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Worst experience i ever had

June6, 2018

He just didn't turn up.

Took my money and ran. Had to go through paypal and threaten court to get my money back (this took many weeks)

Absolute psychopath. Just speak to any south West courier and they'll confirm that he is a very strange character who never pays money due.

If you have trouble with him, please report him to trading standards as this guy needs to be stopped.

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October 05, 2018

No record of this customer Fake reveiw again ! As we dont take paypal

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Thank you for your help over Christmas

January2, 2018

Our regular courier was unable to help us with our contract over the Christmas holidays
Jeremy Hawke Couriers were able to help us out running our equipment from Leeds to Truro.
Nothing was too much trouble even when the driver had got to Bristol and we realised we had pack the wrong materials.
Ash willingly tuned around and drove back to Leeds for us to correct our mistake and he then drove down to Cornwall with a delivery the next morning . Outstanding !

This company has 24 hour phone contact and you can always speak to somebody They appear to sell themselves on the customer being able to speak to a human You get this less and less with couriers now

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November10, 2013

They have done a lot of work for use and are always outstanding

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Mrs Karen Dunne


October27, 2013

I paid him a lot of money to deliver 3 x prams for me (within 5 working days he said)
He delivered 1 x pram - it has now been 93 DAYS!! & he still has not delivered the ramaining 2 Prams
- not only that but he has kept both prams & all of the Money that I had paid him for the deliverys!!
I have tried to find out why? by phone/email & even Recorded delivery letters ( which by the way came back "GONE AWAY"?!
He has now threatened me on more than one occasion & he may well continue to do so - but I felt that my case information needed to be out in the public domain - in the hope that it stops it from happening to again to anyone else!

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Jeremy Hawke
November 06, 2013

This is rather unfair considering we travelled 360 miles to the delivery point only to be asked to return again . The customer is refusing to pay for this return journey Leaving us out of pocket in this run We are left with 2 prams we don't want and the expense of issuing county court action

November 24, 2013

You are still out there cheating people you are a menace

June 06, 2018

Well done Karen for having the guts to speak out although he threatened you with typical bullish tactics.

Jeremy hawke is a known rip-off merchant and cheat across the trade and by customers alike. Avoid this company at all costs

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