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July 27, 2023

I sent them my 5th Gen iPad for which they initially offered $71.00. They received it on the 7/15 and came back with an offer today 7/27 of $11.00 claiming that the screen was cracked and the headphone jack did not function. This is BS as the item I sent was flawless and kept in a case the whole time I owned it.

I sent them the iPad in its original box packed inside another box. I called them and and they said they would do a re-inspection. And it would take several days. I requested they send me a photo and told them this is wrong. Not happy.

Rachel August 09, 2023

They did the same thing for my macbook pro and charger. Told me it was cracked when I shipped it in bubble wrap and paid for insurance. They're offering me $40 for everything now opposed to $460! A huge scam. Stay away from this company!! They do not honor their policies.

Stay away!!
June 3, 2023

I sent them an iPad that operated perfectly, had no scratches on the screen, and two small marks on the back of the case. My original offer was $71 They responded and said that on inspection it had screen bleed, and the adjusted offer was $49. This was not true, I had used the iPad in total darkness many times, there was no light coming from the sides, picture was perfect. In my opinion they are scammers, I will not use them, EVER! I took the low offer because they had the iPad and I did not want to pay to ship it back. Go with Gazelle! I have used them in the past no problems.

The name of this company is perfect. Your device is worth more, but you will not get it from them.

Sells junk then charges a restocking fee when returned.
March 7, 2023
The laptop I ordered was overheating and shutting off so i returned it under Amazons 90 day guarantee. They said I opened it and stole parts before the return and charged me a $200 restocking fee. If that were true why give me any money back at all? Its a scam company who sells junk to unsuspecting customers knowing that its gonna get sent back so they can sell again and again.

Sold me a fake iPhone
August 3, 2022

I purchased an iPhone from this company and it quit working after the 12 month warranty expired. When I took it to get repaired, the Apple store informed me that the phone I had been sold is a fake. When I contacted the company, they said that because it was outside of their warranty period, they will not help with the fake phone they sold me.

1 star is too many!

You Won't Get Your Order
June 21, 2022

Ordered a Galaxy S 20 Plus off their site May 17 and requested expedited shipping but one month later never got it!! I called for my money back but they said they can't because it's "still in transit" and has to return to their warehouse 1st. Thieves, never ordering off this site ever again!!! Stay far away if I were you!!

Legit Company, Thrilled to have done business with them!
June 28, 2021
I tried selling my phone to and they tried really screwing me and ripping me off. They initially offered $140 and in the end wanted to give me $20. I had them return the phone to me and contacted to see what they had to say. I sent in the phone, they had made an initial offer of $115 and honored that price and agreed with me on the condition of the phone. I should be receiving the money tomorrow. I AM THRILLED to have found them, when the first people were so horrible. I highly recommend not wasting time with the others and know you will be treated fairly at!!!

PhoenixP. March 07, 2023

Fake review.!!!

Rachel August 09, 2023

I wasn't treated fairly! Stay away from this company!!

February 11, 2020
I sent them a ‘flawless’ 6s phone when they offered me $90 for it. It was about $25 more than Gazelle was offering so I went ItsWorthMore. I had 2 people look at my phone before I submitted my form to ensure I was accurate. My phone had been encased from day 1 as well as had a glass screen protector. The phone was in perfect condition

Rachel August 09, 2023

I was scammed too, there are much better companies that are honest out there! Not this one unfortunately.

Dont Trust them- Seller/ buyer beware!!!
February 4, 2020

I send them iPhone X in flawless condition and they first offer was high. That's when the games started they turned around and stated, "your device was found to have significant't burn in. Screen burn-in, or ghost image, is a permanent discoloration of areas on an electronic display. Prolonged display of non-moving images can create a permanent ghost-like image of these objects or otherwise degrade image quality. The best solution to this specific issue is to replace the screen assembly."

Let see if they return my phone and not someone else phone. I have my iPhone X serial number and the IMEI number.

Sold 2 iphones and they were prompt.
December 13, 2019
I sold them an iPhone 6s and an SE. The first was valued at $90 and the SE at $60. Upon arrival they downgraded one to $60 and one to $40. They did a thorough checking of the phone and gave me a lower offer because of what they found. I agreed and they sent my check out right away. The whole process took about 10 days and they did fine. However, I think it is their business model to offer you a high figure and then find something to down grade the offer. Knowing that, go ahead and send it to them with the provided label. All in all I am pleased.

December 6, 2019
These people are who they say they are! I sent them some electronics, they evaluated it and gave me a good price... and did it in a very professional, respectful manner. They took a couple days to evaluate the device and then “Bam” they sent money to my account with no question. I have already recommended them to some of my friends and I would recommend them to anyone else that is contemplating selling something.

SCAM Company! possible theft!
September 18, 2019

I sent in my phone and waited and waited! No check, called company, left 3 voice mails and sent 3 -4 emails and still got no response. So I have no check and they have my phone!


August 19, 2019
I got the exact price quoted you have to read the description of what they consider excellent, good ,and fair READ READ READ only reason why I'm giving it 3 stars is because I opted for a check to get paid and they said it through regular mail so no tracking number and you have to pay for packaging the item to be sent to them

JanRofrano March 02, 2020

It's Worth More really worked with me because my iPhone 8 wasn't unlocked when they received it, although I thought it was. They helped me every step of the way to get it unlocked. Offered me a fair price and I had my money through Paypal within 24 hours.

March 19, 2019
Had my almost new Galaxy S8 in excellent condition checked out by 3 places and offered the highest price, then reduced the offer to $5 when they got the phone, claiming it had a camera problem (later confirmed with a major carrier there was no such issue). Additionally, kept the charger and leather case, and scratched the front glass surface. Filed a complaint with the BBB and they never responded.

Offers are good then they lowball you once they have the phones
January 9, 2019
Sent in four phones due to my cancellation with Verizon - all Galaxy S9 plus - all nearly brand new. The offers were good so I sent the phones in. Just got the "updated adjusted bid" and what a joke. One was NEVER used, has all the original packaging and yet it was downgraded over $100 on the bid for no reason other than they said it wasn't brand new in the box - ummm, what else do you want it to be other than BRAND NEW IN THE BOX because it was! The second phone was used twice and yet they claimed there were "deep scratches" - there weren't, I took pics of all the phones before I sent them they dropped the price on this one substantially. The third one they claim was locked, nope - all paid off and unlocked. The last one they said had a small crack which it did but it wasn't on the screen and didn't affect anything - they dropped it to $80...for a S9 . So my initial OFFER went was cut in HALF. I told them to send them back and while it took TWO WEEKS to get them there in the first place with their shipper I sure hope I get them back sooner. Beware. I tried them as a new customer having used Gazelle before but i'll never return and will gladly tell anyone who listens to not sell to them. Gazelle has my business and i'm sorry I ever switched...they NEVER gave me less than my offer ever. Very disappointed. Beware!

AuburnMarney February 17, 2019

It's been two and a half weeks since I sent mine in and no one will respond to my emails.

totally misleading
November 12, 2018

I just sent two phones into them that were in great condition and was quoted a solid price for a trade in.

I got a message after they received the phones finding every reason the offer would be 40% less then they offered. It was a total waste of my time and effort.

I would highly recommend using someone local that you can talk with and trust. DO NOT use this company.

October 3, 2018
Well worth the effort.I received what I asked for!

A scam- Avoid at all cost!
January 13, 2018
I bought my fourth generation iPad brand new, unrefurbished, in an Apple store. I had it for many years with no damage sustained whatsoever, and never a need to have it repaired or altered in any way. I got a decent offer of $85 for it by this company, and then once they received they gave me some song and dance about finding some dust between the screen and the LCD, and reducedtheir offer to $15 claiming that it must have been altered or serviced in some way. What a total rip off scam artist company! Avoid this company unless you don’t mind wasting your time and potentially have your device damaged in the back n forth shipping. (I immediately declined their pathetic offer and demanded to have it returned.)

Horrible experience and shady practices
November 30, 2016
Horrible experience and shady practices. I sent in a brand new unactivated HTC 10 still with the factory wrap on it...I was quoted $400 which is way less then they are selling new. I was asked to take out the sd card and to send in the phone...after receiving the phone I'm told it can't be accepted as new because no charger was sent in which was never requested when the offer was made by itsworthmore......I was offered $325 after they wasted my time minus fees on a new $550 phone...I should have never wasted my time and sold it on craigslist...words can't describe what i think about these people.