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Jewlr states they offer ethically sourced, custom-made personalized jewelry, made in the USA, which the company states comes at a lower price because they have cut out whole the sale and retail middlemen.

How Does Jewlr Work?

Customers can go to their website and search through their options by jewelry item, including Rings, Pendants, Charms, Earrings, Collections, Best Sellers, and Gifts.

Once they have chosen an item, they can then customize it with a choice of stones, metal, and personal engravings.

Customers can choose from natural stones, diamonds, or Swarovski Zirconia stones, as well as from multiple metals including sterling silver, 10K and 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, and tungsten.

Finally, there are three different engraving fonts to choose from. 


Jewlr seems to have received mostly positive reviews from their past customers, though there have been some customers that were unhappy with what they felt was a problem with the warranty provided on their purchase.

Customers who are worried about this may want to read the warranty before purchasing.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact their Customer Service team to discuss any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-610-8482, by email at [email protected], or through the Live Chat feature available on their website.


Cost & Price Plans

The cost of the jewelry you purchase will depend on the personal customization choices that you make, from the style of the ring, to the number and type of stones included, the type of metal, and whether or not you'd like to include an engraving or gift wrap.    


Refund Policy

Customers who are not completely satisfied with their purchase can return it for a full refund - minus shipping charges and gift packaging charges - within the first 99 days of the original ship date. 

All items can be returned, even items which have been engraved, as long as they are still in a new and unworn condition, the jewelry tag is still attached, and the item has not yet been resized, updated, or repaired. 

To begin the return process, customers must fill out the Request Return Form on their website, and a representative will contact you regarding completing the return process.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different jewelry stores both online and local brick and mortar retailers that offer different jewelry customization options for their customers. 

If you have any experience with or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Jewlr Customer Reviews

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Bad customer service
March 30, 2024
I have been asking for a refund because the few ornaments I received were not quality or what I expected. I did not receive my $16.98 nor did I receive the rest of the ornaments.

Worth half the price just kids junk jewelry.
March 28, 2024

This is for children or just junk jewelry. If you say these are real then it's real junk. You can't see the ring or necklace without a magnifying glass. Can't read the engraving so sorry I wasted my time and money I'll definitely be returning them. Stones aren't cut the same paid extra for genuine diamonds on the side of the ring and there just bumps are diamonds even set there??? I paid extra for engraving but can’t even see it it’s small but also barely engraved into the metal.

I'm just very unimpressed with all of it. I’ll spend more elsewhere for quality items. I recored myself writing this review and I’ll post on BBB and sitejabber & Facebook and record any phone calls (this place is shady) till my money is returned. You will be sorry you used this site…

I filed a complaint on BBB and they refund part of my money but not all due they don’t allow you to you have to click the boxes next to the items but they don’t have check boxes. So you still owe me $44 and now I have to file a complaint with my attorney general and my bank. Make sure to record your purchases and emails anything cuz they will screw you anyway they can. I’ve ask multiple times how do I refund everything???

Terribly Company!
October 8, 2023

* Ordered a letter "N" necklace for a friends 40th birthday in July 2022 and was sent a child's necklace.

* When I inquired with Jewlr they denied it (this necklace would not of fitted any adult neck) and they advised the way to fix the issue was to pay more money for an extension + postage to send the necklace back.

* Begrudgingly paid for an extension and was sent back a necklace with the extension but the letter "A".

* They tried to get me to pay to send their necklace back (even though it was their mistake they sent a necklace with the wrong letter back) and after numerous unanswered emails (weeks and months going by) they finally sent a new necklace with extension to me with the correct letter (noting this is now August 2023 and my friends 41st birthday had now gone by)!

* There is little to no customer service, the quality of the jewelry is average and very thin and I would not recommend anyone buy from them.

Poor Customer Service (Rose)
July 17, 2022

I have encountered the most unpleasant experience with Rose. She and Sophia are the worst. I requested to speak to another representative and she refused and mentioned that she is not allowed to transfer calls.

She refused to let me speak to a supervisor after I told her that her customer was horrible and she then tried to tell me that she can prevent me from calling the company because I insulted her by telling her the product was not correct and that she was unprofessional in handling it.

I've done business with this company for 2+ years. She and Sofia are the most confrontational people I have ever dealt with. I hope you have our conversation on record and can see that I was not disrespectful to her but very honest about letting her know about her unprofessional behavior.

My husband tried to speak with her to ask for corporates number and she refused to do so. This by far was the worst experience I have had with this company. I only want what I paid for without someone who wants to be confrontational about it. I've purchased several necklaces, rings and just sent my nameplate in for repairs.

When I received it all the upgrades were not done, namely the thickness, from a .46mm to a .81. I told Rose my concern and immediately argued with me that I was incorrect because she read that it was done. I asked her if she saw the item when it was done. She said no, so I asked her how would she know and she was stumbling over her words and mentioned that she does not supervise the production team.

I asked if she could just sent the repair form. She mentioned that I would need to seek out measurements for the necklace to prove it, even though I have a necklace from them that is correct, .8mm. Needless to say, I've done just that and, in fact, the measurements are wrong.. go figure. By the way, Rose claims that she sent a repair form to my email twice and I never received it. What bothers me even moreso, is that I have 3 other repairs I've not received yet.

It seems as if she, Rose, has taken this personal, trying to make it difficult for the sake of ego, instead of concentrating on providing good customer service and a solution. It's sad that you have someone like this representing your company..

Deceitful reviews!!
May 1, 2022

I reviewed on their site and initially gave them three stars for a name necklace that I ordered in 14k white gold, (now I wonder!) I was not aware that it would not be rhodium plated. Necklace is very dull, no shine or sparkle what so ever.

The review posted right after I sent it and by the next morning, it was gone. So, I'm reviewing on this site to warn everyone of their deceit in manipulating their unfavorable reviews. BUYER BEWARE!!

Will not refund
May 23, 2019
This place is a joke! Made a purchase from there and the item I received looks nothing like what I was purchasing. Craftsmanship was horrible so I decided I would return it. They have a 99 day return policy but unfortunately with kids and life in general I was not able to meet the 99 days. I emailed them prior to sending the item back stating it would be after the 99 day period and I was told, “You do not have to worry about the needed time to send the item to us”. I recently received a call from the company stating they would not be giving me a refund but instead they could issue me store credit. I explained that I would never be shopping there after my first experience and they stated that was the only option. I told them that I was assured I would get my money back and emailed the company stating the item would be returned after their 99 day policy and I was assured that was fine. They stated that was an error and I shouldn’t have been told that but still they would not honor their word and refund my money, insisting all they could do was issue me store credit. Beyond unsatisfied and annoyed that they have $350 of mine and the item I purchased and will do nothing about my refund I am owed.

LisaBailee March 08, 2020

I feel like this was your own fault. You had over 3 MONTHS to return it. You couldn't spend a few minutes tucking it in an envelope and sticking a stamp on it? Don't blame the company because you can't hold up your end. Most places offer a 2 week return policy. 99 days is incredibly generous.

Bad Business
May 8, 2019

I was hesitant on buying from this vendor as I experienced early "red flags" with their website. I created an account and saved items I had designed. I logged back in on different occasions from the same device to the website and "my favorites" showed "empty"? It wasn't until I received an email with a promo code "CART15" (15% off) that I decided to revisit the website. I designed a ring and because I could expedite shipping to arrive a day before Mother's Day, I proceeded with purchase. Knowing that the website could be problematic, I made extra sure to double check all details associated with the ring.

I received an email with the order information. That's when I noticed the completely wrong ring had been purchased! The wrong design, metal, stones, engraving, and size! You can imagine my shock and panic having spent $257 on the wrong ring! The wrong ring was similar to an item I saved in my very first visit to the website but I never had this ring in my cart to buy. When I went back to the website I noticed more discrepancies. My rewards kept changing. I saw "Rewards $5" then "Rewards $17"?

I tried to place a new order but now I wasn't able to choose the $25 expedited shipping for day before Mother’s Day delivery. It was 10 o'clock at night so I had to wait to call customer service and speak to someone directly until they opened. I called the following morning. The customer service Rep could not explain why I was having issues. She mentioned they were having issues with the website on how it was working if accessed via Google Chrome vs Safari. Apparently Safari, which I was using, had reported issues. Was this to blame? She refunded me the money but was unable to give me the expedited shipping on my new purchase to arrive before Mother’s Day. Earliest delivery now is days after. I asked to speak to the manager. I can't believe they were not going to accommodate me with the same shipping time I had originally purchased when It’s their failed systems fault I’m in this position. I was transferred to the manager Mike.

Mike got on the phone and offered no apology, understanding, or resolution. I began explaining my issue in which he interrupted me numerous times. He basically told me that it was "impossible" for the website to have any errors. This was all user error and put the blame on me. I pointed out all the discrepancies that I encountered. He argued with me for 30 minutes then tried to dismiss me.

In an attempt to end the conversation he offered a 15% discount. I pointed out to him I already had a 15% discount applied to my purchase. Again he argued with me and a matter of factly, told me "no I didn't!" I read to him the promo code (the same one he was going to give me) and what my confirmation email showed the discount to be. How is none of this showing in the system? Same system that makes "no mistakes".

After a lot of pleading Mike agreed to "see what he can do". I had to reorder my ring and I was assured he'd personally try to push things along in order to ship on time. I find it extremely hard to believe a company as efficient as Mike proclaims would not be able to correct an order that was only placed 12 hours earlier. I'm essentially replacing an order they have already compensated the time/labor on. They hadn't even begun processing the ring.

After 30mins Mike called informing me my ring cannot arrive before Mother's Day. He sounded pleased to deliver the bad news. Mike offered an additional 10% off and suggested I print a picture of the ring to gift. That is a pathetic alternative. He refused to let me speak to his boss. He blatantly said "I'm not letting you speak to her."

I have $500 tied up in processing on a ring I’ve had to order twice. I’ve invested over an hour in trying to reason with a disappointing, unprofessional, and disrespectful representative. I wish I could let his boss or the owners know what a true disservice Mike is doing for this company. I’ve never spoken to a person of management so ill prepared and disinterested to do their job. Instead of diffusing and resolving the situation he escalated my dissatisfaction and frustration. I’m disgusted and in complete disbelief that I had to endure such incompetence. Above all this has ruined My Mother’s Day.

The kicker, they are still advertising delivery still available before Mother’s Day on the website!

AngelCosme July 19, 2019

Thanks I was considering ordering from here but with all the negative reviews associated with this place, I will not.

April 29, 2019
Right away I was impressed by the website and my ability to creat my mothers family gemstone ring. The communication between me and customer service was excellent (when we decided to change the inscription once I had already paid for it.) I was kept informed of the process all along while it was being made and when it was being shipped out and ultimately that I could expect my fedex shipment today. It looks exactly as is shown on the order screen with a lot more real-life sparkle. We six children are very excited to give this to our mom this year for mother’s day!! A huge thank you to all who are involved in this company from start to finish! Well Done!! I will definitely be back for more!! Laurie Duke, Vancouver, BC

Terrible experience
February 13, 2018
The first time I wrote a review Jewlr marked my honest review as spam. I never write reviews, bad reviews at that but I felt I had to, at least try to save many people from the same issue. My boyfriend bought me a ring from here. When the ring got here it was beautiful 3 days later the "genuine gems" turned black (they charged us extra for these stones because we didn't want the simulated stone) . I requested a return they sent me the information to return the ring. They agreed the stones shouldn't have turned. I returned it and 2 months later they got back to me. They said they were going to refund me but they were going to charge me 25 precent processing to melt down the ring etc.. so a ring that we paid $300 for we were only going to get back $190. I even asked to exchange the ring and they would only give me $190 credit towards another ring. Their return policy says if we are not happy they will gladly accept our returns for a full refund. The return policy is directly on their site. They refused to honor that even though it doesn't state anything about the processing fee. So now they still have the ring and we are out of $300.

MiyaRochelle Ashton June 26, 2018

Them marking your review as spam is a definite red flag. Stones that turn, going back on return promises...doesn't make me feel like spending any money with them. Thanks for the heads up.

JenniferHoneyclellan April 17, 2019

Appreciate the heads up. Was about to spend a good amount of money but I always check the reviews first. Glad I did! Tyvm.

Reading reviews and responses to reviews from said reviewed company!
December 10, 2017

Hahaha I LOVE how Jewlr have responded to some of these negative and even distressed customer reviews even two years after it was posted and ONE THE SAME DAY. Including a suspect sole positive review in there that doesn't read like a real customer wrote it!

Nice try guys.

Think I saved myself some real hassle by reading everyone's honest reviews - thanks all!

davidwalters December 02, 2022

Couldn't agree more. My comment was mysteriously deleted!!

Worst company of the face of this planet
November 20, 2017
Me and the girlfriend ordered both our rings from jewlr. Mine came in February. Immediately it had scratches on it, it came in the mail dirty. (They claim they take pictures of products before they leave the warehouse). I get my girlfriend one too in June. It seems it’s not just my ring, hers comes in the mail with crooked stones in the setting and deep scratches. They take back the ring. “Fix it” and it comes back with scratches again, but the crooked stones were reset. (Instead of a NEW non defective ring) Meanwhile my ring is constantly tarnishing despite wearing gloves all day as a Dental Hygienist. No chemicals were getting on that ring. It’s to the point where my ring is completely black. We send it back. They put a coating on it to keep it from tarnishing. I get the ring back and they have shaved down the band into a tiny thin sliver without asking me. It looks cheap and ridiculous. I don’t know why they shaved it down. I send my girlfriends back too, because they offered to put this magic coating on. She gets her ring back and the engraving is half missing and coming off on to her finger. We email jewlr again. They say they’ll take back my ring for a refund, but they want a 25 dollar restocking fee. Meanwhile they leave out the fact that I’ll only get a 25% refund on a ring they were fixing from day one because it was defective. They also wanted us to pay them 80 dollars for the free gift that came with it. And also broke within a week because like their products, it was also garbage. So essentially, after calculating how much we would get back after 110 dollars in fees it ended up that we would be paying THEM to take our ring back. So it wasn’t a refund at all. The same thing with my girlfriends ring. We beg to speak to a manager for weeks. We were hung up on. Laughed at. A customer service agent laughed and asked if we were going to break up over the rings??? No that’s not how a relationship works and that is NOT funny. She also told my girlfriend she could teach her how to be less of a bully like she teaches her children. At this point my girlfriend was in tears and had said nothing aggressive except that she wanted a higher managers email address. Finally after weeks of being made fun of and begging. They agreee to a real refund. We send the rings in. We put a tracking number on them because at this point we don’t trust jewlr. And sure enough. They claim our packages never came so we cannot be refunded. We call UPS. They have logged that out packages were delivered and signed for by a representative at jewlr. We call jewlr back, same lady! She says “oh. I guess they’re here. We have to process them”. Disgusting liar. Two weeks later after we talk about fraud with our credit card companies because we had in writing that we would be refunded, we finally got our money back. And to hell with jewlr and all of their disgusting employees.

October 17, 2017
I ordered this ring. When it first came my daughters name was misspelled. I sent it back tag attached and they fixed that. I do not wear rings very often. I wore this ring and after about an hour I realized that my daughters stone had fell out. I contacted the company. They told me that I could ship it back to them and pay $20 to have the stone replaced plus the cost of shipping. I told them that was a joke. I would rather spend my money on a quality product that I know the stone will not fall out after only wearing the ring for an hour. Buyers beware before you buy. I also checked reviews before I bought this ring.

Extremely Misleading Images on Website!
April 27, 2017
I spent good money on a ring that in their pictures had rich deeply coloured stones. The ring arrives and the stones are so thin and faint you can barely tell which one is which in the ring. Now I have less than a week before my girlfriend's birthday, a ring that will certainly be a disappointment, and based on the other reviews here a fear that I'll never see my money back.

Elaina Miner May 27, 2017

I agree with you! It is very disappointing! I hope my kids will get their money back. They spent enough on the ring for me!!

January 24, 2017

The amount of money that I spent to buy a promise ring for my girlfriend is not worth it. I gave it to her when we were on a cruise and not even 48 hours and her finger was turning black, the engraving letters was already getting worn out, scratches was starting to show up.

I have spent $20 on a ring at a state fair that was MUCH better quality than this one!!

Jewlr February 10, 2017

Hello Mr Beard,

We are very disappointed to hear you are dissatisfied with your personalized ring. We really strive to offer high-quality beautiful jewelry and customer satisfaction is very important to us.

All of our items come with one-year warranty, which will certainly cover any issues with engravings or durability. If you contact our customer service department by telephone (1-866-610-8482) or email ([email protected]), we guarantee we will do our best to make this right with you.

October 28, 2015

I ordered a ring from Jewlr for my wife, for our 10 year anniversary. I ordered the "Double Baguette Bypass Ring" with both of our birthstones in it.

I wanted to make sure that my wife would not see the ring when it was delivered and when speaking to a customer service rep, they were EXTREMELY helpful and friendly. They really looked after me and helped me out with all requests (I later had to change the size after speaking to my sister-in-law, realizing I had picked the wrong size!)

I gave the ring to my wife and she loves it!! Thank you so much Jewlr!!

Jewlr February 10, 2017

Hello Josh!

We are so pleased to here your wife loves her new personalized ring!

Providing the best customer service is incredibly important to us, and we are so happy to hear we could be of assistance!

Thank you so much for making Jewlr apart of your most special memories.

February 27, 2015
DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!! they sell you items that are scratched and dented and because the tag is not on they try tell you you an not have a refund when they have sold you a faulty product. the silver is CHEAP is no where near worth the money! you pay for something and expect it to be new for a special occasion and you get absolutely ripped off and over £100 taken off you.

Vin November 26, 2016

It's pretty common knowledge that some people have reactions to silver. My wife is one of them - I can't buy anything in silver for her because it also turns her skin green. Your thinking that it's cheap silver is just the opposite - only good quality silver will have this effect on someone who has this reaction. Try white gold next time - it won't do that.

Silver ring left a green mark on finger
February 22, 2015
I purchased a silver ring from this company for my husband. He of course removed the tag on it and wore it not thinking anything was wrong with it. Later on it the night he removed his ring to work so it wouldn't get scratched or catch. Wouldn't you know it, it left a green ring mark on his finger. For a company that charged me $172 you would think they would use fine silver and not low quality silver or fake silver for that matter. Very disappointed and embarrassed I bought this ring for my husband.

Jewlr February 10, 2017

Hello Northern Girl,

We are so sorry to hear about this. Sometimes people do experience this green reaction when wearing sterling silver jewelry. What causes this is a chemical reaction between the moisture on your skin (such as sweat, lotions, soaps, etc.) and alloys in the metal. However, we can assure you we use high-quality and solid .925 Sterling Silver.

We do offer a one-year warranty on all of our jewelry, and we will definitely do our best to make this right with you. Please contact our customer service department either by telephone (1-866-610-8482) or email ([email protected]). One of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

July 3, 2014
I ordered my fiancé wedding ring from this site. The ring came THREE sizes smaller than what I ordered and the engraving was not what I requested! I contacted them immediately and the ring was shipped back the next day. I have continued to contact them regarding a full refund and they keep claiming they will be sending it, but almost a month after returning the ring, they have only refunded shipping! While the customer services agents are polite and apologize, my issue has yet to be resolved and I have to continually contact them...still with no result. BEWARE before you order from, as you very well may receive a completely wrong order and a run around from customer service!!!!

Jewlr February 10, 2017

Hello Lauren,

We are incredibly sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you. Our customer service department works incredibly hard to provide thoughtful assistance in a timely manner. We see that this case was resolved and that we issued you a full refund shortly after this message was posted.

Each customer is very important to us, and we strive to create lasting and happy relationships with each. We really hope that our efforts were able to satisfy you, and restore your faith in Jewlr.

SusanDerington August 30, 2022

I placed an online order for a ring for my husband and got a text message saying my credit card was charged $179.70. But just before I was to get an order confirmation number the website says sorry we're experiencing a problem.

So I called with my reference number from the credit card charge and explained the situation to a rep, she says she found my order and places me on hold. Then disconnects.

I've tried to call back and it just has me on hold for 20 minutes and forwards me to a voice-mail box to leave a message! I'm not sure if I'm even going to receive my order!!!