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Not a helpfull choice for Senior Citizens
January 4, 2021
Hated itThe unablity of items and the fact the delivery was set and was continually changed until I called THE Senior line the call went so long on hold I hung up called again then that call was interupted by the 1 st caller called me back and still the time I stayed home waiting. This is not a dependable service for the cost to a senior citizen on a fixed income during the pandemic

RebeccaAshley March 15, 2021

I wish I could help the elderly / disabled during these difficult times, I am not working and totally capable. All day I do absolutely NOTHING!. My charge would be up to the person paying. =whatever they could afford. I know I am crazy , I've always been like that! ;)~

Instacart price switch. Fraud stay away!!
November 3, 2020

Ordered from Safeway where i get a club discount. Received the receipt from Safeway with my order, $202.00. Checked my bank register online and I was charged $306.00 instead. Called the customer service line located in South Africa. Complete waste of time trying to communicate with anyone, hung up on twice.

Sent an email to escalate my complaint. Was sent back an email stating that the prices on instacart can differ from the prices at the store. Refused to refund the additional hundred bucks. This is a typical online bait and switch credit card fraud company that has zero backbone and sends its customers to lame call centers outside the U.S. Forget it, go to the store and collect your own groceries and don't get hood winked by these fraudsters.

July 5, 2020

Too bad there are no negative stars. I would have rated Instacart minus 10! Well, I have finally decided to stop using Instacart!

A few weeks ago, I opted out of my Annual membership when I could no longer opt to eliminate the “SERVICE FEE”.

Today I cancelled my PCC order when I discovered for the first time the Instacart “ HEAVY ORDER FEE”. I removed 3 items and the Heavy order fee was eliminated. However, instead of this fee, Instacart increased the service FEE by a similar amount.

Instacart is a SCAM a CON and a FRAUD.

I wouldn’t be so upset if these FEES were going into the employee’s pockets instead of into the pocket of the GREEDY OWNER who is taking advantage of older, vulnerable shoppers who must remain quarantined during the Pandemic.

As a spiritual being, I need to restrain myself by not writing what I think of the owner’s character! This is representative of what we are experiencing with the selfishness of those who demonstrate that they do not care for others by going without masks. The example comes right from the top!

Please, please, Vote in November so this Pandemic can be slowed and we can once again go out!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Cl bay July 16, 2020

Instacart charged my debit card a monthly fee which I did not authorize. I would never ever use their ripoff service!

June 10, 2020
My review is about the same as everyone else's. Took my money and did not deliver any of my groceries. Customer service was utterly unhelpful. HORRIBLE.

April 29, 2020

This was not my first grocery purchase with them. Preceeding ones went OK. This purchase finished at 2:40 PM with the shopper asking good and normal questions about replacements. They sent a note saying it would be delivered at 3:05 PM.

Now is 8:20 PM ( 5 hours and 15 minutes later) and in spite my multiple complaints I have NO RESPONSE other than a generic response. To make a long story short, I do not know when and IF INSTACART will deliver my purchase ALREADY CHARGED to my credit card. I need the groceries and I extremely concern that I was scammed.

Variesh August 03, 2021

Shopper probably delivered to wrong address and their app closes communications to completed orders to prevent any customer from finding a regular shopper that they like. Find a decent person and just forgo the app

April 24, 2020
My delivery was scheduled for 6-6:30 on Sunday, April 12th. I was in the hospital. My cousin came from 30 mins. away to receive the delivery. The driver, Lisa K., got there at 5:40. She called me to tell me she was there. I told her my cousin would be there by 6, probably before 6. She said she couldn't wait and would have to go back. After pleading with her to wait, and keeping her on the phone for as long as possible, she said she needed to check with Instacart to see what she should do. She never called me back. My cousin arrived at 5:50, and the delivery had left! I then got a call from "customer service", a man who wasn't listening to me. I had to tell him 3 times that if the delivery was scheduled for 6-6:30, and someone was there by 6 to receive it, then the driver should have stayed, especially since I told her that my cousin would be there in 5 mins.! He finally said he would contact her and tell her to come back. I told this to my cousin. I then went to the website, and it looked like the delivery would be made in 17 mins., then 23 mins., then, after another 30 mins. the progress screen was blank! My cousin had been sitting in her car, waiting, for ONE HOUR! She went home. I came home from the hospital to a very depleted situation, food-wise. Now I have to start again, and wait a week for groceries that I was counting on having NOW! What kind of insensitive people do you hire as drivers? She wouldn't wait at least until 6, the time stated on your website! I WILL NEVER USE INSTACART AGAIN!

k.e.grubb June 14, 2020

Sadly the comment about "Customer Service"is right on target..The do not listen.I think they have a form letter or script that then is used as lip service..

I don't think they will survive with the lack of service.Now I see the delivery charge has gone up.That means the tip goes down.Deal with it

April 10, 2020
Used this service and delivery was missing an item that was bought and paid for. This service was no customer service what so ever, phone number doesn't work, chat line doesn't connect and emails go unanswered! Either their shoppers are incompetent or thieves and the company is unable to connect to to resolve the problem and get a refund.

k.e.grubb June 14, 2020

Agreed.Similar experiences...Oh how many others who have not complained.

Beware, Instacart is a rip-off, takes your money. Pretends to service your order, fails to deliver and runs...
April 10, 2020

Made my initial Instacart order at Fresh Thyme, Cranberry Twp., PA, and it was delivered within a couple of days, so I FOOLISHLY allowed $9.99 to be debited from my credit card to purchase a month of their "Free delivery" of >$35 orders service. Surprisingly, the prices were the regular off the shelf and sale prices.

However, unfortunately, my next Instacart order was at Aldi, Wexford, PA. It was entered on the Instacart website on or about 3/30/20. At that time, even though I kept checking back three or four times a day, it was not until about five days later on 4/4 that I could get any possible delivery date or time. Fortunately, that day, they offered a "First Available" option, which in desperation, I agreed to. My order then showed delivery between the next day, Sunday, through Thursday. As each day passed until today, Thursday, 4/9, the expected delivery window kept changing from whatever the next day was to Thursday. It was implied that today, Thursday, 4/9, would be the delivery day. Again, while anxiously a waiting the call that the Instacart shopper was on his/her way with the groceries, I received a message at 7:40PM that the order was canceled, not delayed, not rescheduled, not any offer of an option to get the groceries that we have waited nearly two weeks to receive.

Needless to say, I will email them to cancel my account and demand a refund of my monthly membership payment of $9.99. No sense in feeding this pig any longer. It doesn't even OINK!!!

No customer service
April 8, 2020
Placed an order for $250 ( $25 tip) worth of groceries to be delivered but the order never showed up. I received an email that the order was delivered so I contacted the delivery driver who did not respond. I then contacted the store and was told I had to call Instacart since they provided the service. I called and got a message saying they are no longer taking calls and to use the website for any issues. I went to the website which says to call them if you did not receive your order! There is absolutely nothing you can do if you don't receive your order except to dispute the charges. Will never use Instacart again.

Forget it
April 8, 2020
Instacart delivered a box of groceries-- including fresh cheese, cream, and meat-- to our apartment building lobby last week. Unfortunately the customer does not live here; Instacart delivered to the wrong address. If Instacart had called the customer upon delivering, they would have know that...After 3 days in the lobby, the box of food was thrown out. If you want your delivery to reach you, don't count on Instacart.

Awful Will never use after Corona virus is over
April 6, 2020
There is no way to figure out what is in stock anywhere. The substitutions are overpriced. I have been charged for items I didn't get. The shoppers are hit and miss as to their abilities. I have gotten rotten fruit. After the crisis is over I will never use them.

April 1, 2020



We paid $85.07 for our groceries. Petriana was given specific delivery instructions. She never contacted us beyond an email stating the groceries were delivered. They were NOT yet they charged our card anyway!

We live in a high security building and she was supposed to call us so we could come out and get them. We NEVER received a call.

We tried to email 4 times to the company and I waited over 4 hours on the phone. Whenever I call the say there is a 106 minute wait to talk to an agent. They are impossible to get help from!!!

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! They will not assist you if there is a problem.

k.e.grubb June 14, 2020

I think a minimum of a 3rd grade education should be encouraged.This should apply all the way to the top.

That is assuming that there is someone in charge.

Didn't have the most significant items
March 29, 2020
Ordered items from Costco. Was very excited since they stated they had toilet paper and hand wipes. I purchased several additional items to get free shipping. Got numerous calls indicating that 1. didn't have wipes and 2. another shopper stole the toilet paper out of my shoppers cart! There was no more toilet paper! Unbelievable! As usual, I will do it MYSELF!!!

AliHeyer April 04, 2020

If thats the case, it wasnt the shoppers fault or Instacart that a stranger took YOUR toilet paper out of the shopping cart. If you dont know,its a mad house out there! I am a driver for Instacart

Kim April 05, 2020

Did I say it was the shoppers fault? I am aware it is a madhouse out there, that's why I thought I would give Instacart a try! No matter who's fault, bottom line... I didn't get the specific supplies I requested.

Terrible service
March 22, 2020
The man who was getting my groceries was non responsive and then brought me the wrong groceries, one of which was mushy avocados that had gone bad. I called Instacart to go get my money back and was waiting for over 2 hours to speak with them, only to have them disconnect the line before I could speak with anyone.

We want our money back Sharronda!
March 21, 2020

We ordered some Lysol from Bjs using Instacart. They email is back and said it was delivered at 5:39pm by Sharronda.

But we were home and we have the Ring. Guess what? There was no delivery captured on the Ring. We want all our money back!

Rip Off
March 19, 2020
I have tried using Instacart to shop at Cub and every time there are problems. I get charged for items I never receive, the person selecting my items makes expensive and inappropriate changes changes even though I have written no replacements in my instructions, delivery times are very inconsistent, and resolving problems is a nightmare. Today I was charged for two items when I only requested and received one, and the person selecting my items changed a 40 count box of Bounce on sale for $1.59 to a 240 count box of Bounce for $11.69 without contacting me. I called the Instacart customer Service line to report these problems and I have been on hold for 2 hours and counting. Once I get this resolved, The last time I used Instacart, I received a $13.10 refund for their errors. I will never use Instacart again. I will miss shopping online at Cub, but I have much better luck using the Lunds/Byerlys online service. Save yourself money and time and don't use Instacart.

AliHeyer April 04, 2020

Just letting you know,that shopper should have asked for your approval 1st. Also, Instacart tells us to try to do replacements 1st before refunding items. I should know, I do full service at Instacart. I shop

CindyTorsey April 06, 2021

They don't try to do replacements. Anytime I order something that they have difficulty finding in the store, they just say that it isn't available and issue a refund.

I ordered potting soil from Fredmeyer. We drove by the store and saw bags and bags of the stuff outside of the store so I know they have it. But when I ordered it, the shopper just issued a refund without even bothering to offer any other options.

When we get curbside pickup at Fredmeyer they are never out of stock of the items that I order, but when I choose instacart there are ALWAYS three or four items that are out of stock. I am so tired of this. I can't wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can buy my own groceries again.

March 19, 2020
They overprice every item and then include a tip in the total when it's all said and done I paid over 20% extra for my "free delivery"!!!

February 13, 2020
They do not tell you but they mark up everything.I had a coupon for 20 off, but by the time they marked up all the groceries, I actually got 3 dollars off their prices.

Instacart Shopper
September 14, 2019

I was an Instacart Shopper for a year and a half.

I had excellent ratings, and I loved it. It is a great service, for all to use, BUT. If you are a customer, of course, there is an up charge, that is just how it works.

I noticed they route orders, just to run up the

miles, and or the charge. Seems like nothing, but it is not, those pennys add up to dollars. But the area of my concern, is tips, when you give a tip for the driver, you do so, to Thank Them for a job well done.I noticed a pattern on large orders and or big tips. More than once, what it said, when I accepted, your order, and what I was paid, were, two entirely different things. Please, give em cash. Then ya know they got it.

Helpful for busy people
March 14, 2019
Any mom with multiple small children will tell you getting to the store with all the littles in type is just not an ideal situation. Instacart makes shopping possible for so many people. Elderly customers can now buy the big bags of dog food. Sick people can stay home in bed while somebody else gets their medicine and chicken soup delivered. I know this service might not be for everybody, but for some its really great.