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About is a new website that provides information and potential services for people who have ideas for brand new products but aren’t sure of how to get those products patented and introduced to the market. is not its own company; rather it is simply a web portal for another design and development company that they refer to as “our sponsor.” According to their website, their sponsor is a product development company that has been in business for over 20 years. further explains that this company maintains an “experienced and highly skilled team of 250 employees who use an exclusive method take your idea for a new product and prepare it for presentation for corporations for possible licensing.”

In addition the website says that product and patent research will be done for you, as well as help developing prototypes and packaging design in an effort to eventually present your product to potential manufacturers and companies for licensing.

The website also promises that while there is no guarantee that your product will be licensed or manufactured, you can use a free consultation to better understand your options, and if your idea is picked up,’s sponsor will help you do everything necessary “at an affordable cost.”

Further research into shows that their unnamed sponsor is Davison Inventions, a product and development company that has already been reviewed by Reviewopedia and Reviewopedia visitors.

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