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August 16, 2021
This site is a total scam it only redirects you to insurance company websites. The regular websites you would go to anyway. Avoid this scam stay away from this website. It took me 15 minutes to fill everything in and then they redirect you they are only the middleman collecting your information

Scam to steal personal info
January 20, 2021 is a waste of your time and just another way to get your information to sell off to other companies.

This is a fakeout in that any dot org website was suppose to be for Nonprofit organizations or non-commercial entities as well as open source projects that give you free software like Open Office templates for typing documents rather than paying for MS Office to do same.

This was was bait and switch for stealing your info. I got better rates by direct verbal negotiations with the insurance companies without using this scam!

Redundant, unnecessary
December 20, 2020

Redundant. This business is as useful as a comb for a bald man. It's asking you to provide information simply to get your information for advertising purposes.

This site does absolutely nothing. It adds only an additional unnecessary step in securing insurance quotes. All they do is give you a list of insurance providers who then ask all the same questions that you just answered to get their name.

It's like calling the gas station to ask if they have gas.

It's like calling the church to ask the preacher if they have Sunday services.

It's like opening your car door just to see if it opens before you close it and then open it again to enter.

It's like calling the Mexican restaurant to ask if they serve Mexican food before you hang up and call the Italian restaurant to make a reservation.

February 26, 2020
I rent but then I am asked details about the property which I don't own, including market price. At the end no quote was delivered. I wish I had first read reviews on the site. I assume the sites objective is to collect information about properties.

A waste of time online only to have to call to get quotes
January 31, 2019

Wasted time filling out form on the site then had to fill out form on "get your quote" sites with basically the same info. If it truly compared insurance company quotes you wouldn't have to fill out the info again!

Not only that but the sites it sends you to NEVER give quotes, or REAL quotes. Had one follow up with email that said their quote was wrong and I had to call an agent to get a correct quote. The company didn't even offer insurance in the state of TX!! WTH!!?

Other linked sites would not even offer a quote without me calling one of their agents! Waste of MY time!!

MimiBlair September 11, 2019

This whole site is a scam in the worst way! This site gathers your info personal , credit cards etc

Scam artist
June 14, 2018
All lies ..all they want is your info so they can sell it to call center people so they can bother you by trying to sell u stuff or to try to steal your identity with all the questions they ask. I can't believe this BS site is still working.. someone take this crappy site down please

KristineDoherty December 07, 2019

Why hasn't this website been shut down. It's as much a scam as anything else out there

Just like the FACEBOOK ripoff
March 22, 2018

This is like Facebook only they are collecting your information including your ss number and permission to run your credit report!!! THEN they are distributing this to eight companies that now have all your information at their fingertips. WHY if we are so upset at the Feds collecting all our information and storing it, are we NOT outraged at this gathering of information to sell us insurance? Or to influence who we vote for?

Our information, which we think isn't important enough to anyone to bother with, is fueling a whole industry based on social psychology, projecting behavior, and then the ultimate......manipulating our behavior!

This is what Steve Bannon wanted to do with financial support of the Trump billionaires - the Mercer family. They out and out wanted to manipulate people using FACEBOOK information ---50 million people-- to vote for TRUMP...

There can be no doubt that Trump's victory was influenced by this method. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. And they want to do it again. How do you feel about being brainwashed. Same thing here.


SteveFraser January 05, 2019

How do you feel about being brainwashed by the anti-Trump army of SJWs, the Democrat party, mainstream media and by countless career govt. paper shuffling higher ups that stood to gain by having a candidate as awful as HRC take the reins? Trump rode the wave of populism to the Presidency. People voted for him because as flawed as he is he is a much better choice for the country than the Clinton machine. Once again, for the hundredth time I'm sure you have heard, your team lost because your candidate is untrustworthy, lies, sells plutonium to countries that has that same plutonium in warheads aimed at US. A horrible choice. The other choice was a self-promoting political novice with a lot of baggage, none nearly as bad as your girl. Get the psychological help you require to get over this humiliating loss and the Trump Derangement Syndrome that accompanies it.

jet January 22, 2019

Very well said Mr. Steve. Thank you.

KristineDoherty December 07, 2019

You go Steve... let's leave Trump do what he was put in office to do and leave all the B.S. where it belongs.

bogus teasers - no "new law"
December 4, 2013

These guys are flat outright liars. I completed the form because it didn't seem like a bad idea to shop around since I was already paying 14 dollars a week for my two cars. After providing all my information, each and every response required me to go to their site and re-enter the same information.

Then I was hounded with sales calls, one before I had even stopped looking at the site. If I wanted to talk to a salesman, I would have called a salesman. A "quote" was requested, and very few were actually received. Two from the same state farm office in LaJolla, each different, of course.

Who knows how many people ran a credit check on me. I did, in the fine print, give them the authority. That is a predecessor to identity theft. All-in-all, I would say a bad idea to have let them have any information. Never again (but, that probably does not matter, the damage is done).

Hate your ad
April 19, 2013

Shut off the DANNED RED BLINKING LITE from you ad !!!!!!!

It is so annoying I would NEVER associate with this company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve September 22, 2013


This Sucks
January 7, 2013
This is just plain false advertising, plain and simple. New Rules? What new rules? There is NOTHING on this website about "New rules in my area" What a joke.

Their ads
December 29, 2012
This outfit couldn't be anything but a legal con playing people for fools. Just look at their atrocious and ridiculously obnoxious ad on Yahoo News.

not cheap
December 24, 2012
got comparisons and found I got better rates contacting insurance companies direct

Didn't complete their form and still got way more than 8 calls
November 2, 2012

I wanted to get some quotes to compare to my current policy rates, but after beginning to fill in their form (I finished 2 pages of I don't know how many) I felt it was becoming too intrusive so I just closed my browser. I never clicked on a submit button so they technically collect your information without your expressed permission.

They don't disclose on the first two pages of their form that they intend to release your information to WAY more than just 8 insurance companies instead of just giving your quotes over the Internet. In my opinion, by not completely filling out their form, I did NOT give them permission to release any of my information to anyone. I must have received at least a dozen calls within two days and at least that many emails as well.

Further, I don't believe they care who they release information to. I got a bogus "phishing" email from "Paypal Australia" that I attribute to my disclosing my email address on their website. The email contained an invoice for $89.20 and instructions to click on the link within the invoice and log into my "Paypal" account if I wanted to dispute the charge. Big Red Flag! Of course, had I been stupid enough to follow their instructions my real Paypal account would have been emptied within minutes.

My advise - avoid this website at all costs. I intend to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (

After I filled in the form, I got many insurance agents sale calls
August 13, 2012

In the beginning, I want to shop for a insurance at my computer by getting quotes online, but after I fill in my info, I got many insurance salesman calls. Fortunately, most of the agents are good, polite, and

never call again when I said I already got a lower insurance quote.

But 1 insurance broker called "sunset plaza in West Hollywood, ca" is the worst, they keep calling and quote me a low rate, but they did not mention that they will charge a broker fee of $250, until they charge your credit card., please don't include that insurance broker as one of your clients.

I want insurance quotes, not 8 salesmen to call.
August 8, 2012

Why can't a company give insurance quotes without sending my private information to many different hungry salesmen? Can't I be trusted to research and purchase on my own?

A brokering company learning that little trick would be the leader in the insurance field! They can make far more money selling insurance than getting a few bucks selling your information.