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About Jinx Dog Food

Do you consider your furry friends part of the family? If so, we know that the nutrition and health of your pets is a major priority.

The folks over at Jinx Dog Food understand the importance of feeding your canine pal only the best, so they created a brand that makes and sells what they claim are the healthiest food options for your dog.

How Does It Work?

Jinx is one of the top new dog foods that you need to be aware of. Jinx carefully researches the highest quality ingredients and formulas and then takes that science-backed information and creates kibble and treat recipes that are not only healthy but also win taste tests with nine out of ten dogs.

While other pet food brands are plagued with reports of unsafe ingredients and recalls, Jinx takes pride in the quality of their products and has never been subject to a recall. 


If you are looking for a way to accelerate and protect the health of your lovable companion, keep reading to discover if Jinx is right for you and your puppy pal!

Cost and Price Plans

Jinx has several product offerings at different prices.For example, their bags of kibble, which come in three different flavors (Chicken, Sweet Potato, & Egg, Salmon, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato, and Chicken, Brown Rice, & Avocado) are priced at $25.00 for a 4-pound bag ($22.50/bag if you select the Subscribe & Save option). You’ll pay $45.00 for a 10-pound bag ($40.50/bag if you select the Subscribe & Save option).

You will pay  $75.00 for a 20-pound bag ($67.50/bag if you select the Subscribe & Save option).

Jinx also makes dog treats, which cost  $14.00 for a pack of Chicken & Sweet Potato treats or Chicken & Mango treats (If you select the Subscribe & Save option, you can get these for only $12.60). Alternatively, you can pay   $12.00 for a pack of Pumpkin & Apple treats (If you select the Subscribe & Save option, you can get these for only $10.80).

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking to take your dog’s health to the next level, there are other companies besides Jinx that can help you accomplish your mission.

For example, the company Open Farm uses thorough sourcing and production processes so that they can deliver the highest-quality food to both dogs and cats. Open Farm focuses on wholesome ingredients and ethical sourcing to ensure that their premium pet food is truly the best.

Their 4.5-pound bags of dog food start in the $17.99-$26.99 range and come in a variety of exciting flavors to keep your pup satisfied. Open Farm has earned excellent reviews among pet owners. Their Facebook page features dozens of reviews from happy pet parents, who say things like “Excellent customer service,” “We’ve been very happy,” “Open Farms is great food,” and “My cats love it.” Amazon customers agree, giving the Whitefish dog food a 4.6/5-star rating and saying things like “My dog loves it,” and calling the food “high-quality,” and “worth the cost.”

A second option for healthy premium dog food is The Farmer’s Dog, a brand founded by dog lovers who were sick of highly processed pet food and decided to create nutritious, fresh dog food. If you are interested in signing your pet up for The Farmer’s Dog, you simply answer a few questions about your pet’s health, activity level, age, and food preferences, and the Farmer’s Dog will develop a meal plan for your dog. Plans start at $2.00/day and your pet’s meals are delivered straight to your door!

The Farmer’s Dog has earned rave reviews, with customers dropping by the company’s Facebook page to offer praise, saying things like “My picky eater LOVES this food,” “I have never had a company be so kind and caring,” and “Very impressed and would definitely recommend this company.”

Finally, you might consider optimizing your pet’s health with nutritious and delicious food from Ollie, a company that designs a meal plan for dogs based on their unique needs and preferences.

You can customize your delivery schedule, cancel at any time, and enjoy time with your pup knowing that their nutritional needs are being met. Ollie earns great reviews from customers on sites like Trust Pilot, where they get a 4.4/5-star reviews. Satisfied customers say things like “Our pup loves Ollie,” “Best dog food decision I’ve made,” “My very picky pup LOVES Ollie,” and “My dog loves the food and her coat is softer and shinier after just a few weeks.”

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Customer Service

While Jinx’s webpage does not have a phone number listed, you can contact their customer service team by e-mailing [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

We are sure that you are eager to read some customer reviews of Jinx’s products. Are dogs happy? Are pet parents happy? We are glad to report that the answers to both these questions are yes! You can find customer reviews on their website, Facebook page, and blogs.

Jinx’s Salmon, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Kibble, for example, earns great reviews on their website. Customers say things like “dog loves it, and his coat is so nice and shiny,” “My dogs went through the first bag so quickly, I ordered 2 more!” Similarly, Jinx’s Chicken and Mango Treats boast many excellent reviews, with customers saying things like “My very picky Shiba Inu loved these treats!” and “My dog is OBSESSED!”

Jinx customers have also dropped by the company’s Facebook page to leave positive reviews, including “My dogs love their new food and I feel better about feeding it to them,” and “So happy for quality, wholesome ingredients.”

Finally, Pop Sugar’s reviewer had fantastic things to say about Jinx, claiming that “[her] Yorkie…can’t get enough of this all-natural dog food.”

Where to Buy?

You can order this brand of dog food directly through their website.

Is It Worth It?

The creators of Jinx set out to develop healthy, tasty dog food with high-quality, safe, and nutritious ingredients. Based on positive customer reviews, we are confident in recommending the brand to you and your canine companion. We are sure that they will love the taste as much as you love the health benefits!

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