eligible for a full refund.

If you have any experience with JJsHouse.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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JJ'sHouse Customer Reviews

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Read before you buy
November 16, 2022

First time using this website to buy for flower girl dresses. I bought three items. A lingerie, a size 8 flower girl dress and a size 4 flower girl dresses. They shipped these items in two separate packages. The first packaged that I received was a lingerie and a size 8 dress however they're website said that the first package should have the lingerie and the size 4 flower girl dresses.

The next packaged that I received was I am pretty sure a Samsung screen glass protector because my husband and I were wondering on who ordered it because no one of us has Samsung galaxy. So I threw all the shipping boxes and I threw the Samsung glass protector coz I thought we didn't buy it so why do we have to keep it? Then when I checked online later on that day, the website said the second package which was the size 4 flower girl dress was delivered... but I didn't receive any of the item??

So I contacted the costumer service and they were asking me a bunch of what's the weight of the shipping box? What's the barcode of the item? Maybe it's in your neighborhood bunch of crap. Those things that they are asking me which I don't have because who in the right mind weight a package and keep a box? I didn't receive any barcode of the dress. They sent wrong items and won't refund me for that one dress that they know for sure didn't ship.

I fell for this scam so please people stay away from this website. I don't recommend this website at all. Please don't fall for this scam. This website has scammed hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. Hopefully my reviews will stop some of you to be a victim because I was one of them.

Rip off.....Don't order from this website
March 9, 2021
Ordered dresses for my sons wedding and festivities, sizes run way small and to return is virtually impossible. They want you to submit pictures to prove the reason you are returning. What a pain in the butt. Screw that!

JOHNDOE September 08, 2022

ordered 2 dresses for my sons wedding, dresses did not fit. sent them back. never received one penny of the $271.99 that was charged to my acct. BEWARE of this dress business

I love my dress!
May 30, 2019

I was skeptical when it came to ordering a wedding dress online, sight unseen, but did some fairly thorough research and decided to give JJ's House a try. I opted to pay the extra $20 for custom measurements (which my fiancé did, btw)and everything came out great. My only gripe is that the hind end is a little baggy but hey... HE did the measuring lol! The person we spoke to through their online chat service was super helpful in answering all of my awkward questions (like... how do I measure around my bicep?). I ordered my dress May 12th, was told to expect delivery by May 31st, received the dress today, the 29th.

Honestly going to order my bridesmaids dresses through them. I'm impressed with quality, fit, price, customer service knowledge, and delivery time. Give it a shot.... really.

Buyers Beware!!!
March 22, 2017

I ordered a "custom fitted" bridesmaid gown for an upcoming family wedding. I sent in my exact measurements, and have not changed size since the order. The order was submitted 2/11 and I received it on 3/15. The gown took longer than they estimated, cutting it close to the upcoming wedding date.

When it arrived, it absolutely did not fit!! It was too wide in the bust and waist, inches too long, and the neck was so tight it barely could button.

The overall quality was terrible- the zipper sticks in the back at the waistline. The lace on the upper half of the gown is a greenish tone, which does not match the "slate grey" I ordered from the website.

The price of the dress was $157.47 with expedited shipping. PLUS my tailor is asking me for $80 to try and fix it!! Altogether this is $237.47 for a low grade dress that isn't even the right color!!

When I contacted them for a refund or return, they demanded pictures and made it a long drawn out process. (Worst customer service ever!) I submitted the photos, and the invoice from my tailor. They tried to blackmail me by saying that they would only issue a partial refund if I removed the honest reviews I posted online about their poor product and services!!

So looks like no refund for me - bribery is illegal. This company is a scam.

Overall, I am extremely disappointed with this company, and will not be ordering from them again!