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About Jiobit Child Tracker

There is nothing that causes panic more for a parent than when a child has wandered off and can’t be found. But, all too often this happens and you just hope that the worst possible scenario never occurs. Fortunately, advances in technology have helped ease the concerns of parents by offering GPS trackers that are appropriate for knowing where your kids are at all times.

Jiobit is one company that supplies these GPS trackers to families. Co-founded by John Rinaldi, who serves as CEO, child-safety is a top priority. He experienced a parent’s worst fear himself when his six-year-old son was lost at a park and couldn’t be found for over 30 minutes.

Not wanting others to have that same frightening experience, Rinaldi and a team of tech-experts, developed Joibit so parents can feel secure.


The top product produced by the company is the Jiobit Child Tracker. This tracker is a small, rubbery, teardrop shaped GPS tracker. The Jiobit Smart Tag can be placed on a belt loop, on shoelaces, or even on a ponytail holder.

When you purchase the device it also comes with the charging dock, USB cable, and attachments.  Other accessories, including different color sleeves, are available.

In addition to being a tracker for children, Jiobit is durable and sturdy enough to be used for pets. It can be attached to the collar and serves as a great dog tracker.  A big question some have is if the Jiobit is waterproof? The device is waterproof so you don’t have to worry what your pet might get into while wearing it.

How Does It Work?

When you first get your device you need to charge it fully and while waiting you can download the app on your smartphone. From your app, you can track the device in real time to see exactly where it is and the distance from where you are.

You can also change the settings so that you get alerts if your child or pet leaves an area you designate.  You can establish these designated areas as “trusted places” and you will be notified if the device arrives in that area or leaves that area.

You can also set up a Care Team. This team is made up of people that you are allowing your child to be with. The device will recognize who they are so you are confident about who picked your child up from school or is with him or her at home.

Cost and Price Plans

To purchase the Jiobit it is $129.99 for the device and then $8.99 for the monthly subscription. You can get the device cheaper, for under $100, if you commit to a contract.  The monthly fee pays for the ability to monitor the device in real time and have the benefits of the geofencing and tracking.

30 days free of service is available and if you purchase more than one device, you can save over 50% on the monthly service.

Customer Service

Customer service for Jiobit ranks pretty high. You can reach someone through chat on the website, by phone at (855) JIO-2848 Mondays through Fridays, or by emailing them at [email protected] They have community support through resources in the online support hub.

This support center gives updates on changes as they are made to the devices and systems, a User’s guide, and support forum for questions and discussion. On the change log the release date is provided for each update so you are confident you have the information you need to support your device.

Customer service can also assist you with the limited time warranty and any returns. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with the Jiobit.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are positive reviews by other customers of the Jiobit. PC Magazine named Jiobit the Editor’s Choice 2018 for GPS systems to track children and elderly. It also placed as the runner-up on the Tom’s Guide list of Best GPS Trackers for Kids 2018.  It ranks high on these lists because of the size, the durability, and the benefits of the tracking system and Bluetooth connections.

But there are some complaints mentioned. Although the company claims that the device can last a week without charging, some customers found they had to charge their device every two-three days because of the battery life.

There were also some comments made about the attachment not being as sturdy if you attach to something other than a belt loop. One feature some customers wish the Jiobit had was a button to press in case of emergency.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you like the intent behind Jiobit but are looking for something different, there are three alternatives available on the market.

Angelsense is a tracking device that also allows you to talk to your child at any time and you can listen in to what is happening around, keeping you aware of any bullying situations.

Verizon Wireless has a LG Gizmopl which a child can wear with a wristband. It is similar to Angelsense as it has the ability to do the two-way calling.

Traxfamily produces Trax which offers the small size and real-time tracking that Jiobit does. It provides international coverage and speed alerts.

Where to Buy?

Does the Jiobit sound like it is exactly what you need? You can purchase it online directly from the company at If they are sold out, they do allow you to sign up for the waiting list and you will receive updates on availability. An option is also provided for you to purchase the Jiobit tracker as a gift for someone else.


The advancements in technology like GPS and phone apps have some really great benefits for society and knowing that you can keep your child’s safety a top priority is worth the small price that a GPS Tracker like Jiobit costs.

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