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About Inspirock

Inspirock, found online at, is a new website which wants to provide people with all the resources and tools they need to create a perfect travel itinerary for their next upcoming trip. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Inspirock is a new way to plan your next trip and to receive a fully customized day-by-day itinerary for free. All they ask is that you provide them with the city to which you are traveling, your dates of travel, and the number of people you will be traveling with. 

Then you will have the opportunity to indicate the types of activities you are interested in doing on your trip. They ask whether you are more interested in the most popular attractions or what they call “hidden gems.” They then ask the level of pace you believe you want to keep on your trips.

Once you’ve submitted all that information, their proprietary “bot” will then find attractions that meet your desired choices and put together a custom itinerary just for your trip, which you can then change around or customize to meet your own needs as you see fit.    

Cost/Price Plans

Since this company is working entirely as an informational resource with the opportunity to match their customers with a selection of tourist attractions and recommendations, they do not charge any fees for their service at this time. They do provide links to websites where customers can make purchases, however.    

Refund Policy

Because this company does not actually charge their customers any fees for their services, they also do not provide a Refund Policy at this time. If you use their service to find a travel itinerary and then decide to purchase tickets or make other arrangements from the recommendations they have provided you with, you will need to speak directly with the company or service from which you purchased your tickets if you decide that you need a refund of any monies paid.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-966-9487 or by email at [email protected] 


Since this website appears to still be very new, there does not appear to be very many reviews available of this website at this time. However, there are some aspects of this website that customers should be prepared for. 

This website is not capable of providing you with a perfect itinerary that is able to take into very important aspects of your trip, such as how you are actually getting around while you travel. A sample travel itinerary to the US city of Chicago that was asked to include popular tourist destinations and “hidden gems” resulted in a selection of suggestions all over the Chicago land area – some as far away as three hours and many others that weren’t even in the state of Illinois. 

Even when the itinerary stuck closely to the Chicago city limits, their recommendations of what tourist attractions to see in a day didn’t make much sense. One attraction was located on the far north side of the city, while their very next recommendation for just an hour later was on the south side of a city, meaning that particular day would be spent with a significant amount of time spent traveling between destinations. 

The bottom line seems to be that this website may be good as a jumping off place for recommending attractions or for getting an idea of what your trip may look like, but travelers should rely on this website as being their only source of travel planning information, as they simply aren’t equipped for that yet.    

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many other websites which will attempt to help people create their own travel itinerary, including sites like Virtual Tourist which will break up tourist attractions into popular destinations and things that are off the beaten path, as well as websites that are more dedicated to customer reviews regarding the quality of tourist attractions and historical sites, like Trip Advisor. The bottom line is that if this website doesn’t work for you, there are many others that will.   

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Inspirock reviews below.

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2 ‘Inspirock’ Reviews
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First-time user, very satisfied

April27, 2019

I have no idea how I stumbled across this site. I think I just did a Google search for "free trip itinerary" and this one popped up near the top of the list. Yes, I could have done all of this on a piece of paper, but I wanted something electronic I can connect with wherever I am (as long as I have phone service - haha) and so I don't burn through a dozen erasers. It had caught my attention, so I proceeded to check it out. So far, so good! My fiancé and I will be getting married in July and we are currently using Inspirock to plan our trip for our mini-honeymoon immediately following. We will be driving to Northern Michigan for this trip. Our destination is Traverse City, which I have been to before, so I am already familiar with the local area and locations of some of the destinations we are considering. This site is a wonderful way of seeing just where things line up, and what to expect. It is serving well as a checklist of places we want to see, and in which order, on each particular day.

I know we will need to factor in miscellaneous time. That's why it's called trip planning. It is to be expected that no website or even travel agency can get down to the exact minute of duration in any single location or transit time between two points, because different events happen at different rates, people drive at different speeds and weather always plays an huge role in determining transit times and availability of the destination's activities. This is a great site to use as a guideline for trips that do not necessarily rely on exact minute timetables (like airline, ship or train schedules) but may still be acceptable as long as users always take the time to think ahead and plan trips with spare time included to make up for all the variables that can cause potential unforeseen conflicts (construction, rush hour, car troubles, flight delays, airline check-in, event cancellations/overruns, etc).

If this was a new destination for me, I would have considered using some the excellent (and accurate) suggestions provided by the website. That will be for the next trip. However, this time I know where I want to go, so it is even easier to plan. I just need to arrange them properly. The site is very easy to use, has drag-n-drop features, and will alert the user if there are time conflicts in the schedule. The user can move things around, plan a longer/shorter stay at an event (tour, site-seeing, dining, hotel check-in/check-out, etc.) based on time allotted. The user is also notified of potential "down time", so activities can be added or extended, if desired.

Thanks, Inspirock, for putting this out there. I have no doubt that things will go exactly as planned, weather pending.

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1 Review

About this article/Phone number

April15, 2019

This review is about this article. The number you have there is Medicare not Inspirock! 800-966-9487 is a Medicare number !!
Still need a number! LOL
I gave this a 5 star since I didn't want my thoughts on your article to reflect on Inspirock.

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