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About Jaanuu

Healthcare workers deserve better than cheap, uncomfortable uniforms that are boxy and do absolutely nothing to highlight their individual style. Of course you can’t just walk around the ICU in jeans and a hoodie - that’s unprofessional. However, there is an alternative to those unflattering and irritating traditional scrubs.

The creators of Jaanuu reimagined scrubs as something more comfortable and tasteful than they were previously. They use innovative designers to incorporate runway-worthy style into everyday work clothes to boost the confidence of those in the healthcare industry.

But is this company legit? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does It Work?

Jaanuu, by Dr. Neela, is a company that makes high quality work wear made with silvadur, an antimicrobial material that prevents microorganisms and unpleasant odors. Not only are their garments functional, but they have a number of exclusive styles to liven up your workday attire. 


You can also get cloth face masks that come in individual, reusable bags for your protection. These masks come in a variety of colors and a couple of cute patterns for anyone in your life. With both child and adult sizes, you can get masks in packs for the whole family.

They have a couple of different collections, such as Dr. Neela’s picks, which features peplum tops and cargo pants. Not just for fashion, they also have different fabrics for different feelings. If you need something breathable and lightweight there’s the Arya collection with it’s JeoFlex fabric, or if you need something softer and stretchier there’s the Ponte collection with the PonteLux fabric.

Most other scrubs are unstyled poly-cotton blends. Jaanuu has a variety of styles like the curve cargo pants, yoga pant scrubs, and even jogger scrubs to add a bit more variety in your work wardrobe. Their medical wear is made in the “best fabric mills” for “perfection and precision” in every thread. This is so their products last longer, resist fade and wrinkles, and suit the needs of the hardworking people who wear them.

Cost and Price Plans

The company's products are slightly above average price for scrubs. Men’s scrubs typically range from $44 to $54. Women’s classic scrubs range from $20 to $36. If you’re looking for a more styled look in your scrubs you will likely be paying a bit more, but most of their pieces are still under $70. A pack of masks is $25 for 5 masks. They only have lab coats for women, but they’re all under $150, which isn’t too bad for a good lab coat.

If you’re inside the US you can get free shipping on a purchase of $50 or more. For every referral consumers make they can get $25 in store credit. If you’re looking to purchase scrubs in bulk you can also save more. For those of you working on the frontlines you can enter a code for a healthcare worker discount.

So while the actual prices aren’t super cheap, there are still plenty of ways to save.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a few different alternatives to consider. You may want to compare Jaanuu vs. Figs Scrubs and vs. Medelita.

FIGS is another fashionable scrub company within the same price range, but with far less unique designs. Their facemasks aren’t as good looking and their scrubs look pretty basic. While Figs scrubs have about the same price, if a little cheaper than Jaanuu, their accessories are more expensive. One facemask is $12 and then you have to buy replacement filters for the masks which are $5 each.

Medelita is more expensive, but generally the same types of scrubs as Figs. Medelita has very high ratings from customers with most products having 5 stars. However, they have very little color variety. If the only colors you want to wear are various shades of blue, and grey or black, Medelita has you covered.

Along with medical professional clothing, Medelita also sells stethoscopes and gifts for people within the medical profession.

Jaanuu has some solid competition, but they’re worth taking into consideration.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

There is no shortage of positive reviews for Jaanuu’s apparel. Consumers rave that everything is comfortable and fits to size. Just about every product has a rating of at least four stars, if not more.

They have pictures of some of the healthcare workers who use their scrubs for the whole crew with positive testimonials about the brand. Overall, this is a solid company that supplies quality apparel for medical professionals.

Customer Service

Jaanuu’s return policy is reasonable and items can be exchanged or returned in person or through the mail and returns within 30 days are free.

You might be wondering - is Jaanuu a trustworthy site/reputable company? Don’t worry. Their website is trustworthy and won’t allow your information to fall into the wrong hands.

Their website is also very easy to navigate. The About and FAQ pages are loaded with helpful information on the company and the products. There is no phone number on their website, but they are on a number of social media platforms. Their address isn't listed on the website, but if you need customer service their email is [email protected]

In 2017 Jaanuu was accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a good sign that they are committed to good customer support.

On quite a few of the one star reviews company reps have actually responded to their customers, offering their email and thanking them for voicing their opinions on the product.

Where to Buy?

Wondering where they are made? Jaanuu.com is the only place to buy this brand. There is no brick and mortar store, nor are they available on other online retailers like eBay or Amazon.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for unique and durable scrubs for work, Jaanuu is absolutely worth it. Their styles and fabric technology are unlike anything else on the market. Say goodbye to frumpy and hello to fashion - without giving up function.

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They will not accept returns/exchanges for masks
October 24, 2020
Masks are fine. But they sent the wrong size and refuse to accept returns or exchanges. Do not be deceived by their "return policy" statement.