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The Ecommerce Experience Provided by Izzonet

August19, 2012

If there is an ecommerce solution that provides the most user-friendly platform to work in, Izzonet will be right there in the top spot. Any novice ecommerce entrepreneur wanting to create their very first online store will find refuge and success by using Izzonet as their ecommerce package. In fact, you can have your online store live within a few minutes of registering – and you can earn off of it immediately.

They have a hundred templates that are not only well designed – they are also created to be mobile friendly. It is like creating two types of websites because you are assured that the site being created can be appreciated in the small screens of smart phones like iPhone and Android devices.

The drag and drop interface will allow trouble free revisions as widgets can be shifted effortlessly to create different layouts. The multitude of possibilities created by the various tool and features make web designing not only easy, but a fun thing to do.

The ease of use goes beyond the creation of the site. Running the online store will become very manageable as systems can be set to be as automated as possible. For instance, the highlighted products on the home page can be set to change on a predefined date and schedule. Create effective periods for your discounts and coupons.

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Critical Eye
September 03, 2012

This review is written in the same awkward english as the IzzoNet.com website. I'd be a little skeptical...

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