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It’s incredible how inexpensive an item can be just because it carries the label “used.”  Many items people go through and use can be used again hundreds of times while still being able to run smoothly for years to come if kept in good condition.

Used cars are the same.  Even after years of use, cars can still meet our everyday needs. These aren’t hand-me-down sweaters though. These are hauling hunks of complex machinery that through usage, can be compromised for any number of reasons.

Unfortunately, usage does depreciate the value of a car. That is why buying used cars comes with obvious risks. When entering the world of buying used cars, high expenditure for a low-quality product is probably the biggest fear most of us have.

That’s where comes in. is an automotive search site that allows users to buy and sell used cars. 


This website not only allows you to browse through multiple deals, but also actively compares and contrasts these deals to find the best quality-to-price ratios.

The “i” in “iSeeCars” refers to a proprietary computer algorithm designed to sift through huge chunks of car deal data. This then presents only the best car deals. iSeeCars claims the program is unbiased and is entirely based off stats and analysis.

The website was co-founded by Vineet Manohar, a former software engineer for TripAdvisor and Phong Ly, previously a marketer at SAP. With their expertise combined, they created, officially launching back in 2013.


As previously mentioned, uses an algorithm to calculate which deals are the best. The algorithm looks at the reasonableness of the price, the fairness of the dealer and positive and negative attributes of the vehicle itself.

The site takes cars from hundreds of other dealerships and puts their data into its system. The algorithm then records, analyzes and presents according to what you’re looking for. Think Google but for car deals.

The site also functions as a research website, where the algorithm predicts future car trends based on past data. They also publish their own reviews and tips on insurance and car loans.

The website inputs a multitude of information regarding the car. You pretty much get to know everything - from mileage, how many people have used the car and, obviously, the price.

How does iSeeCars Work?

The format is relatively simple: there are a number of different ways to find the car you need. However, the easiest is by simply going to the home page, selecting the type of model you want, the make of your car and then your zip code.

Then, the search engine does the rest for you. You can also adjust the search to look for things such as a certain quality, price, rank and other characteristics. The site also allows you to seek information for how much your own car is worth.

Simply input information about your car (mileage, collision history, etc.) and the website will give an estimate for how much your car is worth. The site gives you multiple options to choose from.

However, availability for some deals may not be available day-to-day, as other buyers may take the deal instead.

Cost and Price Plans

Prices will vary greatly, considering each car deal has its own unique set of conditions. These range from the actual price of the car, loans you’d need to take out and insurance of the car.

The site will present to you what the data says the best available price is out of all the deals on their site. But you can still check and decide for yourself which deal is best for you. You will need to discuss refunds with the used car dealership provider you buy from.

The website itself isn’t responsible for refund related matters, they just present the best deals to you.

Customer Service

You can contact via their email at [email protected], Facebook, or Twitter

Online Reviews/Complaints

The reviews for this website have been quite polarized, with not a lot of room for middle ground. Customers are either extremely satisfied, or have had a hard time with the product. Many people say customer service for the site is less than adequate with users.

To be fair, the website doesn’t have too many communication channels and getting a hold of the team can be difficult. However, customrers also have used the website for long periods of time and have said to have never had issues with using the website.

Many have said the website is great and delightfully user-friendly.

Competitors and Alternatives’s site is a tad bit more user-friendly than They also provide step-by-step information on how to purchase used cars for beginners. provides more customizability when it comes to searching for your car.

They even find cars based on your lifestyle and also show where to get the best deals for new cars as well. The Autotrader Self-Sell Car System is much easier and navigable than  If you’re looking to sell your car, Autotrader is probably the better option.

Although each website has their perks, none compare to’s extensive amount of car deal data and sophisticated search engine.

Where to Buy? finds deals that are close to your relative area and are based on your zip code. As a result, the dealerships you can get can vary widely depending on where you live and the car you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

Thanks to modern advances in search engine technologies, finding both the best price and best quality for a variety of products has become easier than ever. Algorithms that use cold, hard facts, can get us the best results. seems to contain the widest array of data and deals while also containing the most sophisticated search technologies. This is a factor you’ll need to keep in mind when considering which automobile search site is best for you.

The world of used cars can be tricky to traverse on your own, so be sure to use all the resources that are available to you so you get the most bang for your buck.

If you have experience with iSeeCars or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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