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iUniverse.com is a website dedicated to helping writers self-publish their works, and they say they have helped more than 35,000 authors publish their books professionally and affordably since 1999.

According to their website, they offer their users a great alternative to traditional publishing with their full range of services, which include editorial, marketing, and publicity features.

And though self-publishing has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with sites like Lulu.com and Creatspace.com promoting their services as well, iUniverse.com says that they are the only publishing site that offers "Special Recognition Programs."

These programs were created to identify and support titles which show great editorial quality and marketability and many authors whose works have been selected for these programs have gone on to retail success and sometimes even received traditional publishing offers.

There are three Special Recognition Programs: the Star Program, the Rising Star Program, and the Editor's Choice Program. These programs differ in what advantages they offer.

The Star Program books are republished free of charge under the Star imprint, and then presented to Barnes & Noble for possible in-store placement. They will also be offered to other booksellers with attractive retail terms.

The Rising Star program guarantees titles will be presented by a commissioned sales force to national, regional, and local booksellers, and the Editor's Choice Program opens the door to higher-level programs and designations; the Editorial Board selects titles based on their editorial evaluation.

Regardless of whether you are chosen for one of these programs or not, iUniverse.com says that they offer all of their users top quality editorial services, and the benefits of strategic partnerships and worldwide distribution.

Their publishing packages are priced between $899 and $4,299, depending on the range and types of services that are included in the package that you choose.

Since their website does not have a lot of information on the structure of the royalties you can receive or the options you have if you have complaints with a service, some users may want to contact them in advance with questions.

You can call them at their Customer Service phone number, 1-800-288-4677, their mailing address at 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403, or through their website live chat service.

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