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Realistic, but you have to work initially.

June21, 2013

After trying TONS of these make money from home opportunities, I've come to realize that pretty much all of them are scams unless you have a huge network. Being so, I came across this one, known as "the mobile app that pays" and found it somewhat different and decided to give it a go and well here is my take on it.

iLA is a mobile app geared towards personal development which teaches time management, goal setting, etc. etc. and is not only motivating, but gives you new approaches on life that if you follow can really make a big difference in the ways you spend your time and definitely will help you progress in life. Being a skeptic is one thing, but if you both HEAR and LISTEN to what they are saying, you can realize the difference between those whom inspire to do more and those that just settle.

After hearing some of the app speeches and applying them to see a difference, I was like hey... I'd keep this just for the knowledge, as it is pretty interesting just to hear how some of these highly profound people think (Brian Hill, Zig Ziglar, etc. etc.) but then there was also a compensation plan attached. I thought to myself... 3x7 matrix? That'll take forever to fill and it won't benefit me because I don't have a huge downline like most people to just shoot all my offers to. Well, cool thing is that I didn't need one. I seen that the app becomes free with only 12 people under you and I figured... if I can just get 3 people under my belt and then teach those 3 to do the same and so on this thing could grow like wildfire. Needless to say, I ended up referring about 21 people and my downline grew massively to where I am now making $700.00 a month recurring income that will come for the rest of my life and keep growing.

The short term money is tiny and almost non-existent, other than direct bonuses, but if you push for the stars, you can get matching bonuses that will recur, for example. One of my direct referrals pull in a heavy hitter so he now makes about $400 a month from that person alone, and I make 50% of that, so I get also $200.00 from his team's growing. The residuals and long term income is CRAZY but you have to grow to that point.

It is very hard to find people that want to better their lives SERIOUSLY and do something other than talk about it though, so that makes it hard to get people to join, but if you can find like-minded individuals, then you can pretty much set yourself up for life with this program.

Would love to have some of you on my team so I can help you out. You can join from and email from your member dashboard and I'll show you what I do to help you get going.

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