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About is an online tutoring website which has recently been acquired by and promises to help students improve their grades through use of a top quality online tutor. 

How Does It Work? says that even though they’ve been recently acquired by, their general promise to their students is still the same as it always has been – the ability to find the perfect tutor, any time you need, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Their system has a variety of lesson tools, including the ability to use video, audio, or text, or a combination of the three. You can upload any homework assignment you are working on, giving you and your tutor the ability to work on the assignment together, at your own pace. 

The website says that they offer simple links to find Math Tutors, Science Tutors, Programming Tutors, Business Tutors, Language Tutors, Humanities Tutors, and much more, and each category has a list of sub-categories to better pinpoint the type of help you need, from Algebra to Trigonometry and from Writing to Mandarin, and much in between. 

Mobile Options

At this time their website does state that they provide a mobile application for people who are using Apple devices with the iOS operating platform. There is no available information about when they may expand their mobile offerings. 

Cost/Price Plans

At this time offers three different memberships. The first package gives customers access to 30 minutes of tutoring per week at $21 per week, with additional time priced at $0.70 per minute. The second package gives customers 60 minutes of tutoring per week at $36 per week, with additional time priced at $0.60 per minute. The final package includes two full hours, or 120 minutes of tutoring per week at $60 per week, with additional time priced at $0.50 per minute.

No matter which membership you choose, you will be given a free trial that has a set number of free minutes that you can use to see if this service works for you. Unfortunately, unused minutes will not roll over from week-to-week. 

Refund Policy

Because this company offers their prospective members a free trial, as well as the ability to cancel their membership at any time without penalty, they do not appear to offer any refund to their customers. Customers who do not want to purchase a membership always have the option of getting their services on a pay-as-you-go plan that is priced at $1.00 per minute.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team can submit any questions, concerns, or complaints by tweeting at the company through their Twitter account, or by going into their active account and contacting Customer Service. 


Generally speaking, Chegg Tutoring receives a variety of mixed reviews from their customers, though these reviews need to be read in detail because at this time Chegg offers a variety of services, including textbook rental.

The vast majority of their reviews come from their textbook rental services, especially when it comes to the negative reviewers, many of whom are complaining about the steep late fees and difficulties dealing with customer service when there is an issue with their textbook rental.

The tutoring reviews are mixed as well, however, of the smaller number of reviews which are available. These reviews make it clear that not all their tutors are created equal, and customers had better experiences with some tutors rather than others, which, unfortunately is to be expected with these kinds of online tutoring services. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Online tutoring is very popular, with many different companies offering tutoring services combine with the convenience of the internet, including, TutorAndYou,,, and more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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