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Jennifer Mills

Good beef jerky and a business opportunity

November6, 2012

I went online looking for some shelf stable jerky and snacks. After some googling, found AngelEyes Jerky website. I figured $12 was a small price to pay for a two pack of all natural beef that I wanted to keep on hand for a hiking and camping trip. Within 5 days I had my two pack of beef jerky in fajita and terriyaki flavor. It was really good! And the expiry was almost 2 years from the date I received it so I knew I could keep it on hand a long time. So I ordered again and tried turkey jerky and some fruit sticks. 6 days later I got the new order. My kids went nuts for the fruit snacks. My teenager took a pack of turkey jerky for his "zombie preparedness" backpack. By this time I wanted to order larger packs in the hope of saving money. So on the website I found I could sign up for autoship and got a great deal. After signing up for the $12 month for two packs auto ship, I then was able to order jerky and fruit snacks at half price! I was really hooked now... I was buying jerky at about $3 for a big pack! I order dehydrated foods now for my husband's hunting group, the kids for after school, and myself for workday munchies. I am totally happy with this company. The treats are delivered super fast and now I get them at a great price. They stay good a long, long time!

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