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Very little works on this site
February 13, 2019

Would certainly rate less than 1 if it were available. Have more non working walls than walls that work. Support notified. Again, got the "clear cache, cookies, change browsers. Pro IT people have looked at this for me. I have been told by numerous pros that this advice is worthless, has nothing to do with a non working wall.

To humor IGC, I tried all of the above. Imagine that, nothing worked!!! Another response, "We will contact the company". Yeah, still waiting on that one. Seem to have a plethora of excuses but no solutions. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. I stay because I am part of an ongoing investigation of their practices.

WHO asks for YOUR STATE ID?!?!?!
May 14, 2017
Absolutely threatening to security, and always tries to interrogate me intimidatingly. Who would ask you for your ID and driver's license?!? After returning from 2014, I lost my PIN, tried to contact support, and now they for my ID. For legal purposes I would never be allowed to do that, and now that costed me my entire account. InstaGC I hope if you read this you understand, that you ask too much personal information.

My favorite social meda website!
April 12, 2016
I just love this website! The offers are amazing, and I have met a lot of nice people. Admin Mrs. Snow is wonderful and so is Mr. Sun! Thank you!

This site is good, but some problems.
September 20, 2015
I have earned quite a bit on Instagc. I think it is a great site, but I have recently experienced a problem. I had requested my second direct deposit withdrawal , but I never received it and the support team is trying to tell me that I entered my information wrong. Now, think about it for a minute... if I had entered my info wrong then why did I already receive one deposit. It's the same info as the first one. It still has not been resolved.

jonathan September 21, 2015

Just giving an update. My issue was resolved.

Worst Site Ever
August 21, 2015

At first the offers were crediting and earning gift cards was not that bad. Now the site barely credits and the so called mini sites that you earn money off of still list items that are either no longer available or never work. Have filled out lots of info on the site and never received credit for anything and if you email the support they just say, well we never got paid and you didn't generate a new lead so no points for you.

But instagc still keeps these vendors on the site and never takes any of them to task for having non offers or not paying the members. I filled out one with my information and then never got credited. Email their support (not instagc support) the vendor support and was told that I didn't generate a new lead. But the funny thing is that they have all of my information and sold it to the point that I had to not only close an email account, change my phone number, and received loads of junk mail.

But I didn't generate a lead, but the vendor sure did make lots of money off of my information. Tip for those who join be selective on what offers you fill out and keep proof of everything. The only good thing is that you get the gift cards instantly. It just might take a couple of months to get that $1 gift card.

it dose work
June 1, 2015

iv cashed out at least three different times twice with amazon and once with a direct deposit (took two or three days) and so far the amazon gift code credits within an hour! an hour all the other sites i use or tried take at least a day plus i just saw there working on adding paypal as an option

I'm a real person and this is my experience with instagc August 11, 2015

Thanks for sharing and posting your experiences!

Barely anything credits
May 21, 2015
They have the worst customer service and barely anything credits! Scam!! August 11, 2015

Sorry to hear that you experienced poor customer service. We will try to be better for you and for current/future members. We hope to see you give us another chance!

InstaGC will steal your money !!!!
May 20, 2015

InstaGC is a big scam, They pay you at first and then once you made a little money .They say you are a fraud them, ask for your ID and they even ask for your SS number. All that for a survey site. That's crazy ,They will block your account and freeze your money so you can't cash out ,until you give them your SS number.

I worked for many survey site ,and this never happen to me . SO if you like to work for free and get your money stolen this is the survey for you ..BEWARE IF YOU DECIDE TO WORK FOR THEM ANY WAY, CASH OUT FAST IN SMALL AMOUNT DON'T LET YOUR MONEY ADD UP OR IT WILL BE GONE !!! August 11, 2015

Hi Lay Lay, nothing is stolen from our members. If we are paid by the advertising agency, you are as well. If we aren't paid, you aren't. We never asked you nor will we ask anyone for their SSN. It appears you misread what was asked. We said that if the ID or document you provide contains your SSN to blur it out as we don't need it. SSN information is only obtained if you receive over $600+ in rewards in a calendar year as it's required by law at that time.

gamergb May 14, 2017

I have the same situation!!

Scammed by this site.
March 13, 2015

Please be aware of all the fake reviews from March 2nd. Totally trying to cover-up all the real reviews, that are usually negative. Their grifter plan is usually this they will let you earn and on your first cash out they will accuse you of fraud. Especially if you filled out a survey.

I encourage users to do more research and be aware of this site. They seem to depend on ripping off a certain percentage of users. August 11, 2015

As far as we know no reviews are fake. All reviews are from real members with either bad or good experiences. While most of the bad experiences are caused by those members themselves, we still do as much as possible to correct them and make them happy.

Tgtgtg November 06, 2017


The best incentive site out there
March 2, 2015

If you enjoy making money, competing for prizes and being a part of a community where the mods and the members alike go above and beyond to help people, then this is the place for you. They have the best selection of offerwalls of any incentive site out there, and they offer cash back on all purchases through their walls. I have made a lot of money on the site in a short period of time and have had a blast doing it. Highest recommendation.

- Rob (rivdee) August 11, 2015

Thanks for sharing!

March 2, 2015

I have never had ANY issues with InstaGC. I have ALWAYS had timely payouts, and ALWAYS INSTANT if I choose a gift card for my form of payment. There are HUNDREDS of offers available, via offer walls and the main InstaGC wall, everyone will be able to find something!

The staff is super helpful, and even non-staff pitch in o help the newbs with questions they may have! It's just an all-around quality GPT site! Love it! -Tecate August 11, 2015


Only the best
March 2, 2015
Been using instaGC since January 2012 and it was the smartest choice I ever made. Their gift cards are instant and my direct deposit makes it to my account in under twelve hours, and that alone compared to other places is pretty instant to me. Also, it is pretty nice to know when they notice you are not active, and the owner himself will message you to see if everything is alright, I don't know if any other places that do that. August 11, 2015

Thanks for posting. Glad to have you as an instaGC'er!

Bad customer sevice, good money
March 2, 2015

They pay very well: got over $170 from them in gift cards. However, their customer service is terrible with replies. Also, I requested a check from them but never got it. Sent in a support ticket, said they were looking into it. A month later, no response.

Don't get checks and don't rely on their customer support. March 02, 2015

Alex, what is your username? We'd like to help and make sure you are taken care of. March 02, 2015

Just found your account and responded to your ticket ... and most importantly we returned the points to your account. Sorry you didn't receive your check but it's out of our control when it's up to the USPS to deliver it properly. Feel free to redeem the points for an instant gift card (or direct deposit).

instagc is the best , forget the rest ..
March 2, 2015
i am known as nutcase and have been on instagc site for about 6 months , everyday i play around with offers and help others , i have made over 500 dollars in less than 6 months , way more than any other site , and the help you get at instagc beats any other site , support is fast , with in min's most of the time not days like other sites some are making over 2 thousand a year if you work hard at it , but hands down , instagc is the best .

great site
March 2, 2015

i love this site!! so easy to earn extra $$$$ and so fast


Awesome site !!
March 2, 2015
I love Instagc !! it is a friendly , helpful and very rewarding site to earn some extra money on !! And I love that they pay you instantly !!! joesbrat

Great site and it really works
March 2, 2015
A great site to make some extra money to pay bills or buy that luxury item you want. It does take a few days to get going on the site and works out what works for you the best but it does really work. You can get instant gift cards and you can cash out as little as a dollar. Or you can get direct deposit or a check for as little as five dollars. It really works

Not a bad site.
March 2, 2015
I have cashed out a lot of gift cards at this point. (username JannieBee). The earning is usually pretty easy. Some days I make a lot, some days nearly nothing. How much you make depends on the work you are willing to put into it. There are a lot of ways to earn.

Long time member (LuckyStryke)
March 2, 2015
I've been a Member of Instagc for about 2 & 1/2 years now. Like any other GPT site it has it's up's and downs. More up's than down's. If you're looking to get rich you will be disappointed. This is a great site if you're looking to make a little extra to buy some groceries, gas, or pay your electric bill every month :) I've saved through the year and paid for Christmas with 0 out of pocket cost.

Great way to make extra cash!
March 2, 2015
Been using this site for 1 1/2 years now and it's awesome! I make pretty good money with little time invested. :) -Kadrovacha